#21: Travis Kelce (TE, Chiefs) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

Mike Daniels actually wasn’t in this video 😂😂😂

    Taylor Payne

    Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights he’s getting ready to be ranked #1

    Adam Garcia

    Because he knows George Kittle deserves to be ranked higher.


    I think they only have him appear on defensive players videos? I could be wrong though.


You can keep it if mike Daniels ain’t there 🥴


    Randy K who’s the guy in ur profile pic?

    Randy K

    The MVP


    Randy K nah, Rodgers is

    Silver Is The Name

    Randy K no obviously Lonzo Ball

Dylan Mattox

My favorite memory of him is when he threw his towel at a referee.

    Spock Block3r

    @El Paxton The Great he got held so blatently in the endzone right in front of the ref and he didnt throw the flag cost the team a td. watch the play it was bad

    Spankin DaBagel

    @El Paxton The Great Easy to tell you’re a racist when you have to specify white before thug.

    Revenge Abe

    El Paxton The Great dumbest thing I’ve seen since your mother

Adust Gaming

everytime i see saquon barkley i think he’s wearing a dolphins hat

    Sam Bradfield

    yeah me too


Travis was definitely black in another life

    Jeremiah Judah

    He has a wakanda card frfr

    david rowaiye


    Andrew Shields

    Na he just from Cleveland 😂😂😂

    Jeremiah Judah

    @Andrew Shields i been to Cleveland and da white folks dont have this kind of drip

    F ten

    Icedsilver being black is disgusting

Elevation Pro

Kevin byard should be on this years top 100 list

    Adust Gaming

    @bankroll fresh I’m going to mention him because he’s the only one besides those other two be in that group. Hate if you want but he got his credit with that contact

    kenna Robi

    Adust Gaming bruh, those guys are better players and came in the leauge with better reputations. They weren’t getting tested like byard from middle Tennessee state or something drafted in the 3rd round.

    Adust Gaming

    @kenna Robi so you’re saying because he’s from a small school and wasn’t a first round pick, that’s a knock on his skill? It’s actually more impressive how successful he had been considering his draft stock

    kenna Robi

    Adust Gaming can you not read?? Reread my first sentence 10 times

    kenna Robi

    Adust Gaming falcons backup safety last year got 7 ints and he is not that good, he just gets tested a lot. But byard is actually good, not a top 5 safety tho

Troy Boffa

Who’s better?

Like Travis Kelce

Comment Zach Ertz

    Bret DeRuse

    @Cezarrio McQueen you are being ridiculous

    Bret DeRuse

    @JP doesnt matter it’s all about the numbers

    Bret DeRuse

    @Cezarrio McQueen lol

    Joseph kings

    Gronk better than both easy

    Bret DeRuse

    kings  as a chiefs fan I hate saying this but you’re right..dude was lights out

Edgar Gomez

Travis Kelce: Dancing

McDonald’s Employee: Sir. Sir. You’re ranked 21.

    MythicalCat 12

    Travis Kielce: awesome!

    Patriota Funchalense

    Nº1 TE in the top100

    Big E Baseball

    Patriota Funchalense jared cook might be ahead of him but probably not

    Big E Baseball

    Patriota Funchalense i hope grady jarrett makes the cut

    Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion

    Sad kelce noises

John Collees

Ight, youtube real bold with these double adds

    Cedric Torry II

    use google chrome bro , and download ad blocker literally changed my whole life and saved me at least 200 hours of my life back . lol

Horten Ojongtambia

White chocolate with the swag… that’s my guy! Go KC

William F. Petty

Where’s Mike? I want my view back 🤦🏾‍♂️

No Mike No Like

    Thomas Brennan


kai brand

Imagine if Travis an Nathan peterman we’re playing together 🤯


    With Mike Daniels on defense this team is going 19 and 0 every season

    Emily Galicia

    It would be better than Tom Brady and Julian Edelman and rob gronkowski combined

    Deshaun Ellis

    kai brand afc would be on lockdown

    Wayne Wood

    I can’t my head spins too much

    NMJ 88

    The league would implode


Ya’ll remember them old 2k footballs with cutscenes with players talking trash to each other?
Travis Kelce sounds like a damn voice actor for the game 🤣

    Darkskin Deity

    Just because you add a crying emoji to this comment doesnt mean it’s funny


    Darkskin Deity Yeah Your opinion is irrelevant troll


    That’s accurate though. Like the trash talking cutscenes in NFL Street 2

Killian Krummel

Mahomes and Kelce will continue as one of the most feared tandems for the next several years

    Logen Myers

    thedarkemissary um what? Mahomes spread the ball around nicely last year. Just because he led the team in receptions doesn’t mean he’s the only one being targeted

    Shawn Christianson

    Logen Myers True. That comment isn’t true at all. Pretty much every receiver that wasn’t injured (I.e DAT and Watkins) had career years in receptions and TD’s.

    Logen Myers

    Shawn Christianson exactly. Every week featured a different player. Tyreek was a beast week 1 while Kelce stayed quiet. Week 2 Kelce blew up and hill only had a few catches. Week 3 against the 49ers Watkins had a nice day. Mahomes knows how to spread the ball around fine

    Travis Frost

    The Queefs

    Logen Myers

    Travis Frost good one. Hope you didn’t hurt your 1 brain cell thinking of it


Disrespect for jared cook for not being in top 100


    Im a raider fan and cook isnt a top 20

    Bay is Bae

    Seth J bruh this ain’t a fight you’re gonna win😂

    Randy K


Austin T

Im getting worried that i havent seen Nathan peterman yet

    Sherrell Banfield

    @Juice saquon carried the giants wtf are you smoking.

    Atheist God

    @Sherrell Banfield he’s joking

    Sherrell Banfield

    @Atheist God and I’m officially dumb


    Kareem Hunt should be #1, his kicking ability is off the charts…

    Jessie Kelley

    @Qwertos now thats just uncalled for

Dilly Dilly

Kelce is the the best. Most consistent tight end.

    Mexican Eagle

    Got him on my Fantasy

    tone 22

    He might be the only TE I ever seen that can juke you out in the open field

Ethan Stamm

Travis Kelce = Blackest white tight end in NFL history


    Logan Kelleher baker is more southern than anything

    2 Dudes TV


    Tom Witner

    @King Sharp


    Jake Larson

    That’s that white boy city swagger

Elias Rapozo

No mike daniels, no top 100 player.

Xavier Yancey

Gronkowski: retires
NFL: for the first time kelce is the top ranked TE on the list😂

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