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jonah Carpenter

I’ve always wondered if he was as good as his numbers made him out to be, but the fact that the players voted him this high takes some of my doubts away

    Peter Lustig

    you gotta watch some colts games you definetly see him a lot and feel his presence in the game

    Broke Marley

    Watch some colts games and he’s EVERYWHERE…. If there’s a gang tackle, 9/10 times he was the first one there

    Logan Hoomana

    Dude had at least 4-5 game sealing forced fumbles and picks. I don’t think Ive seen a defensive player seal that many victories for his team in a single season since Ed Reed.

    James Goat

    He top B Wag in tackles come on man

Johnny Tsunami

“Y’all better leave me alone for I tell my momma” 😂

Pubg Boss08

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    Stan XX Lee

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    Tommasino Fierimonte

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    Willie Dunbar

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    the42monarch _

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Travis O'Hern

And NOT voted to the pro bowl. Smh….

    Frankie Vega

    It’s okay he got credited with something way more important. I bet LVE would of took that DROY over the pro bowler

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound

    @Colts fan4 Life facts

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound

    @Americas Team Best in the NFL #DC4L did jaylen smith and LVE got a alot of hate ?

Allan the great

Colts is finally getting some respect

    Colts fan4 Life

    Burns Fam You a 🤡 too your qb list is Trash

    no u libtard

    Mitch Price 🤡


    As a falcons fan I feel the pain

    thE xKillcams

    Kronic Impulse well the only other guard was Zack martin and Zack is better

_GunnerCapsAreOut_ ;-;

This doesn’t feel the same without Mike Daniels

    TMike Tv

    _GunnerCapsAreOut_ ;-; Fax

Michael Shan

Remember when he was considered one of the worst draft picks by analysts? Gotta love hindsight.

    Marquise Parker

    @Michael Shan Darius is the better of the two


    @bowlchamps37 You are so right, when you listen to NFL Analyst it is usually for the average fan, it is the same when they analyzed a game, they talk about the QB, the Coach and a few other players but rarely go in depth coverage. NFL radio is doing a great work if you want more than just to talk about the QB and the Coach… Having said that, Darius Leonard is indeed an outstanding player.

    E4mafia for life

    @Rey Salinas niether is a bad choice lol

    Oteemah Mahyea

    @Michael Shan this is gonna be the next wagner and kuechly battle

    Adhy Nugroho

    Just shows just how hit or miss scouting can be at the college-to-PRO level.

Phinboy 4life

#26 but wasnt in the probowl that shows the respect his peers have for him


    He did get First Team all pro


    All-pro > probowl

    Alex A

    All Pro tho. The system is stupid

    Billy Backpacks

    What? The players don’t choose Pro Bowl votes. It’s fans. They literally have Pro Bowl voting every year.

Kronic Impulse

Well deserved Let’s Go Maniac!! and Let’s Go Colts!!

Btw Big Q was straight up robbed was pissed to hear that he wasn’t going to be on the list smh

    Kronic Impulse

    Quintin Miller I wish it wasn’t but unfortunately it is true Guards just don’t get the respect that other positions get

    Kronic Impulse

    Lil’Blick Wit Da Stick it is bs Big Q’s peers must’ve been high or something when they voted on who’d be in the top 100

    Burns Fam

    Kronic Impulse I mean he is probably like 101 through 110 he’s probably the second rated guard behind Martin which is saying a lot he’ll be on next year for sure though

    Splitz Cinamatics

    Like seriously. I would put him before whitworth and so on in at least first 10 players

Mdot Adot

They did him dirty by not showing that forced fumble against the raiders though, smh


    Or the strip on Reed Week 2.

    John & Jazzmine Anderson

    That Raiders strip was clutch as hell

Lombardi Way

Such a humble person. Became a fan by his play ,but his speech at the NFL honors just sealed it for me.

    Moon Kelp

    Lombardi Way def. very well spoken

    The Dude Man

    Thanked Irsay and Colts, thanked his D line, thanked his wife, thanked his Mom and lastly thanked the NFL for the award.

    Brandon Coe

    Fr i loved that speech! Humble guy and his leadership/play shutout my cowboys lol hes a monster hope he has a great career. i want his jersey tbh

Quintin Miller

This dude. Been a colts fan my whole life. He keeps this up, he’s about to enter the Dwight freeney/Robert
Mathis/ bob sanders territory for me. He’s everything man.

    Cleveland Over Everything

    Bob Sanders used to be my dude back in the day. Darius looking like a stud to. Colts had a great draft last year.

    Daniel Hart

    He is already on that level and then some.


So you telling me Quenton Nelson didn’t make the list, that’s ridiculous

    Jarvase O'Brian dundy

    @No Name Lol I take it. You haven’t been watching this countdown. Cause it’s plenty of lineman at different positions that has made the list. Scroll through the NFL channel. They’re there bro

    Sage Teal

    @Zach G I thought this was voted on by the players not fans?

    Mr. Drummond

    Bro Joe Mixon didn’t make it so I feel your pain.

    Zach G

    @Sage Teal it is voted by the players. I’m saying that GMs would make a much better list, because they see everything

    bte ree

    I’m actually pissed that he didn’t make it to the top100… I mean that guy was embarrassingly good and I’m a Steelers fan…

Allan the great

No one:

Darius Leonard: I got a nice truck and like Country music

    6rofoni 5lim

    Allan the great no one? you mean southerners

Bleached Beast



    Clueless voters

    Bob Snipes

    It’s happened to Jason Kelce 2 straight years…


Him and lve will compete for best lb in the league after wagner and kuechly start slowing down.

    Don't SSleep

    He’s already competing, regardless of them slowing down or not.

Marshall Mayhem

As an NFL fan, Quentin Nelson deserved to be in the top 100. He really helped solidify that O-line and keep Luck upright. I’m really surprised the players didn’t vote him in

    Swish Bomb

    He transformed our offensive line from worst to first all in his rookie season

Jon Boo

Anyone else catch them say he’s the second highest rookie in the top 100? We all know Saquons gonna be on here. That means Quenton Nelson’s not even on the list. Maybe I missed something but a little bit salty colts fan just passing through.

    Colts fan4 Life

    Brian Maduku If there’s a line you’d be behind us Castonzo Nelson and Kelly all 1st round picks on the colts line Braden smith 2nd rd pick Q was a rookie all pro. Pick any 2 of them they belong on this list.

    Sir White Knight

    I’m a cowboys fan and am scratching my head as to why Nelson isn’t on here he was arguably the best guard this year

    Brian Maduku

    @Colts fan4 Life wouldn’t you rather be behind a line that had every player either an all pro or a pro bowler last year… Fact

    Colts fan4 Life

    Brian Maduku No pro bowl is a popularity contest I’d rather be behind the line that gave up less sacks.

    Brian Maduku

    @Colts fan4 Life not really… The guys that made pro bowl are a few 1st timers on saints o line. And we have the best tackle tandem in football… Both all pros


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    Christopher Strebeck

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    Sergio Sanchez Jr

    Wasn’t even that funny

    max lank

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Why does the description say he came in at 78?

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