2022 Giants Schedule Release: Instant Reaction – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2022 Giants Schedule Release: Instant Reaction

Paul Dottino and two-time Super Bowl Champion David Diehl break down the Giants' 2022 schedule, presented by United.

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Ben Savenko Reply

Can’t wait !

Street Spitzley Reply

All hail the New York Giants!

New York Giants Reply

Thanks for watching! Subscribe now for more Giants videos!

    Kayden Brown Reply

    I’m a really big Giants fan

    Street Spitzley Reply

    Let’s go Giants! All hail the New York Giants!

Kayden Brown Reply

I am a big Giants fan

coolphil88 Reply

I can’t wait to see what we got this season with these coaches and letting jones play his own game finally letting him off that leash no other coach would do

    oldschoolfan Reply

    Hopefully they will trust him throwing in the red zone. Offense last year was PATHETIC.

    Dylan Kolvites Reply

    Exactly he’s been thrown into a system each year and was just told what to do, now daboll actually got in touch with Jones and wanted his input on how the system is gonna look Jones is being set up for a big year

    Michael Sherron Reply

    @oldschoolfan Sad, but true, even more so because it’s 2 year’s in a row of such patheticness [ if it’s not a word in the dictionary…it’s a word now 🙂 ] . So glad that this terrible streak is about to end.

Beckett Bertsch Reply

Go giants

Wil Figs Reply

Giants can be a sleeper if they have their ducks in a row.

    Wil Figs Reply

    @Kendall Etten-Bohm hopefully they can be decent on the back end.

    Dashiell White Reply

    Even though our secondary has lost some guys don’t forget Xavier McKinny, Adooree Jackson and our rookie Cordaralle flott

    Dashiell White Reply

    And also our front is gonna be insane this season

    Sportsology Reply

    @Kendall Etten-Bohm most likely will be picking up a veteran corner

    wastegate Reply

    there is only great, average or bad no sleeper

YNC Ray Reply

Lets goo Gmen we inna playoffs fasho

xeno1121 Reply

Four out of first six at home…..love it

Jay Lawson Reply

“If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” –Jim Rohn

    Jack Albarran Reply

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Daniel Nigra Reply

Great Perspective fellas!!!

Big question, Will they pull it all together THIS year? I say yes. I love, love..love Joe. I could listen to him talk all day every day. The old gm’s voice was almost intolerable. They are gonig to fix this team the right way, and they will be successful.

thebigmoo Reply

You guys are great! Really enjoy listening to you!

George Vreeland Hill Reply

Anything can happen game one, and the rest of the schedule is favorable. Can’t wait to see what we have as a team.

Marjorie Simmonds Reply

Glory to the Giants!!!

Freedom Ring Reply

I haven’t been this excited for a giants season in a long long time.

Benito Diaz Reply

I can see a 8-9 or 9-8 season possibly make the wild card.

Amazing Guy Reply

Let’s go Giants

DW X Reply

Giving thanks for a Dallas defeat on turkey day months in advance


Diehl looks like he could still suit up and start opening day for us if he really wanted to I forgot how big he was 😂

    tbuc Reply

    I thought the same thing. DD is huge and he smiles constantly like a man who hit the Powerball. Love to watch his enthusiasm , it is contagious.

Teal City Sports Reply

I like how they showed highlights of their opponents. Here’s to a 9 win season (hopefully) 😃👍

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