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this wont go down well…

    Anthony Hutchins

    Hes not overrated at all

    Brandon Allen

    @MLGGautams Channel thats couch coach talk . Remember these are humans beings they cant be perfect all the time . Goff is a good player and deserving of this spot

    Christopher Yu

    Carried rams to super bowl w no Todd gurley and Kupp. Beat brees and saints WO being. Able to talk w Mcvay bc of crowd noise. He’s easily top 30

    Cyrus Ureña

    @Christopher Yu you do remember that no-call right?

    M Andrade

    @Fock GooglePlus overrated af by the own players association?

Jordan Davis

I bet they would’ve put Goff in the top 10 if he won the super bowl

    Lionel Sanchez

    @Larry Legend is the GOAT bs it was chosen Rosen or something like that

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    @Lionel Sanchez you must be thinking of the wrong guy. I’ve always had a Fitzgerald name. One of my old names started with Josh because that’s my name irl but it never had Rosen in it

    Lionel Sanchez

    @Larry Legend is the GOAT oh well ik it’s u cuz I’m subscribed to u

    Lionel Sanchez

    @Larry Legend is the GOAT I would like to wake you up go watch Enoch the freestyle prince and rfg chosenone I garenteed u can relate to the videos

    Chris Griffin

    @Braden McHenry if that’s the case then drew brees should be second or number 1

Bryan Hu

I think Goff can still improve a lot. His mechanics have improved a lot since his rookie year but he seems to panic in the face of pressure. I think if he can be more confident in the pocket, he’ll be a top 5 QB.

    Justus Stanford

    @Smack Ish I mean ♂‍🤷 a qb benefits from having elite wide receivers

    Garret Buckmaster

    @Tristan Blue defense? Defense was middle of the pack almost All season. He had to win a lot of games with his arm

    Smack Ish

    @Justus Stanford tom brady never had an elite wr tho

    Justus Stanford

    @Smack Ish he didn’t? he had gronk which if he didn’t get injured some would say he could of been one of the greats at the tight end position and randy moss which yes he was older but still averaged 1300 yards per season he was there♂‍🤦🏻 and had 50 TDs over 3 seasons♂‍🤦🏻

LethalDog 53

idc what anyonc says about Goff. Just look at what he did to a MN defense that was healthy. You can’t coach some of the throws he made this year.

    J S

    @Jeremy Desbiens Fair enough. But the point that he is currently overrated still stands. A QB that is raw, immature, and susceptible to frustration cannot be the 3rd or 4th best QB in the league. Therefore, Goff is overrated.


    The level of sodium in this comment section..lol.. they have to hate because they had him as a bust so they cant acknowledge what he actually been doing because they cant accept being wrong. Remember when they said dak was better…🤣🤣

    Jeremy Desbiens

    @J S I watch every Rams game. I’ve never seen him frustrated. Not even close.

    J S

    @Jeremy Desbiens Frustrated in this context ≠ angry at someone. Frustrated in this context = forcing throws down the field and making mistakes because you don’t like that the defense is only giving you checkdowns. As I said, the Bears and Patriots did this exact thing and it worked like a charm. Which is why I won’t say Goff is trash. But 3rd or 4th best QB in the league? They’ve largely matured past that type of stuff.

    Jeremy Desbiens

    Oh he’s not 3rd or 4th best, that I agree with; but to use two games, one against the NFL’s best defense in a proven tough environment, and one against arguably the greatest dynasty ever, is biased argumentation which relies on hand picked situations to prove a point. Goff’s performance should be evaluated in regards to his season, and not two of the toughest games of the year only.


honestly it’s probably the right spot for him the rams were loaded it wasn’t just him doing it

    A rell visual

    @illtrollurmom you know nothing about the game of football


    A rell visual yeah no probably not lol but what makes you so knowledgeable that you can tell me that

    Sean Austin


    Ronald Anglade

    Cormel exactly look at Matt Ryan, MVP type season, not even pro bowl cuz he went 7-9

    Ronald Anglade

    Quortny Billups ehh a good pass catcher can make a bad Qb look good, look at kittle and Mullen’s. Goff is probably a top 10 qb rn and definitely will improve

Gage Jernigan

I kinda like where he is but matt ryan is way too underrated

    We The North

    Kevion Harris dont get your expectation up for falcons. Defense is an issue

    Kevion Harris

    We The North I understand what you mean

    Kevion Harris

    DrumlineFiasco who is your team then that was two years ago tell me your team so I can say some if your still saying 28-3


    This list is done by player votings . They see the bullshit does

    Cyrus Ureña

    @DrumlineFiasco you’re still living in 2017. Grow up, man.


hopefully when we get to the top 10 or 20 these segments become longer than 3 mins :/

    Elite Clone24

    Wished they were all 5 mins at least like back then


    @Elite Clone24 I agree with that they should be longer but it was always just the top 10 that were like 5 mins long

    Duolingo Bird

    Don’t worry, number 1 will be like 10 whole minutes. Lol


I refuse to believe he’s good unless Mike Daniels comments about him.

    Derek Smidl

    @Bramah Bramah Goff or Daniels? Honestly I don’t think either is elite. Above average is more accurate

    Derek Smidl

    @Ryan Lichtenstein lol god he was also garbage against the Lions and eagles. Goff might be the most overrated player in the league

    Ken Kaneki

    @Carlos Gonzalez Yes actually

Aaron Beaulieu

It’s amazing what we are all capable of when Jeff Fisher stops coaching us


    Coaching is WAY under rated in the league. Coaches are like the frame of a car. Don’t have a workable frame, you can’t have a workable car.
    Coaching and schemes are the frame for which a team can have success. If you don’t have good coaches, a team will never have any success. Then it’s the players that make up the rest of the car.


    Your not coaching Goff your telling him what to do, that’s why every team has started showing no defence and waiting till McVay can’t tell Goff what to do and the crowd is so loud, that’s why when cooks is open by 30yards, he’s slow to make the read, Jeff fishers job was on the line and he was trying to cram the playbook down his players throats, McVays taken away the play book and his players just do what they are told, when things go wrong there unable to adapt.


    @SuperJohn12354 damn you right, we were still 13-3 and in the superbowl tho. So if teams were really catching on we wouldnt of been still winning. Lol


    @Making Stones He sucked terribly in the Super Bowl. Most overrated QB in the NFL.

BRs Anime Corner

McVay has saved this man’s career. Fisher almost ended it lol


    @SuperJohn12354 don’t get me wrong, he did bring up a strong team. But in reality I wonder how Sam Bradford would have looked under this system. Everyone really Everyone really hates Radford, but how can we really blame him when the Rams organization basically ruined his career with injuries and lack of reinforcements

    Gee Garcia

    Very very true

    why is this in my recommendations



    @holstfly1 bradford honestly could’ve thrown for 4000+ & 25-30tds minimum under mcvay….not saying goff isnt good tho so triggered rams fans chill.

Eric Crilley

That’s awesome for Cousins to say that to him at the end of the game

    rana Atif

    @Anthony LDS wikinett


    Yeah, you can say what you want about his play, but the man is a class act

    Nicholas Guerrero

    EveryDaffodil53 fr! Dude is a class act

Secret Agent Randy Beans

I knew there would be some controversy on this one because of the way he played in the super bowl particularly, but there’s no denying he’s still one of the best young QBs in the league.

    F Mc

    Carson Wentz is better tbh

    Josh Romero-Burgan

    @F Mc not last year he wasn’t.


    He was honestly middle-of-the-road the entire season.

    Denzel Batts

    F Mc Carson wentz has no playoff wins yaw eagles fans have to stop basing Carson’s career off of 11 wins in 2017…. this notion that Carson is better has yet to be seen ….. Jared is 24-8 under Sean mcvay and 2-2 in the playoffs

    Josh Romero-Burgan

    @Denzel Batts I agree 100% . Hes yet to show much since that season. Yeah hes coming off that ACL injury so this year should be big for him but they need to stop comparing him to Goff. Dude has done nothing but Get better

Paulo K

jeff fisher – the quarterback killer.


    Paulo K lmao


I really like Goff hes young and grew a lot of confidence after his rookie year. The fact that he was getting rocked every play in the super bowl and didn’t give up shows a lot about him. Hopefully he gets his Lombardi.

Bakugo Ktski

Cooper Kupp was balling out before he got injured. He definitely could’ve made the list if he stayed healthy


    Trent Blanch lol cooper kupp is gonna be in the top 20-30 of league rankings? Yeah that’s a fat nope

    Zuniga’s Car Detailing

    Don Solo you’re tripping.

    Rams fan

    that’s a fact

    Blake Quann

    @LGO STANCE y’all lost because Goff played SUPER shitty in the bowl


    He wasnt that nice


Very nice and humbling from Kirk cousins

Danny Boii

My Favorite Part is the end with Cousins complimenting him. I dont knoe why but It makes me happy to see other players compliment each other (during games).

    Car Ram-Rod

    Danny Boii I’ll tell you why it made you happy. It’s because it was authentic, and honest. Kirk was keeping it 100.

Theo Irving

I’ll be absolutely shocked if Jay Cutler isn’t number 1 on the list

    F Mc

    nathan peterman???


There’s just no way Matt Ryan is 37 spots below Goff. Goff’s nice but come on.

    scruffyarc gaming

    matt ryan was having a mvp season. also i hate jared goff I think its just sean mcvays system

    Steven Brousseau

    Matt Ryan is way better than Goff

    Benjamin Farias



    Matt Ryan is a choke artist who single handily lost the SB against NE

    The Life Analyst

    ladistar both lost to NE. Both choke artists


Stay humble man, stay humble. It only makes you better. Rooting for you this Goff! Go Rams!!! Woooooo!!!

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