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Will Sayer

Top 3 SS in the league.

37th is Good Placement for once.


    Brodie Martin Noo!!’ I 7 bich’


    Brodie Martin No I really 5 hehe I 7 nex yeer dude’ sorry for be mean.

    Charlotte Haggerty

    Jamal best safety in NFL shoulda been higher smh

    Slim 803


    Jared Gaurano

    Jaeten 9

Tom Wenzel

This laugh at the beginning 😂🤣

mrfunez 2005

Yes my son jamal Adam’s ar number 37 I wanna know where my mans saquads barkley is gonna be

    bob bob

    Johnny Tsunami he’ll be top five. he should be

    Logan Hoomana

    bob bob lol a running back that didn’t even come close to leading his team to a wild card game isn’t going to be a top 5 player in the league.

    christian recon

    @Logan Hoomana have u seen our team no RB could take us to the playoffs so quit bitchin

    Logan Hoomana

    christian recon exactly why he didn’t make the top 10 just like I said lol he wasn’t even top 20

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

Adams and Derwin James are the next great safeties 💯

    Miguel Rivas

    There’s a reason Eddie Jackson was higher than both. Closest thing to Ed Reed since Ed Reed. Gonna get handed down the best coverage safety throne from Earl Thomas.

    Kenn Acasio

    Derwin james has sacks, fumbles, ints, and tfls. Not to mention he smothers TEs and wr just as efficiently/great as any other DB in the league right now.

    Miguel Rivas

    Kenn Acasio Eddie Jackson had double the interceptions, double the forced fumbles, scored more touchdowns(2 to 0), and played better coverage than Derwin James last season.

    John Keys

    the lame cactus why Eddie higher than both of them on the list then

Tom Wenzel

Jamal Adams easily one of the best safeties in the NFL 💥🔥💯 deserves to be here more than ever


    Kevin Kinkade it’s a sin that you weren’t aborted


    @Kevin Kinkade we Idolize athletes you idolize an imaginary person. A story book made by man.

    Tom Wenzel

    @Kevin Kinkade stfu you idiot

    nalim lattarai

    Nigward exactly

    Charlotte Haggerty

    Best safety, better than Derwin James in every category accept interceptions totally ripped off

Malik Lander

Jets get to the playoffs this season imo


    Malik Lander if it’s about the jets, you should just keep you opinion to yourself cuz it’s too many haters out here. But I think we gon make it tho


    BaronVonBielski You sound so ignorant. The last we saw of Darnold which was the last 4 weeks he threw 6 TD and 1 pick against teams like the Texans, and Pats who had the 2nd seed to play for and the Bills on the road which is a division rival please stop talking football


    Playoffs might be a stretch but they will definitely be improved and heading in the right direction.

    Justin Bebley

    33 likes just like adam’s number

    Toxix Bob



Phillip Lindsey look like a 40 year old dad that loves to fish

    Austin Madore

    Mikhail Washington god and heaven aren’t real

    Austin Madore

    Kevin Kinkade god and heaven are fairy tale myths

    Slim 803


    The OverLord




Comments section on every NFL top 100 vid: uNdErRaTeD

    Tan Wanli

    I mean fans go to all of them and hope their favorites are higher

    Bashar Al-Assad

    no body:

    Comment section on every NFL top 100 vid after the first few videos:

    Comments section on every NFL top 100 vid:

    James Taylor

    NFL: Patrick mahomes is number 1.
    Fans: UnDeRrAtEd



Too Easy

Adams at DB , Williams at DL & Mosley at LB. That’s a scary sight🤦🏿‍♂️

    Gabriel Edward

    Tom Brady laughing at that

    Too Easy

    AW_94 Lol And we all know what happened the last time NE played a game🤫💍

    Jane Doe

    Too bad we wont get to see how good they really are cause the patriots play them twice a year 😭😭

    Too Ez

    @Jane Doe That literally made no sense. 1/8 of our games are against them, that means there’s 14 games where we don’t play them. Not to mention we always play em close at home

    Jeremy Thompson

    Eddie Jackson at DB hicks at DL and Mack at LB is 10x scarier

Shortest SB Champion QB

Jets defense is gonna be scary next season, especially that Dline

    okie gamer

    Jonathan Culbertson 100+ tackles a Year SS Jamal Adams with 100+ Tackles a Year MLB CJ Mosley and 100+ MLB Avery Williamson, Quinnen Williams the most highly touted DT from the Nick Saban era, Leonard Williams who is one do the best DT’s when it comes to QB Pressures in the NFL! Safe to say the Jets are gonna be Stout AF up the middle with Gregg Williams coaching all that and more

    okie gamer

    Trumane Johnson is old and we paid him way to much ik that much! And so does our GM


    @JBUZ D jets have a very young team….. expect them to be contenders in a few years

    Vegaz Famouz

    Big facts bro! 💪#ganggreen

German Boyee

As a giants fan, this is disrespectful, top 20 player easily.

    M D


    wizwiz 8614


    Andre Neale

    There are 20 offensive players alone that should be rated above him. He does not deserve to be in the top 20……YET

Teen Reacts

Whoever sees this have a great day. Live ur life to the fullest. 😁👍


These Safeties are so stacked Eddie, Derwin and him are gonna be in the damn Hall Of Fame someday. Just really good at their positions

Thomas Clark

Literally every single video:
“So underrated”
“best player at his position”

    Metro Boomin


    Yung Toolshed

    Thomas Clark it is a bit annoying but a lot of really high end talent has come into the league recently, you can’t go wrong with most of these guys.

    A F

    When the truth is Eddie Jackson is the best at that position!

Vic Williams



    Vic Williams fr fr


He’s lower than Derwin James gg I’m done

feelin froggy

Who’s gonna have a better year
Jamal Adams or Derwin James?

Malik Jones

Jonathan Abram need to pick Jamal mind so he can become ELITE… He Rocked NE Mascot 😂😂😂

King Angus

Saw this dude at the pro bowl coolest player in the NFL imo…. Gave me a hug and apologized for tackling the pats mascot, I love this guy keep doing ur thing Jamal

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