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2020 Week 3: Seahawks vs Cowboys Preview

The Seattle Seahawks prepare to host the Dallas Cowboys for their Week 3 matchup at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks haven't seen Dallas since the wild card round of the 2018 playoffs.

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Rainen Reply

4:36 wow

    Alex Warner Reply

    Rainen yeah is Kazee ok? Dude got steamrolled!

Antonio Gamer Reply

We have to get revenge for what heath did to lockette

    Antonio Gamer Reply

    A1 Kev so your point is irrelevant

    A1 Kev Reply

    Antonio Gamer imagine getting your happy parade shut down by Jason Garrett and the cowboys lol

    melt138 Reply

    Naw . Lockette deciding to flop instead of actually going for the catch cost us a super bowl .

    Eddster Reply

    Lockette was trash waste of talent lol this new one tho 🔥

    StudSm s Reply

    Antonio Gamer oh god you are one of those fans.

Tony Burke Reply

Keep Russ cookin and take care of business! #GoHawks

Kyle Fleming Reply

lets make it 3-0 this sunday bro

    Aaron Thomas Reply

    @Avery Jones I would agree with you under normal circumstances, but seeing as there are no fans at Arizona’s games and Seattle is coming off a bye week before that game, I like the Seahawks to win that one. I see the Seahawks starting 8-0, losing to the Rams in week 10, and winning out, to finish the season 15-1. All that is assuming that Russ stays hot, the defense keeps improving week by week, and there are no significant injuries. Also this applies to your reply on Sparkrdom’s comment.

    YoBoy Trash Reply

    @Aaron Thomas yessir

    Kyle Fleming Reply

    @Avery Jones Yeah but unfortunately we always seem to loose that one game everyone knows we should win XD

    Kai Reply

    totally bro

James Madison Reply

Wagner likes to hit. Cowboys fear him for good reason. Go Bobby!

    RW3 Undercover GOAT Reply

    Brooks gonna take note 👏

Sparkrdom Reply

I think we go 4-0 to start this season, starting with the cowboys!

    Matthew West Reply

    @Devon 6am 14-2 with a divisional spot

    Devon 6am Reply

    @Matthew West Imma come back to this in Feb and if you right I’ll venmo you $50

    Matthew West Reply

    @Devon 6am Ok for sure i think 14-2 will be our record i see us losing to the Cardinals and the Niners thoes

    melt138 Reply

    Matthew West 13-3 maybe the 14-2 like you said lol . If the 49ers keep up the way they’re going it’ll be a sweep on them . I think we ll lose one to cards and rams . I think from how it’s looking rn the rams probably the biggest problem for Seattle in nfc . Maybe saints too lol . If a team has great dline and good secondary they give Seattle probs . Doesn’t mean guareentee loss but much tougher game for the team . Seattle winning the super bowl this year no caps . Wilson will win his first league mvp and super bowl mvp also . It’s happening lol go hawks

    Matthew West Reply

    @melt138 Yea I’m still sticking with 14-2 loes to Cardinals and the Niners

Wild James D Reply

Diggs is gonna want a pick 6

    iSea Reply

    @Sound Slave if we had frank Clark wed be garunteed to get into the sb

    Aidan Reynolds Reply

    @Jesse Lund omfg dude stop. Through 2 games. We have allowed a third of what the lob defence in 2013 allowed the whole season.

    X Æ A-Xii Reply

    @Aidan Reynolds you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter how good your secondary is you could have the pro bowl secondary out there it wouldn’t matter if your pass rush can’t do anything. And stats like passing yards given up are misleading early in the season. We play arguably the best passing attack week 1 then played a former mvp week 2. I’m in no way defending the defense but the secondary is not to blame rn

    eli ヅ Reply

    Sound Slave as a Seahawks fan I don’t think our D fence is at least top 5 our line isn’t very good and in my opinion I don’t think our corners r good either

    ElecTRIK Clan Reply

    @eli ヅ Honestly your right our corners need to do better aswell as Jamal needs to get better in coverage. the line needs to get more pressure I hear Damon harrison is going to visit the seahawks next week. Maybe get our linebackers to blitz a bit more to generate that pass rush

Cory Campbell Reply

The Seattle Seahawks are still going to be undefeated with an 4-0 this week

    Peter Ryabiy Reply

    We only played 2 games the best we can get is 3-0 it’s impossible to go 4-0 with 3 games, just so you know

Christian robert tabor Reply

finally brooks gets a start i wanted to see more of him during the patriots game but looking forward to see sunday

    12th Man Stand Up Reply

    Same he is one of my picks for breakout rookie him and Alton Robinson

    Dean Tibbetts Reply

    I hope Jordan has a real good first start. It will be good to see him play. And I think Ken Norton has a couple surprises for Dak.

    Remington Webb Reply

    @12th Man Stand Up i think he might be healthy now

    Aidan Reynolds Reply

    @12th Man Stand Up oh god enough with the Alton Robinson hype

    12th Man Stand Up Reply

    Aidan Reynolds why would it bother you if someone else thinks Alton has potential are you a fan or a hater lol

iSea Reply

you guys notice how dak stood up as he was running into the goal line who know someone could sneak up on him and big hit fumble?

MegaTriumph1 Reply

Seahawks this will be a fun game lots of challenges with the Cowboys. Seahawks need lots of turnovers to make it all that much better.

Lil dub 21 Reply

Jamal gon go insane 😈

    RW3 Undercover GOAT Reply

    I think Brooks and Robinson step up. Rookies will be tested, and I think they’re going ace the test.

Liquid Swords Reply

12s we got the Seahawks to Let Russ Cook! But now we need a new campaign to get John Schneider and Pete to sign pass rushers!

    Roshan Anand Reply

    Haha don’t worry they know what they’re doing!

    Dean Tibbetts Reply

    I was listening to a sports show today. And one of the sportscasters said the Seahawks don’t bring any more pressure than a hotel shower head. She was very funny. But it is also concerning.

    Jesse Lund Reply

    Sign snacks and suggs

    Jay ZevahC10 Reply

    Let Pete go.


The one dislike is from Stephon Gilmore

    Kai Reply

    ya. but now theres 3

    ian s Reply

    Kai it’s gilmore, newton, and bill belli.

    Karl Zipp Reply

    One of the dislikes is from Dak

    RW3 Undercover GOAT Reply

    Bruh he tried to tilt a goliath. He got mauled he had to struggle and claw just as a defense mechanism. He doesn’t respect DK cause he knows he can just out play him physically and with speed once he gets seperation. Mind games didnt work and he got cooked by the waiter dishing up Russ’s bombs.

    Kai Reply

    @RW3 Undercover GOAT ya totally

Andy Larson Reply

Take em hawks ..

Matthew West Reply

3-0 me and my dad put $30 bucks on the table my dad is a CowBoys fan I’m a Seahawk GO HAWK’S WE HAVE THE BETTER QB the best way we shut down the Cowboys stop the RUN!!! We shut that down and also stop the pass on D and force big time TurnOvers and let Russ do his thing and March down the field and go score on Offense that’s how we beat them

    Og_ KLuTchEd Reply

    seahawks have the 2nd best run defeence in the league

    Matthew West Reply

    @Og_ KLuTchEd Well if we can make Ezekiel fumble a lot like he did with the Falcons we should be really good as long as we recover and go score

    RW3 Undercover GOAT Reply

    Brooks is gonna go off. He’s gonna be pivotal because they will test rookies. I aint worried. The guy is a fast clean tackler. Once he gets adjusted to the game speed he’ll put on a show. I got a good feeling with him and adams to shut down those speedy rbs and qbs. In this case Zeke will have one or two big runs. But Seattle will adjust. Allowing seattle to focus on the pass rush as Russ picks apart the secondary.

bonnie smith Reply

Don.t under estimate Prescott

Shaq Sullivan Reply

Let’s go seattle

Enrique Morales Reply

No biased fans plz
Ik a cowboys fan and I’m enjoy this game win or lose seems like itll be a good one
Hopefully our corners can actually catch the picks
Other than that week 3 is gonna be lit

WillvisionTv Reply


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