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Teal Town Reply

Future best tight end in the league

    search and destroy Reply

    @James Hsiao why is he better all he does is score? That man kittle does it all he didn’t need star QB also. He is.

    James Hsiao Reply

    @search and destroy kelce had just a tad less yards and still a lot more TDs. Touchdowns are worth more than yards you know. Kelce has also been doing this for 3 years and had 3 straight 1k yard seasons. We still need to see if kittle can do that if he can, then I will call him the best te in the league.

    Da 2 Reply

    Watery Drip he better then all of them none of them broke the all time receiving yards did they. Maybe Kelce could be better. The nfl ranked little the best in the league

    Josh Lol Reply

    Teal Town if he plays like this for the rest of his career he will be one of the greatest right ends ever

Emperor Palpatine Reply

Quite possibly the best TE in the year this year (arguably)

    Thanos Reply

    Nathanael Salinas Kelce had 5 more TDs and like 50 lesser yards, so overall I feel that Kelce was a bit better overall, don’t get me wrong, Kittle had a fantastic year but I feel Kelce was somewhat better

    Da 2 Reply

    Best te the nfl ranked him above Kelce also kelce never broke the receiving yards record

    Josh Lol Reply

    Emperor Palpatine I easily think he is

    Josh Lol Reply

    Nathanael Salinas 1000000000000% agree

phoon Reply

watch aarogant rodgers get top 5 for no reason at all

    Darth Vaper Reply


    Jordan Reply

    Nick Green he’s sure as hell wasnt top 2 last year . Mahomes , Brees , Rivers and Roethlisberger all had a better year .

NinerEmpire Reply

My boy Kittle shoulda been top 20.

    Charlie Lawson Reply


    Benjamin Farias Reply

    Hats off to him. He was going to be my biggest Top 100 snub because I didn’t think he would be this high. But he earned it.

    NinerEmpire Reply

    Charlie Lawson Yes. And Kittle is all 5 of them 😤💯

Mo49 Alshaif Reply

Deforest Buckner better be here😤😤😤😤

    Vonny123 Reply

    Casual Viewer not sure how. Watching him play and also checking the stats… u know the guy is just an animal who’s only gonna get better

    B-Mag Reply

    I want him on here as much as the next guy but if he hasnt appeared on the list by now, then its a little too late

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    Sorry he’s not

    Diamonte's Company files Reply

    Biggest snub this year!

    Christian Garvida-Rampas Reply

    Sadly he won’t 🙁 too far up on the list

Niner Empire Reply

Best Tight End in the NFL!😤💯🔥

    Kyle Walsh Reply

    Hockenson taking over this year

    Kevin Millan Reply

    Making Stones can’t score more touchdowns than Kelce dude Kelce is far better everyone thinks he’s good because what ge did he broke a record plenty players break records it’s about scoring touchdowns and strength and Kelce has that

    Don Gabriel Reply

    Zach Ertz best TE in the NFL 💯

    Ronnie Reply

    How is he not in the top 15 with what he did Vs What he had.. And No Defo Buckner on this list.. F$%^ this list..

ashdude55 Reply

It’s funny that coming into today, I had Eddie Jackson and George kittle as my top 2 snubs and then they clock in at 30 and 29, respectively

    Tayda Franklin Reply

    @HappyHippo agreed!! They snoring on the kid but they won’t be after this year

    Smack Ish Reply

    @Timothy Hyer he will

    mikeandmars2345 Reply

    @William Diament am a 49ers fan and me to

    William Diament Reply

    mikeandmars2345 big 49er fan and I’m ordering kittles jersey right now.

    Markel Payne Reply

    Y’all thought the man who broke the receiving yards for a te was gonna get snubbed ? 🤡🤡🤡

SKPjoe Coursegold Reply

with 3 different QBs.

    George Earl Franklin Reply

    True story. Hes gonna open up lanes for other receivers this year as well.

Lexington Leffall Reply

I hate the 49ers cuz ima Rams fan but this guy is unreal

    William Knight Reply

    Joseph Wells dude why

    AJx408x Reply

    Respect to you guys. And cards fan, murray will be great. I was actually hoping the cardinals took bosa so we wouldn’t have to play murray for the next decade

    Tyler Schendel Reply

    As a diehard ceiling fan I have to agree.

    ThanosButthole Reply

    Joseph Wells says the one with a golden state warriors pfp 🤡🤡

    mrblackbeard 13 Reply

    That’s alot of hate for being a fan for about a year

Jhabari Owens Reply

Has Deforest Buckner appeared on this list yet?

    Justus Stanford Reply

    no he should be♂‍🤦🏻

sheesh slime Reply

Don’t forget 3 qbs too & he still did that

    Christian Garvida-Rampas Reply

    And the 210 yards by halftime

    sheesh slime Reply

    Cruzan26 bro they better than Daniel Jones

    ozark 89 Reply

    sheesh slime not only 3 different QBs but every Defense knew 85 was getting the ball throw his way everyone else was below average on offense, impressive.

    g4tviscool Reply

    Agreed. He should have more respect

Jack Duffy Reply

Not even a niners fan but why isn’t Buckner on the list

    Jonathan D. Reply

    Next season when the 49ers go 11-5 and win the NFC West, he MIGHT be on the 2020 list…smh.


    Chaos gaming Reply

    The Journey Buckner is better the Lawrence. But not cox

    Chaos gaming Reply

    Hayden Rowland no d tackles on the Seahawks had over 10 sacks or had the 2nd most tackles for a dt in the league.

Jesse Benton Reply

Thank you, camera person, for blessing us with Phillip Rivers watching a TE race past his entire defense.

    Gibster Reply

    I was laughing because the Chargers DBs get so much love yet allowed a TE to take it 82 yards to the house on them

John Nelson Reply

If Jimmy G comes out and balls this year, this team is gonna be nasty.

    mikeandmars2345 Reply

    Exactly bro 💯💯💯

    KevinKnox Playlist Reply

    He’ll prolly get hurt

    Rasesh Shankar Reply

    KevinKnox Playlist why so negative smh

Johnny Tsunami Reply

I’m a Hawks fan but I have to admit I personally think he’s the best TE in the league. The dudes a monster

    search and destroy Reply

    Hawks fans know that mf can block and run over mfs.

    search and destroy Reply

    @Keith Powers you guys had that badass QB last year right. Cause I couldn’t remember any of kittles QBs??? Just saying.

    Keith Powers Reply

    destroy  Kittile also didn’t have people like Hill,Watkins,Hunt, and Robunson around him to take away some targets

    Joshua Padilla Reply

    Kelce still had more targets tho

    Brandon Ahu Reply

    @Keith Powers Kittle didn’t have WRs and RBs like that to HELP get open??? I’d like to see Kelce put up numbers with a 3rd string, UNDRAFTED QB. Yah, we can do this all day.

Packers Rule NFC Reply

Why George Kittle look like a buff Adam Thielen

    A.HallReacts Reply

    Lmao lowkey

    Gibster Reply

    when we drafted him I was calling him Nick Foles if he was in a biker gang

    Jason Anderson Reply


    EmptyHand49 Reply

    Looks like Ron Weasley after casting a spell to get himself swole

Caleb Murkstrom Reply

Kittle broke records with throws from Mullens and Beathard… he’s the best TE in the NFL

    Gibster Reply

    @Keith Powers Kittle

    Keith Powers Reply

    @Gibster mahomes was the best qb last year. I’m still not sure if hes the best. You have to respect kelce just because everything he has done year over year.

    Gibster Reply

    @Keith Powers I respect the hell out of Kelce. just because I think Kittle is the best is no disrespect to Kelce.

    Gerome Manicia Reply

    Lol Mullens was actually good

Ricardo Toledo Reply

Lmao did any one catch the “I hate being the fastest guy on the field” 💀💀💀💀
Love it!!!

    KrigoelMart Reply

    best thing is, he’s telling that to marquise goodwin 😀

    Burke J Minns Reply

    That make me laugh too

Diabeetus Reply

Snubbed DeForest Buckner absolute disrespect 12 sacks with a bad Dline and a DT smh

    Vonny123 Reply

    Justus Stanford I sure hope so it’s just kinda hard to see at this point. Still definitely deserving of a top 20 spot tho

    Justus Stanford Reply

    @Vonny123 I don’t think he is above people like kelce and kittle and personally I’d take demarcus Lawrence over him BUT I don’t see them NOT putting him in the top 100

    Drew Hillesland Reply

    Hes good as a solo player. Since 2016 watching him play. Hes yet to help the d-line nucleus play better. Raw talent is good but team improvement is still under developed. Very rare are there players like Aaron Donald stand outs but buckner isnt that far behind being a premier player

    Justus Stanford Reply

    @Drew Hillesland I mean I fell like in football no matter how good you are there’s not really a “team” dline or a solo dline player😂 the best you can do is attract more attention to yourself

    Badness Nards Collecting Reply

    He had a great year

GEK SedSo Reply

Just when you thought mike Daniels wasn’t in the video 😭

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