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Joshua Lugo Reply

The disrespect at 25

    Veezy the bot Reply

    @Martin N what that got to do with him at 25.

    Pizza Cat Reply

    @Martin N Dak isn’t even close in skill to Russell.

    HOFxBoards Reply

    Martin N dak didn’t outplay him lmao nice try tho

Isaiah Scott Reply

Sorry but this is the most disrespectful and abysmal player ranking this year. He was ranked 11th last year when he had 3,900 yards 34 TDs, 11 INTs, and a 98 passer rating. This year, he threw for 3,400 yards, 35 TDs, 7 INTs, and a 110 passer rating. So what, he threw 500 less yards, he also threw the ball 130 times less. He was 3rd in the league in passing TDs, 3rd in not throwing INTs, 2nd in adjusted yards per attempt, 3rd in game winning drives, 2nd in TD percentage, and played with the 3rd worst offensive line in the league with no elite wide receivers. He also won 10 games and never lost a game by more than 8 points

    Isaiah Scott Reply

    @Ricardo Vera Facts

    cgvasquez40 Reply

    He did also have the #1 ranked rushing attack this season too tho, can’t leave that out…

    World Wide Wrestling Reply

    He’s top 10

    Brandon Jenkins Reply

    Damn you got your facts straight but Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin are under rated

    Stephen Kapowski Reply

    @Isaiah Scott same, mainly because Russ is a proven winner even when the odds have been totally stacked against him-the dude just doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit-the guy can throw 6 ints in a game an he’ll still think he can win it-that kind of character is practically un-coachable IMO.

LethalDog 53 Reply

Ever since that Super Bowl loss, Russell Wilson carries the Seahawks to relevancy

    christian herlihy Reply

    @Donald Trump Jr. X he probably is. That was a bit harsh, perhaps. It’s his public persona I’m referring to. I know all the charity stuff he does and he’s probably a great dude if you’re just hanging with him but I’m definitely not the first person to say he seems like a phony.

    Ess_ Rank Reply

    Exactly before wilson came seattle was 7-9

    Miller _ Reply

    They still beat the Vikings

    Arnav Mathur Reply

    Chris Playz that is true what tf are u saying

    Bernard Johnson Reply

    @Chris Playz bench ash? 😂😂💀💀

Cullen Rollo Reply

The fact that this man isn’t top ten is 🧢🧢

    Sc0tTK!ll3R Reply

    @Monkì IOS had to pass to him everyone was just bad

    Sc0tTK!ll3R Reply

    @EUGENE HYUN LEE I swear man she needs to go back to anime

Divergent Gaming Reply

Lmao, he is way better than 25, this entire list this year is a joke

    Nash Gross Reply

    Hate the Seahawks but I agree he’s one of the best in the league

    Stephen Smith Reply

    Correct and Matt Ryan at #69…joke list.

    Pollo Gaming Reply

    Stephen Smith Matt Ryan and Russ should be top 10 and top 15 at least smh

360 Cam Reply

Wow y’all really got Aaron Rodgers over Russell Wilson this list a joke 😭💯

    Zetumbo 8 Reply

    @Titanbrotha00 russ had more tds , with worse wepaons, auch worse offensive play caller, much worse o line, has to carry a worse team, Drew has had a top 4 team the last 2 teams and hasn’t sent his team to the super bowl , he threw a int in OT vs the Rams and played terrible in the 1st half vs Minnesota which kept Minnesota in the game, Drew is just a stat ladder, he has shown in the last 10 years he isn’t good enough to carry his team, when mahomes had a horrible defense he got them to afc champ , when drew had a bad defense he was missing the playoffs how many excuses are y’all gonna keep giving him for he failures the past 10 years at this moment in time he is not better than Russ

    The Real Randomness Reply

    @All Alone did his efficiency take him to the playoffs?

    Adam Fleck Reply

    @All Alone ROGERS IS 23-23-1 in his last 27 games. That is not an elite qb

    Jdog Rockets fan Reply

    360 Cam I know right

HOFxBoards Reply

They did him dirty. More TD passes than last season and took a team that everyone thought would go 4-12 to a 10-6 record and a playoff berth.

    K Burn1 Reply

    Life as a black QB smh

    TerrorWest Reply

    Our running game did the heavy lifting.

    Mike James Reply

    3,400 reasons he fell.

    Terrance Campbell Reply

    It’s because the way they select the list is dumb. Players only pick their top 20… There’s no way to get an accurate ranking when you don’t have the players actually selecting 100 players

James Hsiao Reply

How did he fall? He had arguably his best year last year and he fell? This is from a chiefs fan too

    Seahawks Zone Reply

    @Martin N No, that is just common sense

    KME0120 Reply

    James Hsiao it’s rigged

    Seahawks Zone Reply

    @KME0120 Its not rigges it is just the dumbaas players decision

    MaximusRex Reply

    As a packers fan who watched the Seahawks vs. Chiefs game this year cuz I was bored, I agree he should still be up in the 12-5 range.

Vivek Nagarajan Reply

How dare you guys. Unlike Rodgers, he led his team to 2 winning seasons in a row.

    Vivek Nagarajan Reply

    Sorry guys.

    Treefrog Johnson Reply

    @Vivek Nagarajan does he got a ring?

    Lucas Fischer Reply

    @Treefrog Johnson yes he does

    Treefrog Johnson Reply

    @Lucas Fischer Oh yeah against the Broncos,I forgot. Wow that loss to the Patriots really overshadowed that win in some ways I completely forgot.

    Steven Reply

    @Treefrog Johnson Kinda unfortunate because that 2013 Seahawks team was probably in the top 10 greatest teams of all time, but that greatness is overshadowed by basically just a meme at this point.

Antar Das Reply

this just disrespect. He should be in the top 10, if not top 15.

    Zinedine Zidane Reply

    @WhiteChocolate Bear I said that you said that Russell had better stats, you cannot leave out stats when comparing two individual players. It’s amazing how Russell even put up those numbers when he was in a running based team. One player carried his team to the playoffs and one didn’t.

    Russell Wilson: 110.9
    Aaron Rodgers: 97.6

    WhiteChocolate Bear Reply

    @Zinedine Zidane I know you said that I said that Russel had better stats, but that’s not what I actually said. I said only in a couple statistical categories russ had better stats, and the ones you mentioned so far for the most part are not significant. It’s not amazing to put up good passing numbers with a run based offense. Everybody knows a good running game makes it easier to pass. Qbr is often a misleading statistic, and should not be trusted above common sense and observation. You’re very stupid.

    Zinedine Zidane Reply

    @WhiteChocolate Bear How am I stupid? Lmao, this isn’t 2013. Please tell me the stats Aaron was better than Russell in, trust me, they aren’t significant. Both played 16 games, Aaron had 170 more pass attempts, Russell had more touchdowns and a better completion percentage. Here’s the thing, you say that Aaron is better than Russell without facts backing them up. You are clearly biased towards Aaron Rodgers, ask anyone who is better right now, they will say Wilson without a second thought.

    WhiteChocolate Bear Reply

    @Zinedine Zidane I already told you which categories Rodgers was better in. He had over 1000 more passing yards and 5 fewer interceptions. It doesn’t matter that he threw more attempts, nobody cares. You can “lmao” all you want, but you’re still completely wrong.

3rdjrh Reply

Really? After leading an appearent rebuilding team to the playoffs with more efficient numbers than last year? Disrespectful.

KillerKhye Reply

So you’re telling me Tom Brady did better than Russell Wilson this year?
Brady: 29TDs 11INTs
Wilson: 35TDs 7INTs

    Zach Gilbert Reply

    @Devi Lisa Wow, butthurt? Brady’s just better man. EVERY sports analyst thinks so, the PLAYERS THEMSELVES think so and *russell wilson himself* thinks so.


    “The thing about Tom is — *he’s super clutch*. He’s on time,” Wilson told NFL Network. “When the game is on the line, he has no fear. … I’ve got a lot of respect for Tom. How could you not? He’s the greatest of all time.”
    – Russell Wilson

    So I guess you and Wilson are just gonna have to disagree on that one.
    And if you think Brady isn’t clutch you *desperately* need to stop watching football.

    Devi Lisa Reply

    @Zach Gilbert -find a stat in college or the NFL where Brady has been better.
    Brady is in a winning situation led by a great coach, a great system in a weak division where he is guaranteed a home playoff game every year.
    Brady could not last behind some of the lines Wilson has played behind.
    He didn’t face the tough AFC West defenses Wilson faces annually.

    Justin Lopez Reply

    @Fritz vanLonden I despise BYU and Oregon fans but that’s because I’m a Utes and Huskies fan. I live in Utah and BYU fans are obnoxious as hell, alumni of the school are even annoying.

Drail Reply

This placement is just disrespectful, he made the playoffs, and is ranked worse than last year smh

    Jairo Mendoza Reply

    Drail this list is one of the worst ive seen so bias

    zaxx29 Reply

    Well the players ranked him not the fans. I trust his peers more than fans. His ranking is accurate.

    King Asaad Reply

    zaxx29 stop it😂 some players have bias and hidden agendas

    Alex T. Reply

    @zaxx29 Some peers think it’s alright to be hanging out with bitties that help provoke domestic violence… can’t trust all of them

funkerman7 Reply

there are 24 better players than Russell Wilson? You know that ain’t right. Maybe Cowherd was right is saying that players legit thought Stafford was better than Wilson LMAO

Sean Johnson Reply

wow just wow, Russell Wilson is easily a top 10 player and he’s easily a top 4 Qb smh nfl 🖕

    Tropic Mix Reply

    @KillerKhye The Seahawks beat the Packers and the Chiefs* you retards have to stop acting like we’re talking about tennis

    Tropic Mix Reply

    @Zetumbo 8 🤡🤡🤡

    Sc0tTK!ll3R Reply

    @Boogey Woogey u just say Rodgers LMAO

    Seahawks Zone Reply

    @DIET CLOROX Not even in career😂😂

    ftghb Reply

    @Boogey Woogey brady and rodgers are not as good as before. brees is still consistently great, but wilson is clearly the top performing qb when you account for how shitty the rest of that seattle team is, and his dual threat ability

Collin Noreen Reply

Imagine if he had humans blocking him instead of trash cans.

    Obinna Nwakwue Reply

    Lol just ask Deshaun Watson

    Jason Anderson Reply


    Ess_ Rank Reply

    @Johnny Tsunami lol I see you are a man of culture

    Johnny Tsunami Reply

    Ess_ Rank W lmao

Divine Comedy Reply

25th is some serious lack of respect. NFL chumps just keep sleeping on this guy who’s gonna be a 1st ballot HOFer

    Aidan Williams Reply

    Is everything EA and the NFL do is disrespectful were lucky that we even get to play madden and watch the NFL play unlike some other people who cant afford and all we do is complain.

    Aidan Williams Reply

    But I agree RW should be higher

Michael Frempong Reply

*Never missed a game
*Never got fined
*Never fights, always positive

You have to have respect for Russell, fan or not.

    The Real Randomness Reply

    @Bill Woo the wideout got plastered before he could even catch the ball step off

    Koi Matai Reply

    @Insanely Fresh naw they told him if it wasn’t there throw it away the play was there but kearse blew the pick on browner

    Insanely Fresh Reply

    @Koi Matai Hey genius, first of all Brandon Browner was on the Seahawks at that time. Second of all, Jermaine Kearse was NOT the target u aut

colonelkfc33 Reply

Wilson is Top 3. Y’all motha fuckas need jesus…

    excellence 07 Reply

    Jesus loves u my brother. Give urself to him and he’ll give you what the nfl nor the world can’t give you, peace and eternal life

    Tony Williams Reply

    Tell em colonel

    Screams_Echo Reply

    well he’s not top 3 but he deserves at least tenth

Nicardo Neil Reply

I ain’t a Seahawks fan by any means (Go Pats!!), but this ranking is utter disrespect. No way there are 24 players in the league better than Russell Wilson. Period.

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