26 Minutes With Clinton Portis – Episode 58 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Biggie Smalls Whitesox 05 Champs

Wish we could hire Joe Gibbs as GM Tomlin as Coach

King Slim202

Hey CP how come these reporters never ask the real questions about Haskins. Like are the coaches saying that Dwayne isn’t as good as Colt or Case? They always beat around it but just be straight up.


Gabe way better then Monica. Monica is knowledgeable but hard to top Gabe. Really the show should have all 3 haha. Monica with the moderation cause clinton get off track sometimes haha.

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I need to clean your carpets


Lol lost me 1:20 in at “you gotta trust whatever the front office says.” #SellTheTeamDan


Yeah… the running game is why we’ve been a moribund, dysfunctional mess the last 20 years.

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