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2019 Week 6: Seahawks at Browns Preview

The Seattle Seahawks hit the road to take on the Cleveland Browns for their Week 6 matchup at FirstEnergy Stadium.

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Legendary King Reply

pls don’t be a trap game

    Its Fading Reply

    No fr we got complacent against the saints and we see how that went

    Korie Creson Reply

    I think we had ours already against the saints

    Capo King Reply

    @Mariah C like…trap music. aka dealing with narcotics.

    Korie Creson Reply

    @Capo King yes exactly(wtf) NOT !
    A trap game is when you play down to a shitty opponent.(usually defense) That’s a trap game. We’re capable, the Hawks did it last year beating themselves against the 9ers last year after beating the cheifs.

    OHCal Browns Talk Reply

    Very possible. The Browns backs are against the wall and they might win this game. They could also just as easily get their asses beat. They’re unpredictable from week to week.

Luisa P Tuisamoa Reply


PercalTM Reply

Pete’s gonna downplay the Browns. It’s gonna be close and could go either way. Don’t be surprise is we lose.

    Korie Creson Reply

    On the other hand don’t be surprised if we shred em up

    FearHornet Reply

    Korie Creson On the other hand dont be surprised if they shred us up.

    Korie Creson Reply

    @FearHornet if they play up tempo all game long like the Rams did. We may get shredded.

Nithilan E. Reply

I’m going to this game let’s gooooo

    duff -.- Reply


    The Pickle zone Reply


    Nation 105 Reply

    Same go hawks !!

    Nithilan E. Reply

    Seahawksfan011708 KFC cool what seats?

    Seahawks Fan Reply

    Hope y’all have a good time I need to get up to Seattle and watch a game

Douglas Thompson Reply

Kind of tired of old ideas….hawks are a better team, go get them.



    SWAGG KIDD Reply


Frank Toledo Reply

What’s great Seahawks respects all teams and values their abilities to do well. Go Hawks.

    Rohan Reply

    Lmao yet they are the kings of taking their competition lightly

Doria Hernandez Reply

All I got to said is go Seahawks…

Mariah C Reply

I hope my Seahawks can win

scarecrowbar66 Reply

2:43 Baker fumbles, in the middle of Pete’s compliment !! xD

    Cesar Fernandez Reply

    Omg! Yes! I saw that to!! 😭😂

elbones1982 Reply

Our weakness is your secondary D. We need a top CB and a top safety.
And they have OBJ and Landry…
I dont feel good about this one

    Hawaii Productions Reply

    elbones1982 that is not always how it works. Sometimes you can play zone coverage and manage to cover two top wrs even if you don’t have top corners. Plus if we rush Baker we can force him to make bad throws that lead to turnovers. However I do agree about how our secondary is our weakest part.

    Capo King Reply

    i agree Seahawks secondary is Very weak. But if Clowney and Ansah step up we should be ok.

    Billy Snots Reply

    yeah i see us losing, trap game and I’m not feeling good

    elbones1982 Reply

    @Hawaii Productions Im still fairly nrw to football so i appreciate the exchange of opinions. I do hope you’re right

    Hawaii Productions Reply

    elbones1982 thanks

Brandon Maruszczak Reply

I am going to be at the game let’s go Seattle seahawks and Russell Wilson!!!

    Seattle Seahawks Reply

    See you there!

    Billy Snots Reply

    12 man up


    Brandon Maruszczak good luck with the loudest stadium in the world

    Nithilan E. Reply

    Brandon Maruszczak sameeeeee

Brandon Maruszczak Reply

We should win let’s go beat the Cleveland browns let’s go Hawks

Lee Barker Reply

Oh it’s going to be a good one!!!!

Chris S Reply

It’s time to show that we are a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!

Skoden Fineden Reply

If the Hawks trade Trent Williams be like “Whoooa.”

Manifesting Destiny Reply

Seeing ET, Earl Thomas give up & slow down before Chubb gets to the 40 yard line makes me think,
Whatta bum. Glad he moved on from the Hawks. Real character, real champions play to the whistle. See ya next week Earl.
Go Hawks

    OHCal Browns Talk Reply

    There was no way he was catching Chubb on that play. He still covered well for most of the game.

John Alexander Arango Valencia Reply

Go Hawks to the Víctory in Cleveland 🇨🇴💚💙💚💙

Sexual Assault Reply

Sounds like what they said against new orleans 🗿

blisterypoet Estrada Reply

Alright let’s go win this game 💪

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