3-Point Stance: Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ian Ramirez-Mathews

Keep pounding y’all.

Drake 1


Brian Burns

Let’s get this win

Lukedabeast 6

Lets go panthers

Lukedabeast 6

Easy dub

    Adam Martin

    Nothing is easy with this team bro.

    Anuj Peri

    Lukedabeast 6 I get a heart attack every Sunday

Nengeh Tardzer

Just win that’s the most important part IDC how just win keep pounding 💪💪😤

    Mr. Clean

    Well said


We need this w. No🎩



Kevin R

If Murray doesn’t go for at least 400 yards and 4 TD’s I’ll be pretty disappointed.

    Mr. Clean

    @Kevin R yep

    Mr. Clean

    @Lazor _US I truly hope you’re wrong about that 🙏

    Lazor _US

    @Mr. Clean Panthers sucks only luke is good but his injured a lot

    Mr. Clean

    @Lazor _US Hell no.. we got some players for you…

    Mr. Clean

    @Lazor _US who’s your team?

Jai Norman

Panthers Win 30-14 Final Score..

    David Romero

    Jai Norman lol y’all trash


Let’s get it we need this win badly come #keeppounding

Teddy Swagger

This the type of game where our front seven should get off. But most importantly, Kuechly. Kuechly should spy Kyler the whole game. Should he see daylight, Kyler can use them quick feet and well. Spying Kyler not only prevents him from running but also gives our dline that extra second or two to get to him. And coach Washington should take the kid gloves off. Do some stunts, some DB blitzes, and play more man. Get exotic man! We are top heavy on defense. Start mixing things up. Teams have caught on to that infamous Tampa 2 style defense. So disguise it as a blitz or something. Go cover 3, cover 6, cloud, man under. Something. But don’t keep us in the nickel the majority of the game. We have speedy LB’s and Safeties that can do more than stand in open space. I wanna see some wood being laid! It’s the Panthers defensive mentality. Bring back Thieves Ave.

Rusty Shackleford

Bradberry, D-Jax, our great safeties…tomorrow will be your time to shine ☀️

Lazor _US

#RiseUp #Redsea #NoFlyZone K1 🐐

Dollar Sign



Panthers win 27-21


I am loving these videos from Pep. Keep at it. And Panthers, keep pounding!

Brian Burns

Get Antonio brown for football decision

iGets Buckets405

Lets get this dub! Cardinals aint ready #1-2 #GameByGame

    David Romero

    iGets Buckets405 lol cardinals se better

ceeda. bulls

Love these videos from Big Pep

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