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LethalDog 53 Reply

Smartest player in football, nobody knows how to read an offense quicker and better than him

    Aditya Vatsavayi Reply

    Bruh have you commented on every top 100 video?

    Lil Wooo Reply

    Brandon you don’t “let” a player get TFL..you get them from knowing what the offense is doing and doing your job at an elite level…Bobby doesn’t study nearly as much as Luke..Luke will probably be in the conversation for best MLB of All Time when he retires..I might be biased bc I’m a Panthers fan but if he can get another DPOTY (I think he can) he’ll be right there

    BeatsForTheCulture Reply

    Eric weddle

    Michael Wright Reply

    @Monkì IOS bobby wagner is better than kuechly in every way. Especially IQ

lajobfinder Reply

Luke is just a baller on the field!! He also has a really high iq!!

Carlos Valdez Reply

Luke keuckly, hell of a player its terrifying playing him twice a year this man can do anything

    M.V Knight Reply

    Underrated? Nah he’s regarded as oneof the best Linebackers in the NFL

    Carlos Valdez Reply

    @M.V Knight yea what I mean is how many players are above him most offensive players are overrated and mostly defensive players are underrated

Making Stones Reply

Luke is the best linebacker in the nfl rn. And 24? At least top 15…

    Making Stones Reply

    I think Wagner should be atleast top 15.

    Äběý Ğâřçįå Reply

    @Your Mamas Llamas ok yeah but like has better stats than Wagner almost every year

    Your Mamas Llamas Reply

    Äběý Ğâřçįå over their careers is think Luke is better but last season Wagner was better

    Marcus Wright Reply

    Deion Jones is better than Wagner. Luke and Deion are the two best linebackers in the league.


    @Chris Ross he is tho

James Hsiao Reply

It doesnt show on tv but this guy is one of the smartest people in football

    AlphaDwg Reply

    It shows if you know what you looking at

    AlphaDwg Reply

    Tenzin D Wagner is that dude

    laynebrock Reply

    James Hsiao He’s probably the most instinctive player in the game

    Killian Krummel Reply

    He is the smartest guy on the field except for a few QBs like AR or Brees. Wagner is way up there too, though he has the edge with being stronger and more durable

Isaiah50 Reply

It’s kinda pointless of debating who’s better between him and Bobby Wagner they’ve been neck and neck and if I could I would take em both on my roster🤷🏾‍♂️ it’s damn near impossible to say who’s better if were being honest but people are to biased to realize they are both 1A linebackers above every other MLB

    Terry Kibby Reply

    I’d take luke because his football IQ and leardership are uncanny

    Isaiah50 Reply

    RuleOf Two tf are you mad for

    Terry Kibby Reply

    Isaiah50 people aren’t allowed to have opinions anymore don’t you know that lmao

    David Hanson Reply

    I had them both on last year’s fantasy squad. It was an automatic 20 points a week between the two.

BmoreBirds22 Reply

Luke is one of the top 5 MLBs of the last 20 years

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    Yes definitely

    Danny Facio Reply

    No doubt

GoatestShuckler Reply

Hes a qb but on the defense. Very smart player, and can read the qb, plays, and routes like tom brady reads coverages.

    Prod. Dooder Reply

    Well said

    That One Guy Reply

    That’s what an interior linebacker is supposed to be

    Killian Krummel Reply

    @That One Guy The difference is that he’s in another tier of football iq. Wagner is the only close MLB in this regard

LaKings811 Reply

Mccafrey and kuechly should have been so much higher. Kuechly top 10 and mccafrey top 20 at least

    samelmudir Reply

    McCaffery is top 20. Kuechly top 15 for sure.

    ProdByMorii Reply

    Panthers players got robbed 😔

    DrinkingTed3bear Reply

    I agree and I hate the panthers

    LaKings811 Reply

    I love the panthers

    Show Genius Reply

    McCafrey that high? Idk bout it😂

1400 Dame Reply

Soooo disrespectful definitely a top 10 player smfh 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Legend__ 21 Reply

Luke Kuechly would make a great head coach😤💯

    Zachary Connell Reply

    Legend__ 21 eventually when he retires, you already know he’s gonna coach. Defensive coordinator first though lol

    its_yo_boi_harley 12 Reply


    YEAH IGHT Reply


    bowlchamps37 Reply

    @Zachary Connell Even though he said he won´t.

    SAUCY KING Reply

    Defensive Coordinator

Z CiDDKaST Reply

Him and Bobby Wagner are the smarest linebackers in the NFL.

    Chess RedEagle Reply

    I’d put Sean Lee in that company as well. Shame he just can’t stay healthy.

    Danny Facio Reply

    @Chess RedEagle he is, but everyone is so quick to give Luke flak for his concussions smh

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Reply

    cj mosley also

David Gonzalez Reply

I’m a falcons fan and I gotta say…. I feel like this man is definitely a bit underrated. I get there was great talent this yeah but Atleast in the top 20 without a doubt

Captain Kharisma Keelan Reply

So there are 23 guys better than Luuuuuuke?🤔

Doubt it.

    Daniel Kirk Reply

    Bobby Wagner

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @Daniel Kirk not better than luke

    Your Average Strategy Gamer Reply

    He is a spot above Wilson oof

Kai Myers Reply

Russel wilson and Luke got disrespected hella hard

    hello man Reply

    Top 20 is stack. Having ballers in front of you is no disrespect. In fact making to top 100, shouldn’t matter the ranking is an achievement in itself. Being rank by your peer is by far the best ranking anyone can hope for. Not by dumb journalist, not by bias fans, not by salty/agenda driven coaches/front offices, not by jealous old head but by your peers.

    Stevenwolfgamer X Reply


    Samuel Cohoon Reply


    wagGERPS Reply

    brenn du sau

Excuse Keenan Reply

Yall did not just disrespect My LB like this 😤😤😤

Najee Watson Reply

Luke kuechly is definitely top 15 this list is so disrespectful this year 😂😂😂💯on some xxl stuff

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    “Freshman of the year I woke up like the man”

Cayden Thao Reply

When Luke Keuchly retires, he needs to call games with Tony Romo. That’s all I’m saying.

    Gerald Reply

    That would be cool having an offensive and defensive perspective.

    Nick Angelos Reply

    He’ll have major coaching offers within minutes of retiring

    Jeremy Sims Reply

    Romo prob still has PTSD from his 2015 Thanksgiving LUUUKE encounter.

    2 pics back to back plays from scrimmage the first being a 6.

Dr Swagalicious Reply

Not even a panthers fan but #24? Rly?! This list is wack this year!

Cameron Reply

3:23 Thomas Davis is a GLADIATOR that dude’s face is scarred up from YEARS of battle

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