4 Downs with Aaron Rodgers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Aaron Rodgers Reply

Well said A Rod


    Mr. GOAT!

John Loomis Reply

Thank you for making this content! More please!

dominiccafaro Reply

John with the blind side 9/11 question

    R.M.S Olympic Reply

    I know right come out of no where.

    QuestionableIdentity Reply

    Lmaooo fr

Little Gipper Reply

I’ll be going to my first packer game in Green Bay this year! Being from southern California, I’ve only seen them in San Diego. Crazy excited! In order of importance…1) Packers 2) Sex 3) Breathing 😆

    Little Gipper Reply

    @Clip Central I know how that can be; being divided like that. It’s that way with my family and I with our baseball teams. But, it also makes sense since your 19, you weren’t around to see those 1990s games between those 2 teams. I think we had one win vs the cowboys during that decade. I just can’t stand them. But, I get you, man, I get it.

    Clip Central Reply

    Little Gipper fr my dad hates the packers, i get the rivalry too. I’ve seen the games they got tension

    Little Gipper Reply

    @Clip Central well, if you and your dad ever find yourselves in California, I’ll take the both of you to a really cool Packers bar in Santa Monica, you’re dad will hate it, but you’ll love it 😆

    Ricshhh Boogie Reply

    Little Gipper make sure you do a stadium tour ! It’s so much fun and very unique to be on the field!!!! Went on my first game last year and did the stadium tour, so dope!! Green Bay got nothing but love for everyone!! This coming from a SoCal (Long Beach) dude!! Have fun friend!

    Little Gipper Reply

    @Ricshhh Boogie oh, yeah, I already scheduled my tour for Saturday before the game. However, it looks like not all the tours are available because they have a home game that weekend, so I was only able to get the champion tour. I don’t know if that one gets you on the field, but, I believe the legends tour is closed. I think that’s the one that allows you into the visitors locker room. But, yeah, anyways, I’m totally stoked! What game did you go see? Any recommendations to restaurants or bars? And dude, your in Long Beach? I got all kinds of family there, packer nation alive and well in the 562!!!

Amigo Jones Reply

John finally using some of that juice he got from carrying that rock!

John Denver Reply


Kyler Stephanson Reply

It’s weird seeing Aaron outside of a football environment.

    bassgott8 Reply

    Such an intelligent man. Great sense of humor too haha

    Kyler Stephanson Reply

    @bassgott8 I agree, he’d be a fun person to meet!

    Eddie Jansen Reply

    @Kyler Stephanson I worked 5 summers as an equipment assistant during training camp growing up.

    You hit the nail on the head. Wonderful/unique sense of humor, so intelligent, and very polite/considerate to those around him, even a teenager picking up towels off the locker room floor.

    I was blessed to have that opportunity

Reddsta Reply

9/11///nice job John! The answer by Aaron was excellent!

Zack Hoeksel Reply

I love seeing Kuhn back with the pack, always been one of my favorites

Scout 805 Reply

Hell’s yes!
Mericas team since 1919 🇺🇸
Packer Nation is Behind ya!

GlazeJWK Reply

Aaron seems so much happier

Steve B. Reply

Love seeing John Kuhn in this role he is doing a great job. Go Pack Go!!!

    Clip Central Reply

    right! sounds very professional too

    Jay Miller Reply

    One year contract he has.. Hopefully he stays

Yooper eh? Reply

The beer races. Aaron gets it. That comment alone. We love u Aaron lol. That being said. Guys. Guys. Guys. Pllllease install a decibel meter. I’ve always wondered how loud we get. But 3 downs u set a target sound level and that stadium will do their best to reach it. Human nature. Pls do this. Signed. Season ticket holder. Who has his grandpas tickets. Handed down. He bought some of the first tickets sold in the 60s and I’m blessed to have them. Lambeau is my history. Love the changes. Keep the icons. Add a decibel meter. Go pack go!

    Ja Tr Reply

    I’ve been a Packers fan since I was 11 (about to soon be 40).  I started following them before Favre arrived.  I’ve never once been to a Packers game (home or away).  Got any extra Grandpa’s tickets lying around?  Totally agree with you on the decibel meter.

Jon Kozlowski Reply

It’s just absolutely stunning, and amazing that people in general let alone football analysts are missing the whole point from Thursday’s game. The point was mostly defense. The Bears have shown that they still have one of the most dangerous defenses in the league. They held Aaron Rodgers to 10 points, and that doesn’t happen. That never happens! And on the other side of things, you have a Packers defense that held a top 7 offense to just three points, and they couldn’t really run the ball against Green Bay at all. So what I’m saying is Green Bay’s defense got better. That was the point of the whole game. Defense the Bears still have a good one, but the Packers finally have a better defense than we’ve seen in a really long time. I’m not only excited to see how the defense will stack up against Minnesota, but I really want to see how Green Bay’s offense is going to really open up. I can’t wait! GO PACK GO!!! 🇺🇸🏈🧀

Casey Fisher Reply

NFC North produces 4 top ten defenses in the NFL this year… hmmm . I believe it

    Eddie Jansen Reply

    If not top ten at least top half…..there’s gonna be some good ones, especially with the secondary speed/pass rush Green Bay added and the Vikes rightfully going back to running the football

Steve Balistreri Reply

I think John is doing a great job. Nice segment with Aaron.

Weiss Reply

Former packers players doing interviews seems to boost the morale of the team, at least for Rodgers. During wartime moral is a key factor for success.

Eddie Black Reply

Aron seems happier in interviews this year. In every interview i have seen him in since training camp started he seems to be smiling more he seems more engaged..


Just a nice casual interview with the GOAT himself. Nothing new here fellas

Robert Lee Reply

Go pack go. John Kuhn all time great. #12 your the best

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