2021 NFL Draft Press Conference (April 29): GM Kevin Colbert, Coach Tomlin | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2021 NFL Draft Press Conference (April 29): GM Kevin Colbert, Coach Tomlin | Pittsburgh Steelers

GM Kevin Colbert & Coach Mike Tomlin address the media following the selection of RB Najee Harris in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

#HereWeGo #Steelers #NFLDraft

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Nima Naderi

We need a Center tmrw. In Colbert we trust!

    George Coull

    Kevin Dotson is a pure center and a bulldog in the trenches . We need a left tackle though.

    Suki Ropy

    Personally, (this is kind of a stretch) I think we should take Samuel Cosmi if he’s there I’m really surprised he wasn’t taken in the 1st round.

    Justin Vanegas

    I’ll say tackle too

    Justin Vanegas

    @George Coull he is our starting guard

    George Coull

    @Justin Vanegas I know but he is a natural center

Joseph Landis

Naje is the best lets goπŸ’―πŸ™

Andre Johnson

Great Pic Steeler Nation! Not a big Pitt fan but a huge Najee fan! He’s going to fit this system just fine. Baaaayyyy Arrrea! Lets GO!

    Robert Rodriguez

    Bay area steeler fan excited for another bay area player to play for Steeler Nation!

Uncle Ruckus

Best decision this organization has ever made. And it will show this year. Rookie of the year type talent.

    Steelers Nation

    Ehhhh, I think Ben was the best decision. Or Joe Greene. Or Bradshaw. Or Swann πŸ˜‚WE’RE JUST TOO GOOD


    What bro. So many HOF first round picks and this is their best decision?

    Tux Linus

    He Will be gone after 5 years.


    They never made a better decision then when they traded up for Troy Polamalu this isn’t even close at least yet

Sushi Cutz

This is probably the pick we all been hoping for, thank you πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ I can finally sleep peaceful knowing my rent is due tomorrow

    TheBroke YouTuber


Chad Clark

Never been more excited! Here we go

Mark Streeter

GREAT pick Guys…!!!

Matthew Daniels

Great pick! Time to work on that oline!

Rich Kunkiewicz

Omg great pic guys !!!!!!!!!

Cole B

How is a billion dollar organization not recording the audio of the questions

    Michael Jefferson

    Because they’re allocating money where it’s really needed. Who needs to hear, “why did you pick him,” over and over?😏


Love this pickk. Ol next


This is the pick I wanted….Kid is gonna be a stud…now it’s a run on OL…

Jock James

They need to use him 65% of the time during the regular season and keep him fresh for a playoff run.

    Jorge Gaytan


    Ryan Irwin- Diehl

    Snell will be good for relief

    Gavin S.

    i mean if he maintains his conditioning and can take care of his body the way he has, he will be okay

    Jock James

    @Gavin S. I think the does that already. I’m just talking about the hits he’ll take during the season if they use him like they did Bell. The best time of the year to be healthy is right before the playoffs.

King Hulk

He got that AP feel!! I’m so stoked!


Awesome pick, Now we need at least 2 solid OL.

Charlie Harris jr

This guy is a beast and a real pittsburgh steelers , he also is pro ready as all bama teams players also his speed size and vision make him a great choice at his position , well done steelers, organizations


Love the pick guys we FINALLY got us franchise running back again

    Leonard Thomas



Tell Najee to get faster. We need a back that can hit the homerun

Matthew Franks

I hope mike never leaves Pitt I love him as a coach man


    He’s great I really don’t understand the steelers nation haters when it comes to him

Michael Jefferson

…..words of Nick Saban and several NFL scouts, “he doesn’t fumble!”

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