2020 Week 6 Trailer | Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dom Hamama Reply

Let’s go Lions

Rpie Howard Reply

Lions gonna eat these jags bruh

Cad Bane Reply

So when are we going to hire Jim Harbough as our coach?!?!?!

    Angelo Ljuljduraj Reply

    That would be awesome

    Zeke McMeeken Reply

    Wouldn’t be mad at that, but that dude is determined to always face Pete Carroll if he’s in the NFL

    Huzaifah Syed Reply

    Jim Harbaugh as head coach and Rex Ryan as defensive coordinator would be good

Youcancallme Funk Reply

Let’s see how they do when it literally could be everyone’s last game, and that vibe should last for the rest of the season . Let’s see if Quinn makes it to the trade deadline

    Luke No Reply

    u really want golladay gone he’s out franchise

    Youcancallme Funk Reply

    @Luke No where did I say I want Kenny gone ?

Josh francis Reply

If we lose Patricia MUST be fired at 4 o clock. The first four games were tough, but if we aren’t beating the jaguars and falcons then Patricia will definitely NEVER make the Lions REAL contenders.

World of Walsh Reply


Kareem Johnson Reply

What ever happened to that run stuffing defense we seen his first year with the Harrison trade? It never returned not even a glimpse of it. If they can just stop the run for crying out loud! Third and 11 is pass rush heaven… It’s hard as hell to rush the passer on 3rd n 3. If you gotta blitz the run so be it. At least you funnel the runner away from a spot instead of open lanes everywhere. Just stop the run and play Maybin more he’s more instinctual than half the guys in front of him.

Joe L Reply

4-12 lions da losers of the nfl

DN Moore Reply


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