2020 Week 3: Seahawks vs Cowboys Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2020 Week 3: Seahawks vs Cowboys Film Session

Former Seahawks wide receiver and analyst Michael Bumpus breaks down some of the Dallas Cowboys' Week 2 game film ahead of the Seahawks' Week 3 matchup with Dallas at CenturyLink Field.

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Mitchell Boles Reply

Go hawks

se4l Reply


A D Reply

Wagner is gonna erase all of the Ezekiel plays

    R3yT Reply


    James Madison Reply

    Bobby hits hard, they know it.

    Dalton v Reply

    If the dline can keep them clean bobby and Jamal should feast

    Howard Hsu Reply

    knowing bobby, he would’ve shot the gap on the first play

MegaTriumph1 Reply

Bumpus Mike Holmgren photo how retro is that?.

Clorox Bleach Reply


Íker De Stefano Magaña Reply

Seattle Lest go seahawks

Silver Ancient Reply

We dem boys.

    Spanaway 1999 Reply

    @Parker Smith hahaha.

    Joseph Allen Reply

    Parker Smith 😐

    Parker Smith Reply

    You know what’s funny I don’t even hate the boys everyone else calls them that

    Spanaway 1999 Reply

    @Parker Smith lol either way it was funny

    Parker Smith Reply

    Spanaway 1999 hey thanks I really Appreciate it

B C E Reply

Go. Hawks.

Prime View Reply


James Madison Reply

Thanks coach.

Andrew Nguyen Reply

Go Hawks!

Ian Kahalewai Reply

Go hawk’s 3-0

Daz BonesTV Reply

This just makes me mad that we didn’t bring in Griffen. Seahawks still smash tho.

Creep Johnson Reply


golden i Reply

Game over cows

Rishi Divvela Reply

The cowgirls are dead!

Solar Flexer 2 Reply

Cowboys pass defense film *exists*
Russ: 🤔😏

    Parker Smith Reply

    Solar Flexer 2 this is so true

Liquid Swords Reply

So Bruce Irvin is out ROS, Mayowa might be out this game, Darrell Taylor is out TBD. Why didn’t we sign more pass rushers this offseason?! Why didn’t we sign one this week?! I don’t get this team’s management with pass rusher. 😫

Roberto Bastida Ramirez Reply

Russ MVP

NAD Reply

Seahawks d-line will get shut down by backups

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