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2019 Week 6: Seahawks at Browns Key Matchups

Seahawks Insiders Jen Mueller and John Boyle take a look at the key matchups to watch during the Seahawks Week 6 matchup against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium.

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Emrick Dammeier Reply


Use code ItsSavvyy Reply

Were gonna have a hard time covering Beckham and Landry

    Tony R29 Reply

    Doubt it

    whatever. Reply

    Tony R29 we are

    Patrick Parks Reply

    i think they manage

    Use code ItsSavvyy Reply

    Patrick Parks and our offensive line is not looking good 3 of the starters are out

    Patrick Parks Reply

    @Use code ItsSavvyy jamarco jones will do fine replacing fluker and id assume they will throw fant out at lt.

12 26 Reply

Go hawks

CJ Vlogs Reply

This should be a easy game

    Use code ItsSavvyy Reply

    CJ Vlogs never underestimate bad teams because it will always come back to bite

    SDS Mixtapes & Albums Reply

    CJ Vlogs Nawl it won’t be be cause duane Brown And dj fluker out

    kevnyor Jollywood 92502 gaming Reply

    @SDS Mixtapes & Albums brown out flucker might play

    Screams_Echo Reply

    I would agree with you if the seahawks were at home but since were away its gonna be more difficult but we still got a great chance and this will be an exciting game to watch

    whatever. Reply

    CJ Vlogs no

C-Gal Reply

#GoHawks Let’s go 5-1!!!💚💙

    SDS Mixtapes & Albums Reply

    C-Gal we’re losing 2 oL though

    whatever. Reply

    C-Gal we’re honestly gonna lose.

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    @whatever. Don’t talk like that! We are going to win!

    SIX PATH WOLF76 Reply

    We winning this GO HAWKS

SpiCyBaller Reply

Let’s go hawks keep up the great work!

Screams_Echo Reply

lets win this game tomorrow. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Koski Reply

Hawks win by a field goal.

Jack Dennis Reply


KARtoonZZ 113 Reply

Hawks are going to win the super bowl

Cozad45 Reply

With all the injuries to our offensive line, this is going to be one of those games where Russell gets sacked a lot.

f00zh Reply

Next man up. GO HAWKS!

Alex FortniteKing Reply


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