#39: Akiem Hicks (DT, Bears) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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UnspokenFury Reply

“He looks like a bear”

    Ashy Knees Reply

    wavy jr that’s not a coincidence, Daniels made that comment because he played for the bears

    AlmightySosa Reply

    Mike Daniels should be on every vid 🤣🤣

    John Burke Reply

    That realization by mike Daniels needs to be in his highlight real for top 100 players analyses

    Ethan B Reply

    He really does tho

LethalDog 53 Reply

He made our O-line look silly this year😂 he’s special in the pass rush and run defense

    Dj Talk2em Reply

    LethalDog 53 not me I respect the hell out of Smith Barr Rhodes Griffin Hunter, Adam. Digs man if it’s not the Vikings it’s bears packers and lions won’t even come close tbh & I’m a die hard fan

    Jalen Hall Reply

    everybody made yall oline look silly this year

    A F Reply

    You still have a damn good team. Lets just agree that our teams go 4-0 collectively against the Fudge Packers! Theres nothing worse than a Packers fan! Detroit fans are close but nobody even knows Detroit is in the NFL, so who cares!

    LethalDog 53 Reply

    A F Agreed. The bears and Vikings will be battling for the north for years to come!

    Raw Swisher Reply

    LethalDog 53 no they won’t 😂 Vikings suck and bears aren’t special either that offense trash.

Bones Lee Reply

Good luck in Detroit Mike! We’re gonna miss you from the NFL Network!

    nalim lattarai Reply

    1766584 stfu racist

    Joshua Jacob Reply

    Kevin Kinkade Hey this doesn’t directly relate to what you’re saying, but I would like to get your viewpoint. When people clap at church or during a concert for someone who was singing praising songs or gospel, do you consider that worshipping someone?

    Paul Johnson Reply

    @Kevin Kinkade ….and????

Dank with Some Chronny Reply

0:05 lol you can tell he just made that bear thing up on the spot and was surprised haha

    eliott970 Reply

    Dank with Some Chronny and they ran with it 😂

Nick Furious Reply

One of the most slept on players in the league

    Ronnie Sinclair Reply

    Who Mike Daniels?

    Scorpio Dynasty X Reply

    Let them sleep lol

    Brandon Chae Reply

    Nick Furious yea him and Ryan Kerrigan

GoldenSteelTV Reply

As a Bears fan, I’m happy that he made this list

LethalDog 53 Reply

Did this man do the “Woah” at 1:45🤣

Izzy Reply

ABOUT GOTDAMN TIME!!! Man Hicks is extremely underrated. He was killing it before Mack got there!

    Brett Dione Reply

    Izzy underrated*

    bob bob Reply

    literally my favorite player in the league

    Bleacher Nation Reply


    Cm Coluch Reply

    He isn’t wrong

Chase McAndrew Reply

I have no idea how this guy’s not been on the list the last few years, embarrassing NFL, embarrassing!

    Mustache D. Luffy Reply

    Well real simple, bears haven’t been winning therefore nobody has realized how good he is. (You don’t just randomly become #39)

    Chase McAndrew Reply

    Mustache D. Luffy he has been very good on bad Bears teams! So that excuse is invalid! How’d Joe Thomas get selected every year on the Browns? How’d Kyle Williams get selected a few times on bad Buffalo teams?

    Mustache D. Luffy Reply

    Joe Thomas has been a pro bowler for like 10 years while Akiem didn’t get pro bowl honors last year, also hicks hasn’t been noticed since the bears LACKED a pass rush until last year

    Chase McAndrew Reply

    Mustache D. Luffy not really no. They’ve had a pass rush since he’s been with the team

Josue Torres Reply

Fat man can move like a linebacker sheesh and he got Khalil Mack too 😳

    Big Mac Reply

    FAAAAAAT?! Fat?!

    Kasey Pace Reply

    Josue Torres he’s not fat he is fluffy

    Mike Boik Reply

    @Kucci Ku that was Roy Robertson harris

    312vandal Reply

    And leonard floyd, and danny travathon, and roquan smith

    A F Reply

    @312vandal and Eddie Goldman!

Zambie Pug Reply

And madden really gave this dude an 87 overall 😭

    issac mora Reply

    Thats messed up 😐

    ImAightDoee Reply

    With no superstar abilities

    A F Reply

    Zambie Pug Thats because you have a bunch of video game developer nerds making the stats. They’re better suited making video games for the nerds who live in grandmas basement, instead of games geared towards sports fanatics. If they keep up their trash The NFL might take their exclusive rights away from EA and let 2K re-enter the arena. The fact they made the Bears D ranking an 88 and tied with Houston is also unforgivable !

Shadow458230 Reply

I honestly thought he wouldn’t make the list because most don’t know him and he’s underrated. Good to see him on this list and the players realize how good he is! Can’t wait to see him continue to dominate on that defense this season! Now Bears fans we wait to see where Jackson and Mack are ranked lol 🐻⬇️

    bob bob Reply

    mack should be top 15, eddie should be top 30 at least

    Sauce Money Reply

    bob bob Mack will be top 10 without a doubt, Jackson will be top 25

    A F Reply

    Mack #3 BoJack #30

ROB Reply

This doesn’t make up for Kyle Fuller being #95 but I’ll take it.

    Roberto Flores Reply

    The one that got snubbed was Roquan he’s a dawg

    Mike Boik Reply

    @Roberto Flores if he puts up bigger numbers this year he’ll be in. He played well last year

    A F Reply

    They did throw massive shade at Fuller. But at Least BoJack, Hicks, and Mack are top 40. Even Bo Jack was a tiny bit low. I saw him more at like 25. Ill still take 4 top 100 players either way!

    Mike Boik Reply

    @A F LMFAO

Kucci Ku Reply

Saints messed up letting him walk but both teams have a bright future .

    BeastMode 21 Reply

    Saints traded him to the Pats…. The Patriots let him walk. That was like 2015 and that Pats defense was second in the league in Sacks behind the Broncos.

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights Reply

I’m expecting Mike Daniels to be on every top 100 clip now 😂😂😂

    Ashy Knees Reply

    No he has missed a few

    Griffin Ellison Reply

    I’m expecting someone to comment this exact thing under every top 100 video

    shelberto swaggapants Reply

    I find it so annoying, why interview the same player over and over when you have 100 different players that you can question?

    Griffin Ellison Reply

    @shelberto swaggapants Far more than 100

    shelberto swaggapants Reply

    Griffin Ellison right? I’m just glad someone feels the same way, nothing against Mike d it’s just too much.

Joe Dienstag Reply

Mike Daniels makes this show 10x better 🚫🧢

Mitchell Trubisky Reply


    AZ17 Reply

    Akiem and Goldman are some of the best run defenders in the league

cedric celino Reply

Now we need Eddie Jackson cause I already know Khalil Mack gonna be here

    SFG77 Reply

    eddie gon be top 20

    bob bob Reply

    jamal adams just got ranked at like 38, theres no way eddies not on here

    SMOOVE 07103 Reply

    Oh he coming believe that

    James Gall Reply

    He is. Ranked 30 – which is too low for him, imo – but this is player voted.

Loli Girl Reply

Akiem Hicks and Khalil Mack will be destroying offensive lines for the next several years.

    ZakkuTV Reply

    @Psyco Mantis that’s 3. Not “Several years” who says they will even be teammates still? Chicago gotta start paying a lot of people pretty soon.

    Psyco Mantis Reply

    Who says they won’t be? At least 2 players are on “prove it” deals. Mack can always adjust his salary if worse comes to worst and there are a few bench players that are overpaid. Not to mention the 5 million in dead cap space freeing up. Sure they can’t keep everybody, but that doesn’t make it a fact that he’s one of the ones to go. Several is more than 2, but less than 10 btw.

    Jim Taylor Reply

    @ZakkuTV just about everybody on the Bears are in their 20s so yes they will be dominated the league for 3 more years, watch and see

    ZakkuTV Reply

    @Jim Taylor you do realize every team in the NFL has a handful of starters in their 20s right? Lmao.

Chris Pratt Reply

That moment of realization on Mike Daniels’ face is too funny.

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