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Shawn Dymond

The refs helped that team quite a bit

    Arturo Lopez

    Shawn Dymond I said that too, there were some pass interference calls not called. And the touchdown pass by stafford that mirrors the one by megatron in Chicago.

    Joshua Seeley

    @Arturo Lopez we gotta be pleased we hung with the best

    Arturo Lopez

    Joshua Seeley Yea silver lining.

    detroit lions are next

    @Arturo Lopez ya and funny thing is they did away with that rule last year they even said Calvin’s was a td they messed up

    Quel M

    Shawn Dymond yup

Steven P

kerryon was completely on his back while being touched by a chief or 2. nobody’s talking about how odd of a call that was. Also the first ball coleman punched out in the endzone probably was a touchdown, if it was ruled a catch in the endzone.

    Marco Gaines

    Bryan Smith any other team that doesn’t happened

    Stephens Dygert

    @Marco Gaines No!!! Google bad calls in big games against the Detroit Lions in the Stafford era!!!! You’ll say “Oh my God”

    Marco Gaines

    Stephens Dygert Ik I lived through it’s ridiculous refs are so inconsistent against Detroit but we will win our division this year

    Stephens Dygert

    @Marco Gaines hope your right..Green Bay? #69 on GB’s “O” holds on every play. He admits it. TJ Lang confirmed it. During his short career with the Lions. I could write a book or do a documentary. On games that the Lions deafeated (GB) if the officials wouldn’t of intervened in. Remember the “phantom face mask” at Ford field. The 66 yard interference call at Lambeau field against Nevin Lawson on 33 yard pass.The list is endless.

    Marco Gaines

    Stephens Dygert Ik it’s ridiculous

Dennis T

Screw the refs. screw the chiefs. They know who won that game. WE know who won THIS game. LIONS 🦁.

Alexander Bourne

Hard-fought game, proud of the Lions, even with the L. Let’s rest up on the bye and beat Green Bay 💪

Stephens Dygert

Lions won 44-27 The Kerryon play should of been whistled. If you look at the play in 3D it clearly shows his left elbow and right buttock touches the field(ground) before the ball dribbles out. 99% of the time the officials blow a early whistle in a massive pile of players to protect them from injury. The Golliday td was ruled a td!!!! By two back judges(officials) five feet away from the play. Why would the head of NFL officiating in New York city overule the officials at Ford field? If the play is not conclusive(which it wasn’t) the call on the field stands. I watched this game. The lions are for real. KC is overated. Lions shut Mahomes down with out Slay- Diggs(left in first quarter) Mike Daniels- Deshawn Hand. The lions secondary was brilliant. Stafford put on a clinic. Every time the lions play a big game in Stafford era. The lions always get screwd by the officials. Guarantee it happens in greenbay after the by.


    detroit lions are next seriously. Those Fox commentators are so annoying with their absolute disgust for our team. I can’t wait to hear them when we win the division.

    Stephens Dygert

    @Matthew Lions 44-27

    detroit lions are next

    @Matthew damn right brotha

Chromium Dragon

Golladay can be excused for not tackling him, because if the play was whistled dead and Kenny just didn’t hear it, then it’d be a personal foul.
Still, this is the most exciting Lions season ever!


    With the roughing the passer call they threw on us for hitting mahomes. They totally would have threw a flag on him if he did tackle him for unnecessary roughness. This game doesn’t work when players are afraid to make contact with other players it just doesn’t. And that’s what it’s coming to people are afraid to hit in situations where they weren’t just 10 years ago it’s quite sad

steve O

Tavon Wilson shouldn’t have went into coverage with the RB considering there was a LB and didn’t need to double cover him. He left the center field wide open.

    Jake Plachta

    I noticed that too.

    Noah Arkeologist

    Mistakes happen. Remember last year when we lost because Zeke was 1on1 with JD and caught a deep ball. Every defense has a weakness. It happens man.

Sipptroit Media

We needed that loss. It’s the type of loss that could open up that huger for wins

detroit lions are next

What about that patty cake slap to mahomes chest that drew a roughing passer on a third down..when Stafford is cheap shotted and nothing

Jake Plachta

The Lions were better than the Chiefs that day. Unfortunately the Lions were not better than the Lions. Flat out handed the Chiefs the ball (twice) and 7 points. It’s not the refs fault, it’s not the Chiefs fault, it’s their own fault they lost.

Jarin Goodrich

Play through the whistle???

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