2022 Steelers Schedule Release Show (KDKA) | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2022 Steelers Schedule Release Show (KDKA) | Pittsburgh Steelers

KDKA's Rich Walsh, Chris Hoke and Josh Taylor analyze the Pittsburgh Steelers 2022 schedule

#HereWeGo #Steelers #NFL

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Mr_ Apex_007 Reply

Kenny a 🐐

    Sam Hartman Reply

    Way to early for that. He balled out in college but NFL is a whole different conversation

    GoOn Rays Reply

    @Sam Hartman he balled out 1 year in college vs no ranked opponents* (in his 5th year in college)

    Mr_ Apex_007 Reply

    @Sam Hartman bruh obviously I was joking but I think he’s better than Trubisky tho

Ohio state Fan Reply

Steelers on top 😈😈😈

Jacob Melecio Reply

no Carolina game preseason 😒😒😒😒😒

MarvyG Reply

Go steelers, 17-0..3-0..superbowl champs. #herewego

    Sam Hartman Reply

    Doubt it. It would be nice but you jinxing them lol

AJ Lewis Reply

Geeeez, the lineup

Sam Hartman Reply

Better NOT be Rudolph starting. If he starts over the others I’m skipping this season cause we all know it’ll be a bad season like last time

    King_Adrixn72 Reply

    Never ever

    Rosson Camas Reply

    When. Was last time

    Zac Smith Reply

    I think Mason gets traded or released Let Kenny and Mitchell fight for QB1 and let Chris Oladokun be the third stringer

    Sam Hartman Reply

    @Zac Smith right? We already know mason ain’t really good enough to even be backup QB so give the chance to someone who deserves it. An like I said I’m fine with either Pickett or trubisky but not mason. So idc which of the two starts just hope the one that does is good enough to give us a great season an they keep the job..I don’t want rotating qbs like it was with Mason an duck ah still have a medium season an sure af don’t want to be like Washington an be on a search for a QB for over a decade. I want whoeber starts to be our QB for the next 10 or more seasons. So if it’s Pickett I hope all the talking he’s doing with Ben has it so Bens skill rubs off on him so he will be just as good as Ben was

    javier mori Reply

    No way he is starting.he may not even be on season opening roster. Steelers picked up 3 QBs in offseason so they have no faith in him.

Phil Jorvick Reply

La mejor parte es ver a KISSSSSS.Uno se da cuenta de lo locow que es el fandom real.

Sam Hartman Reply

Love cams video but they don’t have a Xmas game lol

Sam Hartman Reply

I knew he’d say Baltimore..those games usually are the best ones

Sam Hartman Reply

I like the immaculate reception but I think Holmes sb winning Corner TD reception is the franchises best

    Seymour Butts Reply

    James Harrison’s interception for a touchdown just before the half has to be a very close second and the reason I say that is Santonio Holmes had two chances to make that catch with the first one going right between his hands. That touchdown James ran was extraordinary to say the least. The interception itself the blockers downfield his desire to score after running out of gas just incredible. Team effort all the way.

    Sam Hartman Reply

    @Seymour ButtsI agree but he was wide open down field an fell at 1 yard line an homles an Ben brought us back after being down by a few scores. So wasn’t just the one. The last one just sealed the deal. I remember my family laughing saying they lost but I was like nah we still got time an I called it. I bet them all a Holmes jersey that Ben would pass to Holmes to win an that was when we were down by a few. An we came back to win an maybe that makes me bias but that sb win all together was a great one an a end to a great era cause we had Holmes Parker ward Heath an Troy. An a lot more but those were my main favorites. But i have sat an rewatced that whole game like 20 times over the last few years. I mainly watch it when football season is over an I’m missing being able to watch football. Plus I lost respect for James when he pulled the bs an wemt to patriots an it annoys me now when he goes to interviews an podcasts an acts as if he retired a steeler an was faithful to the team. I know that don’t take away his stats but I use to he a big fan of his till he did that bs

    One Punch Reply

    @Seymour Butts
    I’m with you, Seymour!

    m h Reply

    Thank you for bringing this up Sam! I can’t stand when somebody tries to tell me the helmet catch was the greatest super bowl catch….

Sam Hartman Reply

All I want for Christmas is the Steelers to go into the raiders game on Xmas Eve with a great record an win the game against raiders

Sam Hartman Reply

It’s crazy we have no 4pm games. But hopefully it helps with the fact I live with a cowboy fan so hopefully most of theirs are 4pm like they usually are

Yancy Jenkins Sr Reply

Don’t even leave eastern time zone! Let’s go!!!

Mark Wakeley Reply

Good show Gentlemen. Thank you.

Steelers Nation Australia Reply

Here we Go Steelers

Good show fellas
13-4 AFC North Champs

The Duke Of Dunhurst Reply

Lol when Cam through guy , lolllll

ohjuan Reply

I wanna say 11-6 for predicts, but Miami looking spiffy

Devin Weslager Reply

LETS GO STEELERS!!!!πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ’›

peace out Reply

tough schedule imma say 10-7

Leave a Reply: