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Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos Reply

Most underrated player in the league. This guy pretty much averaged a Sack a game. Complete monster.

    AlmightySosa Reply

    Deforest Buckner is better tho

    BigChiefers Reply

    @AlmightySosa L jones shits on him. I dont see buckner with an all time nfl record

    nalim lattarai Reply

    AlmightySosa not even close

    cligoosnoo xd Reply

    Idk if Buckner is better than Jones but buckner definitely deserves to be on this list in all honesty


Crazy underrated. How did he not make the Pro Bowl?

    Rohan Reply

    because the name Geno Atkins is more well known around the league than Chris Jones

    Anthony Faiola 9 Reply

    Young__splashy. Couldn’t agree more. It’s nothing more than a popularity contest. Kinda like Middle School sports if you ask me

    eagle man jones Reply

    What about that tackle by blake bortles thoee ?? 🤔🤔

    Owen Smith Reply

    Because he was a member of the worst defense in the league

Batman Pop's Reply

That’s a guy having fun knowing his team is up 47 to 14 on the opposing team in alot of those games lol🤣

    Sam Musgrave Reply

    More like 47 to 40

    IlearntToFly - Reply

    @Sam Musgrave hes a chiefs fan let him believe his defense does things beyond this man

    ThatoneboiDamir Reply

    IlearntToFly – *carefuly* Roasts all of the Chief’s Defense*

Ricardo Toledo Reply

Hey…. Can I have your lunch money please?
Lmao 💀💀💀💀

Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT Reply

lol who else remembers him from his combine incident. Haaaa, GAYYY!

    BigjackKC25 Reply

    Sam 52 😂

    Sims Productions Reply

    It was just another confirmation that his is bigger than yours.

    D To99 Reply

    I forgot about that😂

Loli Girl Reply

That Chief’s front seven is just crazy! If the Chief’s secondary improves, the Chiefs will be unstoppable.

    Austin Groves Reply

    R&B Music

    Don’t need great players when you have a good scheme. Bob Sutton held the Chiefs defense back and I promise they will have a top 12 defense (if healthy).

    1) D line is top 5 in league. (Especially depth)

    2) we have so much versatility at LB. Our sub packages will be impressive! We have backers who can run with some RB/WR in Lee and O’Daniel – And got some line of scrimmage thumpers in Hitches and Wilson

    3) Our secondary “QB” is one of the best in the business in the honey badger. Juan thorn-hill will be in the running for DROY. Played QB in high school and played CB and S in college extremely well with like a 46inch vertical lol. With teams needing to throw a lot due to facing Mahomes, he will get so many opportunities to make plays

    4) Our CBs are better than last year 5’11 Nelson was actually decent when you factor efficiency but he was often too small. 6’1 Ward is already an upgrade and Scandrick is gone 😂 addition by subtraction. And brashaud breeland and fuller back together? They gonna be nice! Fuller can move around well and breeland had a good season last year – slept on cuz of injury

    Thomas Vorm Reply

    People say “oh chiefs lost ford and houston” yet we replaced an old legend in houston with ogbah and picked up clark. Secondary is getting better with the addition of mathieu

    Mike James Reply

    AkaGlide Dee Ford was a great pass rusher last year but was a complete head case who looked lost against the run. Frank Clark cost them a lot but he is a much much better Edge overall. Houston was a beast at one point but has never stayed healthy since his contract year and is now getting up there in age. They were terrible against the run, adding Okafor also will help add to a really deep line. The rest of the D, who knows? Honey Badger over Eric Berry, who practically hasn’t played for 3 years is a massive upgrade though.

    Mike James Reply

    adrian aguilar Lol that’s it? Clark and Jones are one of the best D Line tandems in the league.

    Phuong Reply

    How did this comment get so many likes lol. Wanna see a good front 7? Check out the eagles.

King Bucs Reply

And yet still doesn’t have a x factor ability in Madden. Smh dude is a monster

    Anthony Faiola 9 Reply

    King Bucs. I think they update that weekly like the overalls

Chase Wendolek Reply

Kansas City should’ve went to the super bowl and I’m not even a chiefs fan

    Mike August Reply

    *Dee Ford has left the chat*

    TreyJames 19 Reply

    They lost though….. New England was the better team anyway. Patriots had the better qb better hc and certainly better defense

dread.head15 Reply

Mike Daniels is officially my favorite player

    BillZ The Kid Reply

    dread.head15 only if Mike Came to Kansas City

Butt3rz Reply

I hope him and chiefs organization figure something out long term.

    Arou Johnson Reply

    They will they traded dee Ford so they have room to sign Jones next off season

    Mike James Reply

    The kid showed up to camp ready to work. Meanwhile d bags like Zeke and Gordon throwing hissy fits when they’re getting 1st round money at a position nobody wants to pay for.

Florida boi Reply

Mike daniels should be getting dap from every nfl player this season. Man gave props to everybody. If nathan pederman was on this list. He would find something nice to say about him! Lol

    ZealKingdom Reply

    “Nathan Peterman! Good guy. So generous, man. He makes sure every defensive back on the opposing team gets an interception before halftime.”

    Florida boi Reply

    @ZealKingdom lmao!

    chris Reply

    @ZealKingdom read that in his voice 😂

Ian Ballard Reply

Chris Jones AND Frank Clark on the same line. Damn.

Mike August Reply

No defensive highlight reel is complete without a sack of Josh Rosen.

RK Belmont Reply

It seems Deforest Buckner will be snubbed this year

    Fuzeion R Reply

    RK Belmont yup it is he seems to be the most underated dt

1 Subscriber with 100 Vids CHALLENGE ! Reply

Mike Daniels better become an NFL analyst when he retires. He would make Good Morning Football such a blast

    Raiders_Rep_510 _ Reply

    1 Subscriber with 100 Vids CHALLENGE ! That or the president of the Players association, he loves all the players lmao

D C Reply

I came here for Mike Daniels. And I gotta say I am satisfied.

anthony kublawi Reply

I guess we just gonna forget about his 40 yard dash

Kyle Swartz Reply

They should rename this show “Mike Daniels breaks down the top 100 NFL Players”

Kush Rao Reply

2:24 if you saw this in real time you would see how Jared got murdered by these guys. He was able to get up but it took some time lol

Ninjachickenfingers Reply

I am so proud to have this dude on my team. Glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. Not only a great player, but a great PERSON. Pay dat man!

Edit: I think a lot of people don’t hear about him because his name is so normal sounding. How many people named Chris Jones you know? A lot 😂

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