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Kluivert Boateng

DERWIN JAMES should have been DROY

    Ronny Atdrik

    He could’ve. If only Darius Leonard didn’t exist.

    skol 14

    No cap


    DL just had more defensive stats so that’s why he won

    T W

    @Nathan Caron Nathan I respect your opinion. I’m only responding to your comment because you seem like a level headed and cool dude like myself. It wasn’t the biggest robbery ever but it was a robbery nonetheless. I understand Leonard led the NFL in tackles, but I do disagree with your take about Leonard doing more for his team. Now I have to assume you don’t know this fact so that’s why I won’t hold your opinion against you; but me watching every game the chargers played this season, I know Derwin did more for his team because I swear bro the only positions Derwin didn’t play last season at any point of any game was DT and ILB. I promise you bro and he set chargers rookies records all over the place. All-Pro as a rookie. STARTING in the Pro-Bowl as a rookie this year not backing up hasn’t happened for the chargers in over a decade. It wasn’t a robbery of epic proportions my man or anything and I have no problem agreeing to disagree but Derwin James was sensational and in my opinion should of definitely won DROY. Salute to you for being open-minded tho 💯

Bashar Al-Assad

Best safety in the entire league. He just a rookie. No sophomore slump. He coming back 10 fold this year

    Goated Brown

    Thts stupid the best safety jamaal Adams

    Goated Brown

    He overrated tbh he not the best safety he might be top5


    how is he overrated what

    Samuel Vargas

    why you so dumb


    Fifapro 44 I’m an eagles fan and no he isn’t lmfao. Jenkins lacks in coverage. He’s better at the line playing strong/LB hybrid.


If derwin James and Harrison Smith was on the same team. The NFL would be in serious trouble.

    skol 14

    I wish



    Jay Wiggle

    He was my favorite player in draft. I was hoping Minnesota would take him but you know….

    K Cobra

    For sure😎


Love this man the chargers have made very good use of their draft picks over the past 5 years

7uk3 ishere

Chargers defense: Ah yeah. It’s all coming together.

    Santos Santos

    @@YEAH IGHT what’s your favorite team


    @BoogieBeatz916 y’all offense couldn’t move either


    @YEAH IGHT because we got out coached we clearly have the better offense than y’all go down our roster we have all pros at every position besides offensive line we couldn’t block nobody last year and still got 12 wins


    @BoogieBeatz916 no u got that all wrong ON PAPER THE CHARGERS HAVE THE BETTER OFFENSE!!! Otherwise we wouldn’t be ranked 4th in total scoring with an average of 27.9
    Offense tied with rank 3 with 27.8 ppg and pats defense ranked 1st in scoring defense. Brady is currently 8-0 against Rivers and has only lost twice to the Chargers and that’s when drew bress was QB so please hush.

SuperCD 7478

What a steal!! I usually had him going at 7 to the Bucs in my 2018 draft mocks. The teams that didn’t take him past #7 are going to look silly. Still can’t believe he fell to 17 though.


    I’m a TB fan and I cannot BELIEVE we passed on this guy!!!!

    michael jasper

    Derwin is my cousin I knew the bucs weren’t going to take him it was a known thing in my family that he wanted to get out of Florida

    BB Clover 2010

    michael jasper yeah I’m friends with the gm of the bucs and he said he wouldn’t pick him. he also bought be a lambo and I’m getting head from Megan Fox in it right now

Legend__ 21

My favorite defensive player in the league and a future HOF…mark my words #Boltup 💪🏾⚡💯

    Pollo Gaming

    Legend__ 21 I’m just saying how there have been some other rookies that do good one year and the career they suck example:rg3

    Legend__ 21

    @Pollo Gaming yea I get wat your saying, but derwin is a next generational talent…just like saquon Barkley is and everyone always says he’s gonna be a HOF so why can’t derwin be one too?🤷🏿‍♂️

    Ninja Farmer

    Legend_21 I agree

    Legend__ 21

    @Ninja Farmer 💯

    Jeremy B

    Legend__ 21 I usually hate to talk about that HOF stuff about a rookie ..
    But damn ..
    Derwin has the strength, speed , athleticism, and he’s a ball hawk that hits hard ..
    For a ROOKIE SAFETY to possess all of that , he is undeniably in the hall of fame talks .. should play another 12-13 years .. damn he’s gonna be a household name

David Fahim

A lot of people flex when they say they the best at their position…but it’s pretty clearly Derwin the best at SS in the league ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    No. 10

    @Gaming Legend I would say Phillip Rivers is the most important player on the TEAM. I also doubt that the defense falls apart without him considering they would still have multiple pro-bowlers in ingram, bosa, king and heyward.

    SD Fishin

    @No. 10 jamal I think is a little better against the run but derwin is better in coverage and blitzing. You take Jamal I’ll take derwin well both win

    No. 10

    @SD Fishin Derwin is marginally better in coverage (with a much better pass rush and fellow dbs). Jamal is better against the run and at blitzing. Heres the stats.

    Ints: JA 1
    DJ 3

    PD: JA 12
    DJ 13

    FF: JA 3
    DJ 0

    Fumbles recovered: JA 1
    DJ 0

    Sacks: 3.5 each

    Tackles: JA 115 (86 solo)
    DJ 105 (75 solo)

    TFL: JA 9
    DJ 4

    QB hits: JA 8
    DJ 6

    Like i have said to others, both players are elite, but i think jamal is a better strong safety based off the stats.

    SD Fishin

    @No. 10 fair points. The stats dont show that derwin was a rookie and Jamal was in his 2nd year. Both great at what they do, I’ll take derwin because hes more athletic and can do more. Once derwin gets in the film room more like jamal hell definitely take his game to another level

    Dara Pot

    No. 10 yea but jamal played in the box more than derwin and they were still tied in sacks. Now that we grabbed nasir in the second round, derwin would play less FS and will stay in the box as a edge defender, will linebacker, nickle corner, or a box safety. I love adams but i think james versatility puts him above adams.


Dear NFL Network, if the player was in college the previous season put a “C” in last years rankings instead of —

    ll S N A R L ll

    @Keyon Jackson it really dont matter … lol… its just a nice lil list… is it right??;;; eh… prolly not… does it matter??;; notta bit .. lol…

    Jason Violante

    Na bro not that important

    Cameron Dye

    hpnc N/A would make more sense

    Fire Chicken

    hpnc Agreed put R for rookie or something

David Fahim

How does an all pro SS have a 86 on madden 🤦🏽‍♂️


    Zachary Luedke Well, Akiem Hicks wasn’t All Pro like Derwin was. Plus, Hicks has Mack to help him out. Derwin had to carry Addae, who was a liability

    Zachary Luedke

    LittleTinyElvis the thing is hicks has been doing the same thing for the last 3 years (2 without Mack)

    SD Fishin

    Its because he was a rookie. Look at all the other great rookies ratings. I think derwin is probably the highest rated rookie.
    I also don’t get how mahomes isnt a 99

    Andy and Vic

    And an all pro LB has an 84 rating.

    Ernesto Gastelum

    @SD Fishin hes only been played one full season, that isnt enough for a 99 overall

Trevor Moncrease

Wtf is going on with keenan Allen’s beard

Pablo M

Sooo Where’s Desmond King?

    Brandon T

    Yea I’d doubt he’s in the top 30 but definitely should have been on the list this year smh


Derwin has such a high ceiling for a safety. He has a chance to be up with one of the greats like Ed Reed. Hope he does.

    Michael X

    it’s only been one year, let’s see if he can do it consistently

    t x

    Dont compare any safety to ed reed if he ain’t already in the hall of fame

    Shawn Birkholz

    Yea jus Blow me sean taylor

    t x

    @Shawn Birkholz lmfao 💨me

daniel evans

This dude is so versatile, mans can lineup everywhere on the field. has a legitimate chance to become the GOAT although Reed and Polamalu will be hard to beat.


    daniel evans yea Ed and Troy were special. Hope dj3 can stay healthy

Stephen Mejia

Should have been around #20 but I’ll take it though, watch out for Nasir Adderly this year⚡️💪🏼

    FGC Hardaway

    20? lmao yal be riding wood

Tay McCullough

My FAV player on our defense already! My boy MF Derwin! Go Bolts!!

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

He’s not Sean Taylor, but he might be as close as you can get 💯💯

    nalim lattarai

    Tropic Mix L

    nalim lattarai

    Pedro Arciniega dumb

    Pedro Arciniega

    @RefillForever Overrated is when you get treated as being greater than you actually are. Sean Taylor was overrated because people act like he was the Goat safety when he was far from it. Before his 2007 season he was considered a liability on coverage who made up for it with his big hits. His first pro bowl was as a replacement for Dawkins which was the 3rd season of Sean Taylor. People wanna act like he was better than Ed Reed. Ed Reed on his 3rd season won defensive player of the year. Taylor 3rd season was a pro bowler that got there because Dawkins got injured. People act like Sean Taylor was number 1 in his era when he was clearly behind Reed, Palomalu, Dawkins, Lynch and Bob Sanders.


    @Pedro Arciniega like i said please stay away from football. Your rating and comparing players are so flawed. Its not all about the first second and third year. You dont want to be like Dak Prescott where your best year is your first year. You want a player to improve and get better through their career. Not be a rookie of the year and then go on a decline. If i had the choice of picking safeties. I would roll with Reed and Taylor all day. Alot football players that played with and against him would think you are some damn internet troll saying he was overrated.

Rio Mio

Chargers have pro bowls on every position but yet they underrated af 🤔

    NMJ 88

    Remember the playoff game against the Patriots. They are loaded at almost every position but somehow they always collapse in random games. A great team though.


A life with no mike Daniels in a top 100 video is no life at all

Jamal Lafrance

Derwin and Jamal Adams my favorite two safeties in the league… I love they confidence straight beast… Coming from ah NOLA Soulja 🇧🇴

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