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Emperor Palpatine Reply

Bears are gonna be in the nfc title game this year. Mark my words.

    Vagina Crusher Reply

    Vance Rockey I’m a packers fan we got a lot to work out before we can think about winning… I just want the rebuild to happen smoothly it’s already in the process no need to delay the inevitable

    JC Reply

    @DaleDeekes The Bears have a Top 5 defense , A developing QB who doesn’t get injured every year or two, a good running back core and a improved receiving core. The Bears go 11-5 with 2 Ws against the Packers. I think the Packers go 8-8 or 7-9.

    Aaron Clark Reply

    12346 falcons aren’t bad

    Matt Reply

    are you the senate?

Robert Reply

Best safety in the league imo

    Adrian Bedolla Reply

    Charlie _ p

    Styie- Reply

    Real IN does smith have Mack? And I’m sorry that smith right now is better this past season no he wasn’t but overall he is. Facts hurt


    Eddie is the best safety in the NFL. Those who don’t think so will change their minds after he dominates for a 3rd straight year

    Styie- Reply

    THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS WILL NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP that’s the point, we need to see him do it again if he does then he’ll be the best it’s that simple

Tigger The Tiger Reply

Da Bears shoulda been top 20 but u know that’s that Bears treatment🤷🏻‍♂️

    100,000 Subs With 0 Videos Reply

    Tigger The Tiger The referees even cheated on them.

    Trevon Sykes Reply

    @Kyle Tran also, I never said rushing yards do. n
    Nick Green said Lamar is “good at something” so I came at him with FACTS, something both of U seem to not be to keen on

Emperor Palpatine Reply

This is off topic but did you guys see that roger Goodell is going to court for that no call in the nfc championship lmao

    Show Genius Reply

    Ricardo Martin what could they do?

D E P R E S S I O N Reply

Only 30 ? come on brah, i’m finna go on a rampage !

    Kevvgotdreads That’skevvwiththebush Reply

    30 is not a bad spot

    Douglas Jacquez Reply

    I completely agree !

    Francisco Davis Reply

    @Kameron Hill but this one he was right, dude was in the running for DPOY

    100 Percent% Reply

    @Kevvgotdreads That’skevvwiththebush yeah it is. Should be top5 atleast

    Kameron Hill Reply

    Francisco Davis um no he wasn’t he wasn’t even in the conversation when award day came up

Neighborhood Nip Reply

Thought I was going to go a day without seeing Mike Daniels.. guess not

    Karriem White Reply

    Neighborhood Nip that’s his show 🤣

    Maarz Music Records Reply

    He’s a popular guy lol

Cortez Wright Reply

Best safety in the league and definitely my favorite player on the team.

    Samuel Vargas Reply

    @Bashar Al-Assad where he ranked? below him

    Samuel Vargas Reply

    @Styie- hahahahahaha

    Francisco Davis Reply

    @Jack-Madden Overdrive he was the best last year at the least

    Francisco Davis Reply

    @Coe035 hes not better yet career wise but last season stats wise he was

Michael Shan Reply

One of the most clutch players in the league last year. That Thanksgiving day pick six will haunt me forever.

    DaraunTheMonk Reply

    @Jaeten you can hate on a team but can’t read a book if your life depended on it lmao

    Will Herman Reply

    Jaeten is Don Burr. Seriously.

    Lucas Tichler Reply

    @Will Herman Don Burs the worst

    Jamie Nguyen Reply

    E-JACK can ball!!

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

Future hall of Famer

Cole.g13 Reply


    12346 Reply

    Joshua Soto two* good years, but i agree he’s still got more to prove

    slumped - jackson Reply

    He’s like the 3rd best safety in the league.. Earl Thomas, Kevin Byard..

    Lee Shelvin Reply

    He’s one of a few great young safeties. Jamal Adam’s, Kevin Byard and Derwin James

    Cole.g13 Reply

    Joshua Soto ….what safety in the NFC North do you have higher than eddie jackson….

Erik Rashawn Coates Reply

Really at 30 no y’all did Jackson dirty top 30 is cool tho

LJ LJ Reply

Chicago defence is crazy all pro level talent all over the field

    Cesar Canete Reply

    They really are, but will they be able to repeat or exceed this season what their defense did last season? No disrespect to the bears & all, but Vic Fangio was the main reason why their defense was sooo good. The 49ers defense was never the same once he left. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen with the Bears.

    Michael Brown Reply

    @Cesar Canete Chuck Pagano is gunna make sure the Bears are just as good or better than last season. Watch out for Roquan too, he’s a star in the making.

Edwin Olio Reply

Basically the entire Chicaco’s defence is in this top 100, and well deserved so.


    All deserve it. Eddie Goldman should be too but once again the one of the best nose tackles in football is overlooked

    Brezzy 1815 Reply

    THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS WILL NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP once again it is 100 players better then him jarom Williams was a NT and made it he just not 100

    Michael Brown Reply

    If it was a top 200 players list, every Bears defensive starter would be on it

    Brezzy 1815 Reply

    Michael Brown dude prince is not a top 200 player

    Michael Brown Reply

    Brezzy 1815 sticky in coverage still, high IQ corner, plays complementary to fuller…maybe just outside 200. Got to eliminate those penalties tho

360 Cam Reply

He number 30 😭💯 the disrespect is unreal

    Hector Ortiz Reply

    I’m a bears fan, and number 30 is no disrespect at all

    Markel Payne Reply

    Hector Ortiz yeah it is , he had 3 defensive touchdowns … think about what you’re saying

Muhammad Barokah Reply

Shoulda been top 20, First team All-Pro for crying out loud

Sean Haymes Reply

Is it just me or is he exactly like Ed Reed?

    Francisco Davis Reply

    @Mason Green naw young reed was FAST!

    Francisco Davis Reply

    Not exactly but the next one but if he keeps it up he’ll be there

    ADM Reply

    Ed Reed was also good at Run Defense, Eddie is not good at that. Steps up there this season I could see that comparison.

    muggycashew3 Reply

    ADM Eddie is a beast on the run do you even watch him play

Benjamin Farias Reply

Biggest steal of that draft class, easily.

    Andrew Owenby Reply

    As a Bears fan most of us wanted Jamal Adams with our 3rd pick. So glad we got Trubisky and Eddie Jackson instead.

Matty C Reply

Eddie Goldman still the most underrated Bear’s defensive player nobody talks about him……FAX

    Francisco Davis Reply

    He was in the running for DPOY

    Kevin Tross Reply

    Without big Eddie the bears don’t stop the run like they did

    Lee Shelvin Reply

    That defense loaded

Exotic Highlights Reply

30? That’s disrespectful. BTW Bears going to NFC championship this year.

Wessel Kramer Reply

Every defensive player in the top 100 list has highlights on Josh Rosen 😂

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