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Top 10 wr in the league. No argument. Maybe even top 5.

    Daniel McKinnon

    Retroballer28 imagine thinking keenan allen or adam thielen are better than davante adams

    Slim 803

    Not 5 Hell no


    Daniel McKinnon Adams suck!!’

    Dominant Persona

    @Shortest SB Champion QB not top 5


Anyone else literally camping out for the update every 15 minutes?

    Julio Productions

    Thielen is next then goff

    Julio Productions

    With Melvin gordon

    Michael Shackelford


    Mr. Pink17

    Just wait until they upload all of em so you can see them all at once

Sam Co

Devante Adams is kinda like Klay Thompson in the fact that both are overshaddowed by stars on their teams (AR12, Steph),both have an extremely cool temperment and both can go completely bonkers at any time


    stringTheory80 it’s easier to get in the basketball HOF plus there is waaaaaay more football than basketball players

    905 sportscaller

    @stringTheory80 devante is a top 5 wr klay is a top 5 sg

    Malaica Kamara

    Klay isn’t overshadowed. Everyone knows how great he is.

    Ken Harp

    @stringTheory80 you crazy asf

Archibald Mcgee

As a big Packers and Davante fan, this is a good spot for him for now. Davante’s ceiling is super high and he definitely didn’t play to his max potential this season, even Rodgers said himself at one point he saw room for improvement. If he can build off what he did this season he should be top 20 players in the league next year without question.

Edit: Nevermind I just figured out Thielen was put above him boycott top 100

    Carter Woodgate

    Thielen can actually catch, you seen his plays? And your saying diggs gives him those plays


    shaq hall that’s how you know it’s almost football season 😂😂


    Lmaooo @the edit but Go Pack Go!

Zero Dawn

Jamaal rocking the naruto Headband, I like it.

The Second

So we not gonna notice the fact Jamaal Williams got on a ninja headband from Naruto?


    He from the Sand Village. Shout out to mah boi Gaara.


    If you close enough you can see that it has a scratch through it, which means akatsuki, which means Sasori.


    @mrslash blade beat me to it


Mike Daniels seems to be everyone’s friend.

    Jacob Stoflet

    YEAH IGHT I’m gonna miss that guy so much in GB. Will cheer for him in Detroit and wherever he goes after, great guy.

    Ya gem Knksksk

    If mike is not there it’s not a real 100 video

    raw raw

    Real corn ball

Loyal Philly fan

Devonte Adams is a top 5 WR in my opinion. He been underrated for way too long now.

    Esk Etit

    Gage Jernigan Adams also has multiple 10+ touchdown seasons

    Spock Block3r

    @NotProudMexican ! julio is is not stop it

    Spock Block3r

    @Gage Jernigan compare the tds, id take s reciever that has scored 10+ tds 3 years in a row

    Gage Jernigan

    @Spock Block3r I’d take mike bc he has 5 straight 1000 yard seasons and he has terrible QB play in Jameis Winston. Imagine what he could do with Aaron Rodgers, who Adams only has one 1000 yard season with. Mike also has more overall TDs with 40 to Adams 39

Kucci Ku

“almost thru my hot dog at the screen” this dude mad funny


Way too low! And I’m not a Packers fan

Teen Reacts

Whoever sees this have a great day and live life to the fullest. 😁👍😂

    Corey Worthy

    Teen Reacts thx man you to 🎉


This the only one that is actually underrated and should be higher, he’s top 20 minimum


Most underrated Receiver in the NFL rn.


Favorite thing about this comment section, the amount of people who can’t spell “Davante”

    Ayookd 1

    And nobody asking for likes

    Gaming Legend

    It’s the autocorrect lol

    Joseph McGuire

    Devonta Devante, Devontae

Delonte Murphy

Mike Daniels said he wanted to throw the hotdog at the screen😂😂😂

    little bill

    Delonte Murphy that made me laugh way too hard 😂

    Killian Krummel

    Man’s got a point

    Jon Anderson

    Maybe if he wasnt eating hot dogs and taking care of his body hed still be on the team

    Delonte Murphy

    Jon Anderson yup hopefully we can have someone better at the DT position

    Cello Tomas


LethalDog 53

he’s talented, even without Rodgers throwing him the ball

    Slim Vickins

    He straight balled out with Hundley. That’s Hopkins level stuff balling out with terrible QBs.

    Micah Bryant

    Faxx the difference between him and Jordy Nelson without Arod Jordy was a average receiver at best

    Slim Vickins

    @Micah Bryant Dumb. You’re talking post injury and final year Jordy. Jordy was a top 5 receiver in the NFL before his acl. He was a true deep threat with beautiful routes. He was a premier wide receiver.

xNightm_res YT

Jamaal with his naruto headband. He’s ready for some Area 51 runnin

Tony Williams

Hope Adams is getting paid like top 37 player overall. Great wide out.

Drake Eyer

Top 5 receiver in the NFL. Needs to move up on the list foreal


Love this dude right here FRESNO STATE 4L

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