2021 NFL Draft First-Round Presser With Eric DeCosta, John Harbaugh | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2021 NFL Draft First-Round Presser With Eric DeCosta, John Harbaugh | Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens selected WR Rashod Bateman and OLB Odafe Oweh in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. GM Eric DeCosta, Head Coach John Harbaugh and Director of Player Personnel discussed the additions.

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Stoney Gaming

Love the picks!!!!! Let’s Go Ravens


Look at the Ravens org man, so inspirational! 😈🖤😈🖤

    Brandon Comes

    Look at Lamar man so inspirational😈😂

    Zaayan Hasan


Mateo Scott





I love this team!!! Thank you Ravens FO and coaches.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Joshua Abrahams

Y’all the real definition of smoke screen ravens fans got our eye on yall

    Eterday ClapZ

    @Joshua Abrahams best player available like he said

    Joshua Abrahams

    @Eterday ClapZ right and Bateman was the best player Available

    Egor Vass

    That’s why I feel like we might trade up on 2 day . Calling EDCs bluff again …lol

    Joshua Abrahams

    @Egor Vass I hope even if it’s one pick I can’t see edc sitting the whole second half like there’s creed Humphrey and wat if they double and got Marshall that would be a future move get a safety and whoever else

    NZ Muzz

    Exactly !.. and there is still plenty of smoke hanging in the air!. And that’s perfectly OK by me.

Jordan Davis

I love this team so much. Let’s go get that ring

Josh Rouse

Killed it, from the guy whose always complaining…no complaints tonight A+

The LakeShow

Love these picks let’s keep it going EDC !!!!

Nathan arseneau

would be great if we could hear the questions


    Lol right wtf

Donovan Sales Sr.

I hope Oweh can play

    Bryce Reeder

    Oweh has a huge ceiling! He’ll be a force in this defense!

    Donovan Sales Sr.

    @Bryce Reeder l hope he plays better than yannick and matt

Darnell White

it would really be nice to hear the questions

grim farm

yes finally a wide receiver !

Rocky Kimpel

Glad we got 2 impact players with high ceilings and Lamar some more help! 7 more picks….hope we scoop 2 OL’s, another Edge, TE, Safety, Corner, and LB.

    Kc Carryl

    We don’t need no more corners but others I agree

    James Calder

    @Kc Carryl Need more depth at corner tbf but there are other positions of need like Safety, EDGE and IOL.

    Sancho Mack

    @Kc Carryl yall said that last year…..then they got hurt

    Kc Carryl

    @James Calder I agree but I was tryna say other needa are more important

Artur Alves

Really good picks

Sean Burt

EDC : Any more questions?
Media : Yea, what is the latest on Transporter 4?

Johnny boy

Batemen,Watkins,Hollywood,duvernay +Andrew’s,
Gus/Dobbins in the backfield 😁
Can’t wait to see who we pick next


    Duvernay over Boykin?

    Zaayan Hasan

    @Bucketfullabiscuits Yessir Boykin is absolute garbage

    Zaayan Hasan

    Plus Ronnie Stanley back, Nick Boyle back, Kevin Zeitler, and a sleeper in Josh Oliver

    Johnny boy

    We can’t forget about PROCHE he’s a monster too

Baby Dior

boys we goin to the super bowl 😈💫

    Zaayan Hasan


Ernest Moore

Even after Ozzie Newsome retiring the Ravens still do extremely well in the draft. Great organization!

Jabari Crews Ellis

I believe that they did their research on the edge rusher from Penn state and I believe that he’s gonna be great for us. IN EDC WE TRUST!!. Also if we get that safety from USC and a tackle within the next 2 rounds, 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Ricky Bmore

We definitely got a strong top brass .we really got a good strong organization. That doesn’t make stupid mistakes

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