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Bka4real Ab

Should have been Superbowl MVP straight up.


    @Taylor Nottage weak compared to what Gilmore did

    Don Mega


    Fortnite Champ

    nah dude, edelman was the only one making plays on offense, without edelman prduction that day I dont know if the defense could handle being on the field all game.

    Thomas the only

    Let’s be real last SB is going to be one of those forgotten SBs. I actually fell asleep in the third quarter

James Sharp

Moment in silence for all the Pats fans who sold dude out after the first 4 games of the ’17 season. Haha Belichick finally cashes a player out and your instinct was to give up four games in!? 🤡

Another moment in silence for all of the haters & doubters who refused to give cred even after he emerged as one of the most consistent 🔒⬇️ defenders in the league.

Ask Hop, Adams, Diggs, Allen, Cooks or Robinson what it’s like up close. Game recognize game and Gilmore deserves his rank as best corner in the league!


    Yeah alright relax, idiot.

    L M

    T Wooten the only person who’d say he’s better than Ramsey is probably a pats fan

    richforeverken !

    @L M L

Potato Salad

I’m a pats fan and saw him make great plays this year, well deserved 👍

Bleached Beast

I remember him getting burned against the chiefs last year. Now he should have been super bowl MVP. Reincarnation of New England revis island.


    I think you mean Ty Law

    Markel Payne

    Y’all can never just let a player live without comparing him smh

    Chris Brown

    If he keeps this up it’ll be like the ty law days.

    Killian Krummel

    Gilmore has been elite for a season and a half with the quick and stark contrast to the first month of 2017 when he was awful. His best showing was SB52 when he made Alshon Jeffery nearly invisible

    Markel Payne

    Killian Krummel I’m an eagles fan so I agree with you sorta. We just didn’t throw his way all game lol .

nathan nam

i remember when bills fans thanked us for taking gilmore from them lmao


    @TheBallsKicker That was literally Gilmore’s only mediocre game and the entire team was off that day. Even Revis had a bad day here and there in his prime. You know damn well you’d take Gilmore on whatever team you root for right now.


    @Clint Brooks exactly


    That’s what the Patriots do. They get guys who are good in their system and have the right attitude. All of the Bills weren’t consistent enough

    hue her

    Last year, I remember a corner just quit on the bill right! Im mean retire half way throught the game. lol

    Chris Kreager

    Sold his soul for a cheap ring

Skeptic Moejoe

I’m a Steelers fan so I can’t believe I’m saying this but he deserves this and he should be higher

    Trevor Thompson

    Danny’s Vlogs PFF had Sean smith ranked as the 5th best cb on my chiefs in 2016 and he can’t even keep a job now.

    Danny's Vlogs

    @Trevor Thompson well I’m just saying that Gilmore really balled out this year. He deserves being the top CB for last year but rn we’ll see who holds the spot after the season is over




    @Trevor Thompson literally said he’s “the top ranked cb on the list”

Ricky Parmar



    No the only time this was acceptable was for Troy Polomolu

    Omar Gomez

    @Anthony him and ed reed

    R.J Williams


    Thad Montgomery

    That Deion Sanders quote 😂

    Hiram Rosa Jr


D’Andre M

Fun fact: Robby Anderson, wide receiver for the New York jets is Stephon Gilmore’s oldest son.


    D’Andre M so you tellin me Robby Anderson’s mom had him at 2 bc Gilmore only 2 years older than him


    BeastMode 21 fr 😂

    Bart Gallagher

    “Robbery Anderson” HAHA. He’d probably spell his own name wrong too 😂

    Radovan Karadžić

    Do y’all not get the joke😂😂

    Woo Tang

    Gilmore son him every game I be feeling bad for the kid 🤣


Belichick doesn’t pay for much, but he loves those lockdown corners


    @Messier90 The key word being “usually”

    Rhaeghar Targaryen

    Messier90 can’t you read good boy?

    Killian Krummel

    BB doesn’t pay up often for imported talent in particular. Gilmore isn’t the only highly paid defender. Hightower and Devin McCourty aren’t cheap, but Hightower is worth his keep and clutch af McCourty has literally been dubbed Belichick’s son.

Ivan Biteranta

This video would not have been complete, without Mike Daniels nfl top 100 players seal of approval.


    He’s actually pretty good on camera. Can’t wait for his inevitable TV career after he retires.

    Anthony None ya business

    I hope he retires as a packer 😪


    That ITW must have lasted for a day

    Joshua White

    Like he was NOT SCORING on that possesion… LIKE AT ALL! .

    I wonder how many times he has said that in a game and the team has scored…

    Thomas the only

    Lmao can’t wait for him to get a job on TV

clarks hat

I really just relized how entertaining mike daniels makes this series 😂. This series would be nothing without him.

Ian Johnson

I love Gilmore. Straight up respect to Robert Woods on this clip too, that could not have been easy for him

    joshua barryington

    With a smile too, true sportsmanship

Kameron Hill

1:01did anyone else see Gilmore run into his own teammate? 😂

    Manuel Rodriguez

    Kameron Hill that’s top 25 material

Thomas Clark

“He shuts down the top receiver”
*shows highlights of him covering sammy watkins 😂*

    Thomas Clark

    I love all the triggered Patriots fans in here yall are so god damn sensitive


    Thomas Clark or the highlights against Corey Davis

    Nico Javier

    They showed Keenan allen

    Irfan Ahmad

    You are on to something stupid , Samy Watkins is bum now days , he ain’t that hard to cover anyway

Jordan Davis

I’m surprised Xavier Rhodes won’t be on the list

Scream Bloody Gore #DeathMetal

Belichick made the right decision letting Malcolm Butler walk

    Day Be Trippin

    Lmao scary thing about billichick. He knows exactly what he be doing when everyone questions his moves. Hes like Albert Einstein of football

    Every Villain Is Lemons

    @Day Be Trippin wtf was he thinking when we lost those 3 SBs???
    They were more than capable of winning them

    Killian Krummel

    Brady maybe has a 7th if Gilmore was on Jeffery from the start, not Eric Rowe who was told he was starting right before kickoff


His work ethic is insane definitely deserving of his spot on the top 100

Steve Johnson

Mike daniels must be very close to everybody

David Gerstein

Gilmore should have been ranked last year; he finished 2017 as the best CB in football.


They really just left Richard Sherman off the list🤦🏾‍♂️

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