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Will Sayer

One of the best route runners in the league.

    Kevin Kinkade

    Everyone turn to Jesus and REPENT of your sins. Stop worshipping these athletes. Turn away from this idolatry

    tito thomas

    Kevin Kinkade christianity is fake


    Kevin Kinkade
    Humans created God you buffoon

    angel calderon

    I would honestly say he’s the best


    The best route runner in the league hands down


Not higher? Surprising. Whats not surprising is how much you can save with Geico.

    Ya gem Knksksk

    ice t its…….

    Jordan Davis

    GoatestShuckler πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Legend__ 21


    All Alone

    Every. Single. Player…..

    Yanni Nicolas

    You sir deserve a W

Edward Cohen

He did Gilmore dirty in that play

A Person I guess???

and he’s a 89 in madden 20, okay EA


    They took his overalls and put them on rivers . Lol Rivers at 94 makes no sense with Brees a 92 and Big Ben a 85

    Antoni Guzman

    Jordan it makes sense cuz rivers had a better year than both brees and Ben get over it


    @Antoni Guzman Ben literally led the league in passing yards

    Antoni Guzman

    Phan2112 okay and that don’t mean he had a better year, rivers led the league in yards a few years ago too and they gave him a 84 rating cuz they missed the playoffs

Antonio Gates

Keenan is the best route running wr he plays with gates my dad

    All Alone

    Not better than Diggs or Cooks route running

    Chandler Morillo

    All Alone he’s way better at route running than both of those dudes. He’s top 2. Him an AB.

    Billy Jean

    All Alone 🀑

    Ty Chamberlain

    Gates only has 2 daughters lmfaooo

R&B Music

Melvin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Melvin: Keenan listen people got kids an families, you can’t be killin em like dat πŸ’€πŸ’€

    Luis Wiley

    Bruh I laughed so hard at this



    David Farias Bolado



2:08 they got kids Keenan chill outπŸ˜‚


Keenan loves the sport of football. What he doesn’t love is how badly he got disrespected by EA.

    Day Be Trippin

    You do know EA is like the worst gaming company in the world right? πŸ˜‚

    HDC 1212

    Day Be Trippin activision says hello

    Day Be Trippin

    @HDC 1212 at least activistion doesn’t get investigations against them for over filled loot boxes. But they might be on par with EA

Gloγ€½an Tev

Hell nah man πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ at least top 30


Is it just me or both Bosa bros sound high af 24/7 lol

    Sparky's Joint

    He sounds half disabled.

    angel calderon

    Might just be how he talks/looks. I’m always told that I look stoned and I dont even smoke.


    100% that dude’s stoned af.

    Ernesto Gastelum

    @hybridce99 i heard he gets uncomfortable and gets nervous talking to people

Legend__ 21

Can’t wait to see derwins and rivers ratings πŸ˜€βš‘πŸ’―

    Lil Shady

    Legend__ 21 I swear I see u everywhere in these comments

    Legend__ 21

    @Shawn Christianson oh did you see the top 100 on tv? Or are you just making a guess?πŸ˜‚

    Tay McCullough

    I know brother I’m hyped

    Shawn Christianson

    Legend__ 21 I took a guess. James is higher than expected.

Michael Karanja

Why does Joey Bosa have the personality of a box of corn flakes?

    shaq hall

    Because he’s corny?!

    Michael Karanja

    @tito thomas πŸ˜‚Oh that’s just rude

    Michael Karanja

    @tito thomas So do I by that 3rd blunt

    tito thomas

    Michael Karanja ima chargers fanπŸ˜‚ i can say that


    With no sugar πŸ˜‚

Tony G

Bosa always talking like he’s faded


Keenan is for sure a top 7 wide receiver in the league. This dudes game is smooth as hell thats a fact

    Billy Jean

    Jake McMullen did you watch football last year? FOH

    Jake McMullen

    @Billy Jean Yes, but you clearly dont understand that theres more football teams than the chargers

    Billy Jean

    Jake McMullen I understand that those two players cannot run the routes KA13 runs. Also JJ and DH have physical advantages being 6’4” compared to 6’2”

    Jake McMullen

    @Billy Jean Keenan Allen is probably the best route runner in the nfl, but theres much more to being a wr than that lol. And dont use that physical advantage bullshit.

    Billy Jean

    Jake McMullen It’s not bullshit. There’s thousands of players that were amazing at WR in college but were to short compared to their competitors. That said, Allen is looking better physically than ever. My top 5 no order. Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen, Deandre Hopkins, Julio Jones, AJ Green

Son Huynh

we gotta get more Baldwin on these list the man speaks like a college lecturer damn


    Son Huynh dude is a scholar of the game πŸ˜‚

    Jason Anderson

    Stanford graduate


this man is fr the most underrated receiver in the league

Carlos Barrera

“You didn’t like it?”
Allen: “nope”
*only move him up 3 spots*

    Don Solo

    He doesn’t have the athleticism required to move up any further on this list, still a great player


    Don Solo how come thielen is so high then ???


“I got killed”
“by who”
“everybody” LMAOOOOO


As a Falcons fan I gotta say Julio is my favorite but I freakin love Keenan Allen. He’s legit a Elite WR. Much Respect to this man ✊


Keenan: Man i got killed
Tyrell: by who?
Keenan: everybody

He not gonna be the only one feeling that heat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

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