2021 NFL Draft: Analyzing the Pittsburgh Steelers selection of RB Najee Harris – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2021 NFL Draft: Analyzing the Pittsburgh Steelers selection of RB Najee Harris

Missi Matthews & Mike Prisuta analyze the Pittsburgh Steelers selection of RB Najee Harris in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft

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Jxwx 21

Welcome to the Steelers Najee Harris🔥🔥

    McArthur Williams Il


Tucker DeBord

So glad and proud of the organization wonderful pic here’s to a great season

Prettie Rasta

Letss GOOO GREAT PICK 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

    aaron walker

    Ur fine

    Asiatic Noble



    @aaron walker horndog


I don’t mind this pick at all! Now let’s work on our O line. Be awesome to run the ball again. Go Steelers!


    Agreed on both counts. grabbed a great RB, but they are really going to beef up that o-line if they want to bear the fruits of that BB talent. Would love to see a running game like teams of old.

    Jay Jeazi

    I’m sure they will address the O-LINE in the next round or two. Love this pick!!!

Haunted Haunter

Great pick. He racks up yards after contact. He’s a playmaker. He can catch too. He fits the Matt Canada offense. He’ll fit in well with Juju, Ebron, Claypool, Washington, Rudolph, ect. Love this pick!

    Haunted Haunter

    @Jahiem Johnson oops, honestly forgot about him. Saw a video of the WR core hanging out and training with Rudolph recently, so he was fresh in the mind.




    @Ronald kinzanza Steelers will be dangerous.

    Joshua Schmerge

    @NRG is not Ben or hasykens is

AMi 53


Welcome to STEELCITY Najee!

chris ayres

draft party was at a homeless shelter, talk about steeler character, what a great pick, not only as a player but as a person


    This fact tells you so much about the character of this kid. Love the pick. Najee’s athleticism, catching abilities, size and toughness are all impressive.

    Joseph Landis

    Facts🙏most high blessings pick someone who gives back


    Steelers only draft good dudes.


    @Michael Dettore Trey hill. Quinn minerz. Plenty of lineman left !

    Alfred Cala

    He was feeding Leveon because lord knows he aint eating in KC

Everett Carson

Now you’ll see big ben throw the ball with more conviction

    Keith lamont

    😆 😆 🤣…so true

    Jay Jeazi

    It is nice to have such a talent in the backfield

Gavin S.

Welcome to Pittsburgh Najee, the city of Pittsburgh is gonna embrace your skills and you as a person. #HereWeGo

Mark Anthony

Najee Harris was made to be a Steeler. Here we go Steelers Here we go.

    Jay Jeazi

    Ohh yeesss can’t wait for football season

Stafford Jones

YES! Christmas came in April this year for the Steelers!

    Robert Rohde

    It usually does!

Dmeads 56

Now let’s double dip some linemen in rounds 2-3. Corner and edge rusher in the 4th.

    Ryan Tyler


    Danny Jones

    I’d go corner back in one round we need one


    I agree completely hopefully the tackles keep dropping maybe if we are really lucky we can get Cosmi in the second I wouldn’t mind tommy tremble in the third because you can get a good center in the fourth

    Jay Jeazi

    My thoughts exactly


Like him over ETN we don’t need a home run hitter. We need him to move the chains, extend drives & he will give us the ability to control the clock. He’s the guy who can get us the tough yards in the cloud of dust!!!
He can wear down defense, help keep our D off the field & closed out games.


    He won’t do anything if the Steelers don’t draft some good o lineman

    jake j

    @Cody there is still 6 more rounds and 7 now picks for the steelers calm down


    @jake j Im not saying I don’t like najee I actually love him as a prospect but no matter how good a prospect is they aren’t going to very successful without an oline look at CMC and Saquan good backs but horrible olines and because of that injuries set in

Automatic 93

Talk to me naj 🤝🤝💯💯💯 BEST OF LUCK BRO

Mel Cardonell

Thrilled with the pick. Plus with all his running skills he is a solid receiver he is a strong blocker which will make big ben happy knowing he will have some additional protection from. Blitzes

Fratboy Fitness

He sounds like he’s an amazing human being. Has his draft party at a homeless shelter, spends his free time helping the community. Doesn’t seem like we’re going to have to worry about him getting caught with the other running back and a bag of weed in a traffic stop.

Matthew Wiederhold

I got chills with this pick. Can’t wait for the season !!!!!


I like how formally they are dressed

Golden Essentials Delivery

Crazy how he’s the same age as me and we both played football at the same time in high school ! Wow

Dennis Wilson

This kid is a monster..great guy on and off the field. Gonna look good running over guys in that Black and Gold

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