2021 Indianapolis Colts Draft Recap – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2021 Indianapolis Colts Draft Recap

Fresh juice. As the 2021 NFL Draft concludes, look back at each of the Indianapolis Colts selections from inside the draft room.

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malabo10 Reply

For the Shoe, in Ballard I trust! Let’s go Colts!

Brandon Staley Reply

Ballard knows how to draft! Cant wait for the season

Samuel Colby Reply

You can’t take a guard at 6, you shouldn’t take a no name linebacker in the second round, why would you take a safety coming off an Achilles injury when you have depth already.

People talk every year acting like they know anything when all we do is watch 5 minutes of highlights and listen to what The analysts say. In Ballard we trust!

Edit Blackmon was an ACL but point stands.

    TheAdrian229 Reply

    Do underrated comment, next year you will be able to add you cant select 2 de with all the great ot on board

    Jacob Perry Reply

    Blackmon came off an ACL. This is a massive difference between that and an Achilles

    Samuel Colby Reply

    @Jacob Perry ah shoot, good point. Do you think it’s easier or harder to recover? KD was able to bounce back much quicker than Klay Thompson in the nba even though the injuries happened at the same time

Jason Dunn Reply

The picks we had this year i think we had a great draft!! Hearing alot of upset colts fans but im excited!

    dabney offermein Reply

    And media people like Brian Baldinger and Kiper roasting the Colts.

    Hey B Reply

    Yeah I hear them too but I think they come into the draft with expectations. I think that’s the wrong way to look at it.

    Ryan Moody Reply

    @dabney offermein Kiper not liking the Colts picks means they were really good picks

Beetle Juice Reply

I love all these picks. Ballard gets high character guys. Colts probably have the best locker room in the NFL.

    Amay Reply

    It’s not a probably. They’re led by a pastor haha.

    Anthony Abbett Reply

    Excellent point and something I honestly forgot to consider. 👍

    Anthony Abbett Reply

    @Amay what does a false god have to do with anything???

Danny B Fishing Reply

Kylen is going to EAT this year!

James Ross Reply

I’d like to see how d henry runs on us now

    Keith H Reply

    He only ran on us when Buckner was out. Still ticks me off lol

Jennifer Brown Reply


David Settles Reply

Please please please sign a tackle… We can’t go into the season with Tevi or Holden as the starter. If we get a tackle before the season starts then this draft is fine, otherwise we have a massive hole up front.

Lildicholas Reply

It might be a bit early to say but I think Ballard just nailed another draft class

Amay Reply

People question these edge picks, but they forget Kansas City is in our conference and did you watch the Super Bowl!?!?

Masta Blasta Reply

Regarding the “Wasted Pick” on QB in 6th round I keep hearing about from concerned Colts fans. In these crazy covid times were anyone can get flagged with a positive test (while still feeling just fine and maybe not even having covid due to BS test) and be scratched from the week’s game, having 3 QB’s on the roster may just be ‘the new norm’ for the NFL. Having a Winning, Capable, Playmaker at #3 QB spot is necessary now more than ever. Big Sam is indeed a winning, capable, playmaker that more mimics Wentz’ playstyle than Eason does. This is Great Pick in 6th round were typically every year a 6th round pick pans out to be a practice squad player or reserve special teamer at best.

Stephan Hayes Reply

Our defense is about to be.
Better than the bills

Jacob Perry Reply

This draft just underwhelmed me. I hope I’m wrong. But I don’t see any needle moved from these picks. Paye I liked but most are projects and Dayo is coming off an Achilles injury, which is highly concerning since those injuries can alter careers. Not sure what they were thinking there. But I will trust in the front office. I am wondering why they made the picks they made but who knows. I fear an 8-9 season incoming.

Gardocki ‘s Playground Reply



The confidence and the way he doesn’t hesitate on these picks assures me that we are in good hands

    jonathan westrick Reply

    We have the best gm, period. I have so much confidence in our coach, our gm, and our players. The culture they have built in this city is incredible. Im excited to let it be known throughout the nfl this next season.

Anthony Abbett Reply

Not sure about some of these picks but that’s why Ballard is the GM and I’m just a knucklehead here in Indy. 👍😎🤣🤣🤣

Tony B Reply

Tristan Schultz out of liberty next year is our pick when we need another LT

Diana Harter Reply

I am excited for the season to begin. GO COLTS ALL THE WAY!

Darriel Taylor Reply

Don’t panic, just trust Ballard

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