#27: Jalen Ramsey (CB, Jaguars) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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LA Nice Reply

The NBA need a top 50 list too 🔥🔥🔥

    3kidsnwifey Reply

    @BrewTha Woo Haha for real, it’s crazy how chill the NFL is when it comes to top 100 lists but in the NBA it’s straight taboo.

    Deon Nelson Reply

    @T Wooten KD

    Ash Raider Reply

    Been saying that for years

    Michael Barry Reply

    T Wooten L

    Giovanni Herrera Reply

    There’s not as many players so I’d say top 25 or top 30

Don Slaughter420 Reply

So hyped for the Top 25 , btw Jalen is Cold af !

    richard Pryor Reply

    Dude is amazing

Keaundrey Clark Reply

One of the best a what he does. Dude is SPECIAL.

    Douglas Johnson Reply

    @Francisco Guzman I agree with everyone except peterson… also gilmore covered #2 WRs but Ramsey had a down year and was ranked #27 best player across the league… hate for no reason… also he only lost one matchup this szn to dhop week 17

    Lawson Smith Reply

    You talking about mike Daniels

    Sean Owens Reply

    Jaeten Sherman been fell off lol

    Show Genius Reply

    Francisco Guzman Chris Harris not that good

    Show Genius Reply

    Francisco Guzman Fuller?

Josue Torres Reply

Jalen Ramsey high ego makes him who he is 💯🤷🏽‍♂️

    big lea Reply

    Jalen Ramsey is one my favorite pkayers

    Armani -_- Reply

    He backs it up

    Michael Barry Reply

    TH3 K1NG43 L

    hehe saucy Reply

    TH3 K1NG43 “they” not his fault he’s on the jaguars

Shortest SB Champion QB Reply

Remember when this guy said Blake Bortles can led the Jags to a SB while at the same time blasting every QB in the league as trash or alright? LMAO

    jon coyne Reply

    So who do you blame on the jags D?

    jon coyne Reply

    @Douglas Johnson Or the secondary?

    Douglas Johnson Reply

    @jon coyne gronk got hurt and was out the whole 2nd half and part of the first half and amendola got TD’s on Aaron Colvin and Tashun Gipson coverage… never blamed it on the dline but they also let brady stand in the pocket for 7 seconds on a 3rd and 18 and let him have an average of 5.3 seconds in the pocket on the last 2 drives… so since ur argument has no factual evidence that Ramsey gave up the TD’s or more than 1 play your argument is invalid and u r still a bum

    jon coyne Reply

    @Douglas Johnson alright Ramsey is the best corner in the league he’s so good the moment Campbell left the team collapsed.

Silva701 Reply

This man is competing with rivers for the biggest trash talk


    Silva701 I see what you mean but Rivers’ trash talk is different lol. I don’t think he ever cusses😂

    Melvin Gibson Reply

    Ain’t nobody allowed to say that rivers thrash talk compares to jalen’s trash talk

    Dat Boi Reply

    @Melvin Gibson what about the good ol days or Richard Sherman

    Stephen May Reply

    @Dat Boi Sherm destroyed Skip Bayless and stepped to Tom Brady I would love to hear him versus Shannon Sharpe

David Houghton Reply

Watching Ramsey play Corner is an art.

    Panthers Brigade Reply

    So true

Lombardi Way Reply

Locked up in Jalen County is what happens to WR who goes up against Ramsey.

    IAN THE MEME Reply

    @David Houghton I wouldn’t brag if i was one handed catched on

    dsgb 27 Reply


    Show Genius Reply

    Tyreek hill disagrees

    Show Genius Reply

    Jessie Kelley Gilmore the best coverage corner by far

    James Harden Reply

    David Houghton Still put up 147 yds last game 🤣🤣

Trent Blanch Reply

Jalen Ramsey shuts down receivers like the Jags shut down their own playoff hopes

    ETroller 828 Reply

    JORDAN LARAS don’t curse, man. That’s rude

    Aaron Clark Reply

    Remember jags against Pittsburgh, the missed coverage that was blown

    Bernard Johnson Reply

    Damn that’s cold..

    Acrid Sleep Reply

    ETroller 828 I’m not trying to argue with you but titans and jags defense is the basically the exact same stat wise pass yards rush yards and overall defense type of thing

Jeth Filipino Reply

Mike Daniels has agreed to a five year, $170M contract with the NFL Network, league sources tell ESPN.

    Nate Reply

    Get that money then.

    god Reply

    Jeth Filipino plus sign on bonus

    Blaque Reign Reply

    Yes he has been negotiation for years😂

    Stephen May Reply

    @t tay he cold on that line I like the pickup

Tyler Dellinger Reply

Mike Daniels got an opinion on everyone bruh lmao

    Jay mere Reply


    Santino Tupou Reply

    He found his new job that working for nfl network lmao 😄

    CrazyChicken Reply

    Bet he gettin paid good money

    Knee Grow Reply


    Dandre Johnson Reply

    A few years ago it was Ike Taylor then he retired then it was pat macefee but then he retired now it mike Daniels

Loli Girl Reply

I love the way Jalen shut down Antonio, holding Antonio to one catch off of a pick play.

    Imarion Cooks Reply

    David Houghton but yet some people had the audacity to say that ab won the match up😭😭

    Deon Nelson Reply

    Yeah it was rare most likely won’t happen again

    Chance James Reply

    Deon Nelson it’ll definitely happen again, we play the raiders this year and Carr can’t iron Ben’s clothes


    @Chance James LMAO I’m a use that quote nice

    you're right Reply

    and the Faguars still lost

wydjohnny Reply

There goes the chances of the ravens corners being on the list 🤦🏾‍♂️ smh

    wydjohnny Reply

    1# defense with no elite corners? Y’all really drunk

    Quis Mac Reply


    DON P Reply

    Got me wondering about Chris Harris

    Robert Truesdale Reply

    wydjohnny Marlon is above average and slept on but he isn’t elite yet

    Derek Smidl Reply

    @Irfan Jamil Agreed but Peters bouncing back in that money making year 2019-2020

Khaos Productions Reply

Dude backs up his trash talking. So he can talk all he wants!

Nikolas Espinosa Reply

Tyler Lockett’s hairline is disappearing to the back

    satsunada Reply

    So you’re saying his hair took a fade route to the house?

    Nikolas Espinosa Reply

    satsunada yup

    Alex T. Reply

    Yep, that’s what happens to 50% of men

    HomeVidEdd Reply

    @satsunada 😂😂

Prosperatk Reply

Bruh when ever they show Jamie’s winston he just yelling

    Elliot Miller Reply

    He a dawg

yo momma's toilet Reply

“Jalen the best corner in the league” – King and Derwin

Casey Hayward punching the air right now lmao

    Cartier Benjamin Reply

    #s wise…Casey is the best

    yo momma's toilet Reply

    ​@Cartier Benjamin that was 2017. Byron Jones, Patrick Peterson, and Ramsey were all better in 2018.

    Hawai’i STRONG Reply

    And you wonder how much racks king and Derwin make to say that

Bakugo Ktski Reply

You know it’s real when you get the Mike Daniels seal of approval

O J Reply

That dude trash talking Jalen Ramsey while wearing an Eli Manning jersey lol

    Mike2cool 1k Reply

    O J 😂😂

    Michael Pappas Reply


    King Ky Reply

    Michael Pappas L

    Rick S Reply

    Michael Pappas he trash now though and holding that team back smh

    chris stewart Reply

    U can tell he had a few cold ones in him to

Adrian Thompson Reply

any nfl receiver: im the best in league

jalen ramsey : hold my mouth peice

    pauldew62 Reply

    Adrian Thompson lol. Facts

    HomeVidEdd Reply

    @Joshua Hernandez lol true

    Thesimsboy kell Reply

    Go check Hopkins stats against Ramsey and you’ll see

    David Houghton Reply

    Joshua Hernandez Hopkins only 2tds on Jalen in 6 games. Try again

    David Houghton Reply

    Thesimsboy kell he sounds like a casual

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