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Odell is a special talent, but there is no way he was better than Evans Adams Thielen Allen or Hilton this year…

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    @Martin Smith like I told the other guy I don’t care enough to debate with you…obj is better. Simple as that

    Joseph Stevens

    @Deon Rec

    Davante Adams ranked #45 last season higher than Odell Beckhan 70s to 80s last season NFL top 100s

    Davante Adams 111 catches 1386 yards and 13 touchdowns statiscally better WR then Odell Beckham 77 catches 1052 yards and 6 touchdowns

    Lol so how does Odell Beckham move ahead of Davante Adams who was better WR last season when the season before he ranked over him😂😂😂

    Just stop it please before i laugh at you😂

    Deon Rec

    @Joseph Stevens I’m not making a case on who was better last season or who should be higher on the list.But all I’m saying Adams wasn’t getting the attention Odell be getting from the defense when Adams had Brett as his QB…Players just think Odell is better even when having average season while Adams had a better season.


Odell about to break records this upcoming season

    ThatOneGuy 123

    2ichie lmao


    @Rob M Nah, check our Anquon Boldin and Larry Fitz at Arizona. From 05-09 both of them had at least 4 1000 yard seasons. Three of those season, they both had at least 1000 yards. In 2005, BOTH of them had over 1400 receiving yards!

    typical Style


    ftank frega calleja

    Already been breaking records with Eli as his qb. Your comment should say Odell will continue breaking records


    2ichie truth


Ranked too high imo still gonna have a hell of a season with the browns doe 🔥👌🏽

    Cam Moore

    Douglas I literally said that in my last argument this was about THIS year I said the PLAYERS voted how am I dumb when you’re the one not listening the players literally VOTED Odell to be at the rank he was….As you can see IF you were paying attention I literally said he did things on a bad team players can’t do on a good team that’s the argument for why he’s so high…And you can take the name how you want but if you look on Hudl then hey it’s there

    Logan Earp

    “Gonna have a hell of a year in Cleveland” I never thought I’d hear that phrase


    @Cam Moore Ya because you act like I said Larry Fitz is a bad player and seem to ignore the fact that Odell hasn’t had a good year for about 2 years now. If you can’t see the fact that the players are wrong with their ranking then you are just a fanboy.

    Cam Moore

    Douglas How are the players wrong THEY PLAY WITH THESE PLAYERS you’re only a fanboy like every other spectator you have to realize they see this day in and day out IN PERSON I’m just arguing why they have the position they do…That’s all…I’m not saying it’s perfectly accurate…But this is why their near those rankings they are at….Odell has put up numbers he’s scored touchdowns it hasn’t been at the 15 touchdown mark such as AB not has it been at the Dhop level of no drops but he has been Odell the entire time making the catches he does being what made him what he is…Regardless of stats…That’s it…This is the last thing I’m going to say I’m not going back n forth anymore…Larry is only up her because he’s still doing productive things at an age where players should be declining or out of the game THATS THE SOLE REASON you have a good day man


    @Cam Moore How are the players not wrong when the stats literally say they are wrong. Pat Mahomes just got ranked 4th yet he won MVP. Top Brady is in the top 10 despite having an awful year statistically. The players don’t even play against every player and they have extreme bias towards their friends and teammates. They have no place ranking each other. Please be smarter in the future.


If you say he’s overrated, you don’t watch football and you haven’t watched his games.

    OTF Aidan

    J2K1 facts

    Ian Jones

    I watch him choke that playoff game back in 2016

    Andrew Underwood

    Kevin Durant that’s a lie

    Smack Ish

    @Ian Jones right he must’ve not seen the games that matter had like 11 targets only caught 4 for 28 yards lol


Odell is the most talented wr in the league. This is too high for him though. He hasn’t fully shown what he can do yet. Hopefully we can see his full potential with the Browns.

    corban Starkey

    @Paul Beduhn got it Julio better

    Paul Beduhn

    corban Starkey

    Go back to school


    GoatestShuckler right


    are u dumb?? 2015 and 2016 he was all pro 😂😂😂 do ya research

First Last

I hope he does well with the Browns. I think he and Mayfield connect well.

    Jacob Lestina

    They haven’t played a game together yet

    Daniel Hulett

    Both full of themselves. Perfect match

    Iraq Lobster

    Lazy S Listener don’t forget Kareem Hunt

    Dandre Johnson

    They won’t

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

good thing he was traded to Cleveland. eLi manning was wasting away OBJ’s years and production.

    Itz Trikki

    But its cleveland

    Tyler Main

    @hiram aponte I did get over it

    hiram aponte

    @Tyler Main sureeeeeee

    Tyler Main

    @hiram aponte learn to spell it’s only 1 e 😂

    hiram aponte

    @Tyler Main no

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Who is waiting every 15 minutes for new episodes

    Trying to get 1000 subs with no videos !


    Evan 99



    Who’s going to work and doing other adult things instead of constantly watching YT for updates?

    Xd BoisYT

    Pubg Boss08 me


You put obj over Russell Wilson? ….both of these guys are my boys but are you serious? Especially after all that happened to the Seahawks in that one offseason.

    Benjamin Hakel

    Russel Wilson Aint Better Than Baker Mayfield

    Michael Wright

    It’s all just a big beauty pageant. Russell Wilson was 3rd in passing touchdowns, second in not throwing interceptions and had the most efficient connection out of any quarterback wide receiver duo since Steve largent and jim zorn.

    Michael Wright

    @Matt M this isnt the top 100 of 2014 fanboy.

    Michael Wright

    @Joe Jones not if its disrespectful.

    Rob D

    @Michael Wright Disrespectful because OBJ is slightly higher? People like you are the cancer of this world

Cam Singleton

As a Giants fan I am still a fan of him but I haven’t been a fan of his constant talking about the Giants, STILL. like your on a new team move on and start talking about the Browns.

    The Merovingian

    Cam Singleton

    Easier said than done. He was signed then traded surprisingly, when a GM signs you to big contract something wassaid or through that action said your going to be apart of our journey for a while, than you are traded. He felt betrayed, it’s not easy getting shipped off like that, but what would we be saying if he forced himself off of the giants like Brown did with the Steelers then we would be killing him for that as well right. Dude seems like a good dude and teammate and he did carry the giants for a good 3-4 years especially #10. I hear what you saying but just don’t nit pick because he’s answering a question he’s being asked, don’t let the media, Espn and all of these so called “conservative” mindset analyst and former players trick you man, have your own opinion based off what you truly see, you know the media and the giants did him wrong.


    The media’s playing you. Lol

    Dwayne wade

    @The Merovingian exactly. but the media always love to talk about odell for some reason although he is the reason manning still has a job and the reason why the giants went to the playoffs 3 years ago

    Isaiah Harris

    The Merovingian did em wrong they paid then he did the very TO like Lil Wayne interview say he wished he was in LA

Hello There

I’m so glad he got traded NY were just wasting his talent by keeping Eli as their QB

    Legoat James

    Joseph Stevens I’m not a Odell fan girl. You can tell who I fan girl by my profile. And I wasn’t saying they shouldn’t be targeted. I meant that Odell is the better player and when you’re the better player you should get more targets. He shouldn’t just get their production but he should always be the first option.

    Legoat James

    Strafe Gaming so by your logic Eli is better than Dan Marino because Eli has rings?


    @Legoat James I hope you realize those TDs were only possible because Odell is a walking magnet.

    Chief W

    @Legoat James correct


Y’all scrubbing Odell in the comments like he not cold . We’ll see how he does with a QB like mayfield

    Day Be Trippin

    He didn’t have a better year then theilen etc etc. Not talking about him as a player in general

    Eric houck

    A.HallReacts are you insulting baker of complementing him?


    Eric houck compliment

Nock Litt

I’m a fan of Odell but are we really going to put him ahead of Russell Wilson, who just carried the Seahawks to the playoffs 🤔🤔


    This is voted for by the players

    A New Type

    Jay Gangster folds how with what defense 😂😂

    Michael Wright

    @duraynoodle that’s the problem. It shouldn’t be voted. The best players should get chosen by a computer. The most efficient recievers should be ranked the highest. That being tyler Lockett and adam thielen and so on

    Justin Hayes

    But Mayfield has a Wilson play style…a play is never dead. They bring the same enthusiasm and with a good core offense that makes him pretty “dangerous”.

Avatar last niggaBender

I’m not hating but isn’t this list base on performance during the regular season because I can think of multiple players who did better than Odell this year and I know the players are the one who vote, but all I’m saying is this list dumb asf 😂🤦🏾‍♂️


    @Luke Faulkner still had over 1000 yards tho


    @Luke Faulkner with eli and the OLine they had so no i think he should be where he is


    @Adriel Otto yea tbh jarvis could be higher

    Gump Boi 22

    killakam3600 if that’s how it’s supposed to be it isn’t because there have been guys who missed the whole season but still managed to make top 100 the players vote not us and I’m talking full body of work you can focus on one year all you want the full body of work always tells the story

Willie Beamin

Ain’t no way y’all got him over Wilson it just ain’t no way 🙅🏽‍♂️ it just can’t be bro y’all need to do better


    0:15 odell throws better than him too


    bradthelegend oop

    Al Mcnutt

    @bradthelegend Odell didn’t lead no team to any Superbowl so stfu with that
    Odell lives off one play that one handed catch
    Wilson is way better at qb than Odell at wr
    He will b good in cleveland but not great

Derek Nelson

I feel like OBJ is kinda like the Carmelo Anthony of the NFL. He makes great individual plays and puts up great individual statistics but it comes at the expense of the team. He takes away targets for other receivers, flusters his own quarterback, and causes a lot of distractions that make him more trouble than is worth. I feel like the trade to Cleveland was a smart move for all parties involved, the Browns will get someone with confidence and competitiveness to pair with Baker Mayfield and institute a much needed culture change in Cleveland. The Giants will be able to develop some of their younger receivers and create a better atmosphere for their franchise and their quarterback, whether that’s Eli Manning or Daniel Jones. I feel it was a smart move for OBJ because he’ll fit right in alongside Baker Mayfield, as well as have an opportunity to grow his brand and star power if he’s able to do for Cleveland even half of what LeBron did.

Najee Watson

Odell and saquon carried every play last year I can’t wait to see how he does in Cleveland 💯

Skitzzz TV

Anyone notice S Barkley dropped the ball before his foot was in the endzone?

    This Guy

    The ball crossed the line

Matthew Bell

OBJ last regular season at this position on the list?!? Naaaa no way

    Al Mcnutt

    You right he should b lower

Nathan Moboto

Looking forward to watching the browns this season
#dog pound 🐶

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