2021 NFL Draft: Chris Ballard On Selecting Kwity Paye – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2021 NFL Draft: Chris Ballard On Selecting Kwity Paye

Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard meets with the media following selecting DE Kwity Paye in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft (21st overall) to describe what he thinks the former Michigan player brings to the roster.

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Robby Owens

This man never fails to deliver

Stephan Hayes

We just earned a LEGEND
💙 Believe In Blue 💙
Mayfield/Jenkins , Hilliard next.
(If there’s some scenario to add Azeez , DO IT) – edit

Joshua Lewis

I think we drafted the right guy for our team. Go Colts!

    Will Brench

    Michael Jordan is a former American basketball player.


    @Will Brench Hold on – Michael Jordan is a former American? What country did he emigrate to?

Joshua Lewis

Kwity Paye for DRotY

    Elijah Loby

    hey im lookin at dpoty👀👀😂

    Joshua Lewis

    @Elijah Loby 😤

    Will Brench

    @Elijah Loby calm down let him first make the roster he might now do that

    Kevin Lopez


Daniel Niese

Incredible person with amazing potential. Welcome to Indy Kwity!

I'm the ugliest man that will die single Quenton.

Let’s go colts nation Chris Ballard is the best GM in the game.

AJ Smith

I think I can talk for all fans who love the YouTube channel. Any chance you guys can bring in the audio of the questions in at a higher volume. Really difficult to pick up on! Other than that super excited about this pick and surprised he fell to us

Gto. Corey

I put my trust in this man and he never fails me, Trust in Ballard

    Gto. Corey

    @Patrick Judge but his hits far outweigh the Misses, Darius Leonard, queton Nelson, Braden smith, Julian blackmon, Jonathan taylor, Michael pittman jr,

    T S

    @Patrick Judge you’re obviously new to football

    Jacob Perry

    @Patrick Judge gtfo

    Trey Jefferson

    @Patrick Judge tell me you don’t watch football, without telling me watch football

    Harsh ice

    @Patrick Judge name one ?

AJ Smith

Raise the volume level of the guys on zoom asking question please!! Other than that. Go Colts 😤

Samuel Colby

If Ballard didn’t trade down then I know we got a stud

    J Sarge

    @Will Brench and he let Zach Banner go too early. He’s being used in Pittsburgh, a team we still can’t seem to beat. Y’all think I don’t like the draft picks and that’s not it at all. I’m just tired of all the talk during the off-season only for the same thing to happen again.

    J Sarge

    @john regalia 2017 wasn’t the only draft that had misses

    john regalia

    @J Sarge you don’t watch much football huh? No one said he was perfect but he is unarguably one of if not the best gma in football even the players you listed Campbell and turay are still on the team and have shown flashes injuries happen he is not all knowing and can predict a freaking injury. 2018 was the best draft of all time he consistently hits on like 70 percent of his picks he find impact players in the late rounds that is insane. People like you said the maniac was a horrible pick and now he’s one of the best defenders in football.

    Zach Noe

    @J Sarge those guys in 2017 were for a completely different defense for Pagano. His ratio for hits are one of the highest in the league for sure

    Zach Noe

    @J Sarge and Cain was balling out but he kept getting hurt. Sam’s with fountain

DJ Silk

I swear this guy is working Voodoo during the draft in that boardroom.

    Beetle Juice

    Lol maybe

luigi quatrano

Perfect fit for our team, he will gel right away with our defence because of his work ethic and humble trait. Keep building Ballard and let’s get that Lombardi!!!

Nathaniel Cesnik

Ballard is an absolute dawg and I love the pick


Ballard is the man. He has been delivering so well during his tenure that we tend to forget he’s human. Let’s keep that same energy and support when he’ll make a mistake, he is just a man, really good at his job, nonetheless, a man. For the shoe, in Ballard I trust!


As I’m watching the media critique of this pic, I’m thinking I remember a couple other ends that were called undersized and lacking multiple moves. Then I saw Dwight and Robert working with him one on one. I think we will be all right.

Darius Leonard

Welcome to the team Kwity!!! COLTS NATION🔥💯

Ardonis Williams

We got better last night! LET’S GO COLTS!!!


Let’s hope this kid actually pans out unlike the last couple edge guys ballard drafted. Fingers crossed


The 4 dislikes are probably Grigson supporters who want to draft a WR every first round..

Davvion Thompson

Love the fact that he not only looks at talent but character! These are guys that aren’t divas or me guys. Those guys want to be around and and will work.

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