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Took Melvin on my fantasy team and he did not disappoint 🙌 until he got hurt.


    A-Art-Customs that’s the only problem. He’ll get anyone who drafts him in fantasy to the playoffs but then will peace out come playoff time due to injury

    Dion G

    Man that play he got hurt was so stupid. Chargers should’ve taken him out anyways cause they were blowing out there opponent at that point. Bruh could’ve finished a top 3 if not 5 rb tbh

    Sam Cocherl

    Injured for playoffs……

    Vincent Gordon

    A-Art-Customs always take the handcuff in this case ekeler

Taeron Spivey

Flash Gordon>Flash Gordon

BTW I’m high rn

    So Cal Films & Photography

    I’m baked asf also lol


    No one cares if your high


    Not surprised cuz ur wrong

ricardo pozos-guzman

Disrespectful that this is Melvins first appearance on the Top 100

    Brian Estrada

    @Aaron Kim worst five hahaha thats a joke they weren’t even on the top 10 on most sacks

    Aaron Kim

    @Brian Estrada can you read? I said they had the worst back five olines in the league…meaning 27-32th ranked oline. If you knew how rivers plays…he steps into the pocket and avoids sacks with quick release


    He looked like a bust his rookie year


    Every year they’d ask him…”what number do you think you are?”, He gets excited and he doesn’t make the list. He was the Mike Daniels of years past

Shane duh Gaymer

Everyone saying hes to high dont get that this list is more accurate than our opinions lmao

    Tyrone Savage

    It’s all opinions it’s what the players voted

    Shane duh Gaymer

    @Tyrone Savage but wouldn’t u think they would have a better idea since they actually play against them

    Joe Montano

    Shane duh Gaymer: He’s too high bro

    Tez Esquire


sandy buns

CMC > Gordon

    Joe Montano

    sandy buns: ALL DAY 24/7

andy odvor

All these dudes in the comments, think they know more than the players😂😂. Ridiculous

    Aj jones

    @Jesus Cavazos Some of your paragraphs make no sense haha.


    Say Ma Name how are they bias?

    Jane Doe


    Gary Moore

    Don’t you just make you laugh all these comments think he’s worth a big deal not even close he didn’t even impress his quarterback and he’s been there 16 years so I think the river knows Talent I’ll go with him Philip Rivers

    Gary Moore

    @Jesus Cavazos McCaffrey’s way better than Gordon no compares


Wait did it say he scored 37 TD’s in high school😂😂😂😂 wtf broooo who lets some drop 37 TDS jeez

    Kenyatta Neak

    You know that’s not unheard of Elite high school player’s drop anywhere between 20 to 50 TDS a season

    Justin Thiele

    Coming from someone who went to the cross town rivals school, I can say that every highschool in our conference sucks

Loyal Philly fan

Give this man his money. He is arguably a top 5 Rb in this league.

    Mark Williams

    Loyal Philly fan Lmfaooo boy stop. 10 at best


    Big Chargers fan and I love Gordon but I really hope they can meet in the middle in a deal where he’s here long term.

    Trevor Thompson

    He’s due to make 6 million this year on his rookie contract, and he’s been injured. Great players such as tyreek hill are still on rookie deals, and have been proving it longer. Show your commitment to the team, and they’ll return the favor.

    If anything this should be an awakening for the Chargers, if I’m them, I’d surround rivers with another elite WR, make the passing game the focal point, and in return that offense would make an average rb look great.

    -Chiefs fan

Ronnie Jones / R2J

Came a long way from his 1st 2 seasons. Great RB. Hope he gets his contract situation resolved.

    Nathan Moboto


Legend__ 21

Chargers please give this man what he wants and extend his contract 😤…but Melvin if you get the money then I expect you to be healthy ALL YEAR💪🏾⚡💯

    Agent_WestCoast A

    He wants too much money for a guy that has only 1 season over 1k rushing yards. Only 1 season were he played all 16 games. Only 1 season with 4+ yards per carry.

    Legend__ 21

    @Hyperfoxeye yea I heard about that and honesty i agree with y’all that’s too much and he gotta prove a little more and stay healthy more consistently to earn that money…im just pissed all this is happening while were at our best as a team…but at the end if the day were 4-0 without him and he needs to notice that and take what is fair for us and him…not just him🤷🏿‍♂️⚡💯

    Ruben Rios

    @legend_21 ….ALL YEAR right! Lol I hear ya!

    Legend__ 21

    @Ruben Rios lol yea bro he’s asking for a lot of money😂💯

    Aaron Kim

    yeah…i read he wants bell money. Look what happened to bell…he held out a whole season and got less with the jets. i DOUBT gordon will hold out a whole season. Its kind of dumb to pay RB’s that much in todays game anyways

Viki Paselio

its Crazy how people called him a Bust in his first year and then He vowed to play better the next year and he did great later on lol


    As a Chargers fan, I gotta be honest. I was one of those people. I still have a text message between me and one of my friends (who is a rams fan) about how Gordon was a bust. I was 100% wrong. Gordon is a MONSTER

    Viki Paselio

    LittleTinyElvis Im a steelers fan Bro, its funny after his rookie yr bro. i didnt really think he was a bust, I thought he was a late bloomer and i was right. i loved him coming outta college, it just goes to tell you that you cant really tell what a player is going to be like after their first years.

L Clark

“That’s why my breaking tackles need to be up on Madden , imma go holla at them in a little bit” 😂

Aaron Ax

He literally spun in the air, caught himself and kept running through guys. Oh ok.

I’m done 😂😂

Carlos Reynolds

“Them just me breaking tackles ima holla at madden in a lil bit”😂😂😂😂

Raiders_Rep_510 _

0:52 is it me or was there too much gum instead of teeth in that smile lol

Killa Bees

They Be Sleeping On Flash Gordon

Anthony Norman

Melvin Gordon remind me of Jamaal Charles

    R T

    You’re racist

War Rogers

Saquan, CMac, Kamara, Flash, then Leveon.#InThatOrder..

Nathan Moboto

With that man , Chargers are easily a top 5 team in the afc

This Is Sparta

You see this San Diego Chargers? Find a way to get this man’s deal done.. 3 years 39 million

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