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The Cole Davidson Show Reply

I really hope Gase gets Bell involved more in the pass game that’s how he thrived in Pittsburgh!!!

    The Cole Davidson Show Reply

    Vercetti funny how once Kenyan drake got away from Gase he was a star. Just like Tannehill just like minkah Fitzpatrick. All I’m saying is if you think bell was utilized correctly your nuts because the Pittsburgh used him and the way Gase did was totally different

    christopher olexovitch Reply

    @The Cole Davidson Show Kenyan Drake is not star. Ryan Tannehill finally is healthy, but still no even close to an elite QB. Minkah was always good. Let’s be serious about Bell. Compare the Steelers Roster to the Jets, with AB keeping the whole secondary out of the box and having 3 pro bowl lineman plow the roads for you up front is just night and day with what he was working with at the Jets. You cant run the ball if there’s 3 dlineman crashing through the Oline and blowing up the backfield.

    The Cole Davidson Show Reply

    christopher olexovitch I don’t disagree that Pittsburgh has an much more complete offensive roster however if you watched the games you knew that the Jets O line was terrible and when you see gase only run up the middle instead of outside runs or passes it was very frustrating.

    Slim Skjeidy Reply

    M.F. Jones the narrative wasn’t that he didn’t use Bell enough. The narrative was that he didn’t use him correctly. He over used him in the first couple of games and then not at all towards the end of the season.


“Let’s Go!!”
“Next Man Up!!”💪

David Seymour Reply

pls dont keep getting our hopes up and then winning 4 games i need yall to be good sooo bad

    22Chrisbrad Reply

    Facts. This has transpired so many times, I’m tired of it already. We need change with results.

    Mike Pelligrino Reply

    Forget about this year. They threw in the towel when they traded Adams.

    22Chrisbrad Reply

    @Mike Pelligrino it would have felt weird keeping him around after all of that stuff he was talkin. he will definitely would have been whistling a new tune if he got paid though.

Blurry Reply

hyped for this team to show what they got! i really feel like we’re being slept on!!

    david jamal Reply

    I feel the same way bro!

MegaVegan Reply

Love the culture JD is building with the Jets.

Ari Dreams Reply

This is probably my favorite episode yet.

Dye Empire Reply

The fastest 26 minutes ever!

    BuddhaLove77 #NewCultureofPeace Reply

    I agree!!🙏

    Eric S Reply

    War eagle 🦅

Talking Jets Reply

Mekhi Just built diff

Power in Truth Reply

I’m rooting for Ashton Davis man

    Bo J. Reply

    Think it’s spelled Ashtyn. Kinda funny spelling but I’m rooting for him too

    Power in Truth Reply

    @Bo J. yeah him lol

Buckeye1005 Reply

Maye Mcdougald David going to be a better safety tandem then just Maye and Adams honestly but imma miss the on game day Jamal Adams but I’m happy that we got a great get by trading him now let’s turn those picks into something good and let’s build this young team up !

    Akchun Reply

    It’s ok bc Adams is overrated. Never had a good game against an elite QB. He was always dominating backups and rookies.

    thomas walsh Reply

    We lost with Adams we can lose without him.

Bear 7453 Reply

Bradley has more picks than jamal and budda 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

MinePlay 512 Reply

The Jets are very special.

Brandon Grammenos Reply

#30 confirmed pro bowl this year. Book it

M N Reply

Jamal Adams who?? 😬

jaysway__ Reply

#2 in run def now lets be 1st in both run and pass!! everybody is gonna sleep on our D

Alex Bardsley Reply

Man, I cannot wait for this season!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marco Martins Reply

really like McDougal, solid good person. wish him well

Guild176 Reply

alright im sold and ready to get hurt again

    David Cruiserweight Reply

    This comment perfectly sums up what it means to be a Jets fan #HopeNeverDies

Christian B. Reply

I love the sound of that guitar riff in the beginning

Kylo Robb Reply

Episode IV : A New Hope

Come on, I can’t be the only one to be thinking it.

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