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Patrick Mahomes should be higher than any QB, pretty dumb rankings

    Michael Garrett

    Its by the players themselves so how are you bitching?? Lolol🤣🤣

    Gary Potter

    @ReDD JohDDii you sound stupid….LOL list is supposed to be for last year only… mahomes was the mvp…

    Gary Potter

    @Skip Bayless you’re a moron… Brady can’t hold mahomes jock strap. Let’s see how well he does now that sutton isn’t laying down for him on defense anymore.

    ReDD JohDDii

    @Gary Potter It was the players vote 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Gary Potter

    @ReDD JohDDii and they got it wrong 🤷‍♂️

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This is disrespectful. Mahomes should be in the top 3

    Nick Rouser

    Yur mom

    Carlos Macario

    Nick Rouser oh wow


    Number 1 no doubt

804 Nino

How do you throw 50 TDS and 5000+ yards and be ranked at 4 ?!? smh


    as a pats fan I agree, should’ve easily gotten #1

    Trash Can

    @#1 Jeffyfan have you met my man arron donald

    D-vine 1

    Good point also how do you throw for 5100 yards and 34 tds and end up 44th? I don’t get it

    Clarke A

    804 Nino same way Matt Ryan won the MVP and was only ranked 10th a few years ago. It’s about name just as much as it is about performance. Only reason Brady was top 10 this year.


    By being the QB of an all offense and no defense team. Top WR, TE and Oline in the league. Can get a lot of numbers this way but few Lombardi’s.

Your mom dot com

In my opinion
4 Drew Brees
3 Mack
2 Aaron Donald
1 Patrick

    Jaden V

    Krizizke Not even. Mahomes has a crazy year for the quarterback position and broke penalty of records. Donald did just pretty good. Mahomes even had a teammate who wasn’t far from producing as much sacks as Donald.


    @Jaden V watch a game sometime. donald gets double and triple teamed on the regular, which disrupts the entire o-line. mahomes is a great player so far, and will probably continue to be great, but to call donald’s year “pretty good” makes no sense. im not even saying you should rank donald over mahomes (which i believe but to each their own), but if can’t see how great donald is then you’re either a delusional homer or just not a big fan of the game

josh 22

MY TOP 10:

    Wrlxd ___

    I 50% agreed mahomes is #1 and then Aaron #2

    _ DkTooPaid _

    Get Brady and Rodgers outta there or lower

    Evil Duck

    U have Rodgers over Hopkins and Von Miller no just no

    2 Dudes TV

    I 100% completely agree

Abraham Esteva

MVP!!! 5000 yards 50 TD is a season, only Payton Manning has done that. Shame he is not number 1

    L Jizle

    Abraham Esteva Tom Brady did it too

    Connor Berglund

    L Jizle Tom Brady has never thrown for 5000 yards…

    James Mull- Adkins/ Gamertag - LEgNDofMrRaGER

    @L Jizle not in the same year he didn’t. He hit both of those in separate seasons.

    L Jizle

    Well we all know that Patrick Mahomes should have been#1

Drew Johnson

Mvp not even the top QB on the list? Seems questionable

    Ken Kaneki

    @Deshawn Finley Okay and? It’s still dumb to not have the MVP (who was a QB) as the highest rated QB

    Clarke A

    Drew Johnson same way they ranked Brady as #1 over the MVP Matt Ryan a couple years back.

    Ian Kelty

    @Clarke A but Brady didnt play full season that year, probably would have won MVP that year tbh

    Clarke A

    Ian Kelty still, to have the reigning MVP 9 spots lower than him, based off the assumption that he would’ve gotten MVP if he had played 4 more games is still pretty disrespectful.

    Ian Kelty

    @Clarke A now that you mention it I forgot how big the gap was. You’re right.

Devman Boy

Khalil Mack should NOT be higher than this man.

    Corbanaa A

    @b1gb0y27thiCC Mack missed two games and played two injured on a sprained ankle

    cedric celino


    Jay King

    Just A Gamer Donald has like 20 sacks or some whit

    Mory Gbane

    As a long time Bears fan, I’m with you. I was shocked when they had Khalil Mack ranked above Patrick Mahomes

James Choi

Tom Brady talked to this guy at the locker probably the way Tim Duncan met with Lebron James “It’ll be your league soon”

Lance S

Patrick Mahomes should be the number 1 ranked QB on the top 100 bruh

    Z Max

    Hes a youngster at 4… and yall still cry about it…. it’s an awsome spot…. but it’s easy 2 say Drew was better… wnmake that argument.

    Lance S

    He was the best QB and won MVP and threw 50 TD’s and threw for 5,000 yds. He should’ve been number 1 for this past season. The top 100 is based on what you did during the season he dominated during the season.

    Z Max

    @Lance S maybe so.. he was a beast..and one of my favorite players. at least the liberal morons cant cry racism or say he was cheated…. I mean the players voted…

    Z Max

    @Lance S Drew is one of my favorite players…. what Mahomes did was amazing… if he was on your fantasy team, that probably guaranteed a championship…his numbers out of control.. only reason Drew got the nod was i guess becuase Mahomes had far superior talent around him…

03 AI

He is an NFL version of Stephen Curry. The most exciting player in the NFL

    omonil f

    You hit it right on the head.

    Moses Joseph

    Oh yea, very true.


    Honestly bro he took the level of excitement that Curry created and molded into something greater. That throw he made throwing it around an offensive and defensive player to kelce is ridiculous.

Luis Cervantes

the chiefs now have the most talented QB in the league they just need to improve their defense, by being more specific, their secondary.

    Korey Messick

    BGz GamersVoid no bruh he IS the most talented he doesn’t have the experience as the other current greats but he does have talent


    @BGz GamersVoid Who’s more talented, I’m a packers fan, we used to call Aaron Rodgers the most talented, but I will without a doubt say now that it’s Mahomes

    Derek Smidl

    @JoeyC’sGamingCorner had more open throws than anybody. Clearly the kid can read defenses and fibd the open guy…

    Derek Smidl

    @razzmatazz you got sense. Respect. We will get game of the year Mahomes Vs Rodgers this year in his revenge tour and this is the first time chiefs can realistically take on anybody including getting Superbowl revenge over the Packers which is what I have always wanted to see


    Derek Smidl I know, it’ll be a fun game to watch, at the end of the season it’ll probably be game of the year, lookin forward to it

NBN Chan

I’m not no Chief fan but I had him going 1st or 2nd


Peyton 50 tds 5000 yrds unaniamous #1, Mahomes did same and 4 ?
Yes his off was stacked but look at peytons, 2 number 1 wrs at their peak of their career + great TE.
This dude should be n1 or at least 2, not 4 .
And this is coming from a Patriots fan


    His rookie year. He’s number 1 and Donald at 2. 3 could be brees/Mack.

    LG MLG

    @NostalgiaXOXO *2nd year

Najee Watson

MVP and not even top 3 okay maybe I’m tripping 🤦🏽‍♂️

Demetrius Middleton

My man threw a LEGIT. NO LOOK. FOOTBALL PASS!!! 🤣🤣🤣WTF


    He threw one in his rookie debut game. Nobody called it out in the media, but we chiefs fans saw it. First game in the NFL and he threw a legit no looker.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr-UWQgyRB4 It’s at 3:40. The ‘madden’ style angle makes it even more obvious.


Imagine having one of the best qb performances of all time, and getting ranked 4th.


I haven’t been this excited to watch football for one particular person since Peyton Manning entered the NFL. Absolutely love this kid on and off the field. Hope he shatters all QB records.


He’s the mutha freakin MVP.

This list is bogus and I’m a Seahawks fan

Emily Galicia

Patrick mahomes
2019 MVP
5000+ yards
50 tds
Threw with his left hand
Threw a no looker
Made it to the AFC championship

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