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TEE gunner

I think it’s close between him and Adams but it’s cool hes 33

    Ker Xiong

    Lol, Adams is waaaaay better than Theilen. Look at the numbers and one is facing slot CB while the other is facing the #1 corner. This is stupid.

    Jay Walker

    @PLF bruh Adams got more Touchdowns than thelien in 3years alone…That white boy is good but tape and stats clearly shows who is better


    Both are really good. They do things a bit different. That’s all. Last year Adams was pretty much Rodgers only solid target all year. Vikings have Diggs and Thielen. Just impressive that both those guys got over 1000 yards last season. Theilen and Adams got over 1300. Just interesting how Vikings are getting a lot more production these past couple years.

    Carson Wentz

    PLF how? Adams is the only receiver on the packers that’s even worth defenses trying against. He gets all the double teams. Vikings have Diggs and Rudolph too. Thielen was pretty average in the second half of the season after he broke his record. If not for that I’d agree with you but no Adams is better

LethalDog 53

Read his story, and then look at his highlights. This man worked his way from the ground up

    Tenno Tube2

    Fock GooglePlus Adams awesome he’s my favorite player

    Fock GooglePlus

    @Carlos Valdez too high on the list especially over davante and keenan. Mans is overrated.

    Adam Zinnecker

    @Fock GooglePlus Adam’s has had the privilege of playing with a hall of fame QB his entire career. Adam Thielan has had to play with many bad QBs and he had to work where he is at. I bet Adam’s wouldn’t even be good without Rodgers.


    And I’m proud to have him in Skol nation. He is “that dude”


Hate being early because they ain’t comments to read!!!

    Darth Vaper

    You ain’t lying lmao

    Rott Dogg

    Yeah just the Tards who post “First” like they get a sticker in kindergarten.

    El Bronco

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    Megatron Matt ICE

    Comments mostly wack these days tho, bunch of haters and people who think their opinions are all that matters


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Adam Johnson

Not bad for an undrafted kid from Minnesota. Now breaking NFL records! Skol!

    Mike Splitt

    Adam was my boy during Fantasy football these last two seasons

    Nicholas Benafield

    He needs another white wr


NFL Top 100 presents the Mike Daniels show !

    Rott Dogg

    As a Hawks fan I got respect for Mike, and I was pissed they didn’t sign him when GB cut him. We needed a good DT.

Prime Records

people still say he ain’t athletic, but he dusts the best corners & safeties in the league & bodies ’em too🤦🏻what more do you want? him to bench linebackers at halftime?

    Too Easy

    Tig ol’ Bitties You forgot the “Like Julio or OBJ”. Never said he wasn’t Athletic, but anybody with eyes knows Julio & OBJ are 2 of the most athletic receivers

    poppasunny 47

    Athletic refers to more than speed, Adam thielen is incredibly athletic. An athlete would be “good” in a number of sports or positions. Coming out of highschool stefon diggs was listed as an “athlete”, Alvin kamara was listed as an “All-purpose” back. You can be fast/strong and be a horrible athlete.

    Vagina Crusher

    Prime Records nah dudes crazy and a competitor can we bring race outta this

    Shan Luther

    Pretty sure he had a stellar 40

the black guy who likes Eminem

Well deserved and hella respect perfect spot for him

    bordercity kid1999

    LOL your name tho 😂 😂 😂


The fact that Thielen got under Belichick’s skin makes me appreciate him far more.

    Adison Sichampanakhone

    Wasn’t it the other way around?


    Kern Albert that’s why I love the patriots. Best team hands down no controversy. Never got caught cheating or anything just a legacy untarnished… 😬oh wait

Ricardo Martin

Undrafted to a top 10, if not a top 5 WR. Great to see guys like him find success in the league.

    Goat Productions

    @Carl Schiller top 10
    1 Hopkins
    2 Jones
    3 Beckham
    4 brown
    5 Evan’s
    6 green
    7 Adam’s

    Alex T.

    Nah top 5 for sure

    Goat Productions

    @Alex T. so you’re saying hes better than obj, dhop, brown, Julio, and Evan’s? Evan’s had had 1,500 yard seasons pretty much every year with James winston.

    John Boy

    Worth noting the league is quite blessed with wide out talent at the moment, so it’s not much of an indictment to say Thielen isn’t top 5. I’d personally take Hopkins,Jones,AB,OBJ,Hill and Evans above him.

    Cheerioss -

    1. Julio
    2. Odell
    3. AB
    4. Hopkins
    5. Green
    6. Evans

Blair Mize

2:05 thielen really had bill cussin him out 😂

    c j

    That how you know you doing something right


Bruh. What about the catch vs packers. Should’ve been best play of th year for him


    Braden Pirness I see both sides. But the concentration it took to reel that in was on Adams part.

    Braden Pirness

    @Mr.Higgs1993 yes I agree with that and I can see both sides I think we can both agree it wasent a skngular effort they both made a great play


    Braden Pirness respect. I hope they do great things this year. They have a lot to prove after a disappointing season.

    Braden Pirness

    @Mr.Higgs1993 yes I agree

    Jackson Neuman

    don’t forget the crazy catch he made against the saints


He got under Belichick’s skin @ 2:04. That’s worth bumping him up a couple spots on the list. Lol

    bargain bob

    @Andrik Vasquez was being sarcastic

    P K

    We took an L because we were down to a couple of ding dongs at cornerback and our OC stopped running the ball. Otherwise it was close till late

    bargain bob

    @P K still an L

    Andrik Vasquez

    @P K y’all lost because you didn’t keep up

Dave Buckley

Thielen and McCaffery breaking the white athlete stereotypes one play at a time


He didn’t only break Moss’s record, he did it when Moss was AT THE GAME


Bill Belichick just got annoyed with him bc he’s a good white WR he doesn’t have

    Juju Az

    True Journey they ain’t gonna get him for cheap.

    Cameron Whorf

    I would take Edelman any day over Theilen, they may be 60 or so spots apart on this list but Edelman is a far more accomplished and talented receiver…


    Tyler T that’s what made the joke a joke

    bacon burger on your mom's booty

    AestheticsisLife lol


1:00 he said he “didn’t pass the eye test”

Translation: he’s white


    @SmithN’ Wesson Yep, if you’re white, you get to be an offensive lineman, a fullback, a quarterback, a kicker, or maybe a linebacker. Obviously there are exceptions, but it’s remarkable how consistent that is.


    what i was gonna say

    Brad Lamb

    I mean he’s not fast, he’s not strong, he’s just open somehow all the time. The way he moves his body confused defenders

    joseph Henry

    Brad Lamb fax it don’t have to be race, when you watch him on tape he’s not the most superior athlete so eye test would say he’s ehh but production speaks other wise. Ab don’t pass the eye test for a number one wr but his production does


Why am I up like I ain’t gotta work tomorrow

isaac Thao

Thielen and Harrison Smith dont get as much love as they should simply because they are white and are instantly put in a box


    I respect them. I don’t care what color they are. If you can flat out play, you gets full respect from me. Never judge a book by its cover or color.

Carl Johns

how could ANYBODY thumbs down or dislike this video…..this was a practice squad guy who literally paid his way into an NFL TRYOUT….and now he is A RESPECTED elite NFL WR..

John McCaskill

Whenever you can make Belichick’s blood boil you know you’re good! LOL

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