4 Downs with Aaron Jones – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Woodzy Reply

yes sir!

John McClane Reply

What a great guy


I heard Denver is very bad in the run defense soooo please run

stephen batchelor Reply

I love aaron jones but bros hair line far back. You the best tho!!

    Old School Reply

    stephen batchelor I didn’t even realize that 😂

Biggest Packer Fan Reply

I actually met Aaron Jones dad at a packers game

jon M Reply


TheWopper78 Reply

I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!

TheWopper78 Reply

HOLY WTS?!!!!! He is an amazing young man. And TOTALLY PACKER MATERIAL! His parents ……… May God bless them both, they raised a great young man! He’s a gentleman and I love him in the backfield!

eric 4nier Reply

I’ve been telling people for years that he’s a Top 5 RB. He’s making UTEP and El Paso very proud.

Thomas More Reply

Love me some Aaron Jones!!

GSelf Reply

Someone in Brazil is cheering for this guy! Go Pack Go!

Drew Z Reply

Aaron Jones is exactly the kinda of person who represents this football team. Absolutely love this guy.

    MisterMean Reply

    So true, I love this guy. Reps GB perfectly.

Eddie Jansen Reply

Parenting done right!

Master King Lee Reply

He’s my new favorite Packers player!!!

Polar Bear Reply

Dudes a stud. Hoorah!

Andrew Wright Reply

Loved this guy since he was a rookie. Especially after his breakout game against Dallas that year

Old School Reply

Do ja money next

CCGG262 Reply

Aaron is the man. so happy he finally has a chance now that mcmuffin is gone

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