2019 Week 3: Seahawks vs Saints | Seahawks All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2019 Week 3: Seahawks vs Saints | Seahawks All Access

Seahawks All Access takes you on the field and behind the bench with all the sights and sounds from the Seahawks 33-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field.

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LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals Reply

These aren’t that fun to watch when we lose because we shot our selves in the foot the whole game.

Javi Aviles Reply

I love Russo he the best quarter back

CJ Gabriel Reply

Tough loss. Beat ourselves but they’ll bounce back. Let’s get it Hawks!

    Swagg Kidd Reply


    Nardo Umizaki Reply

    Let’s go

Liquid Swords Reply

Learn from this loss and come out a better team. Next few weeks are crucial games. Win the next 2 divisional games to keep playoff hopes alive.

Brandon Maruszczak Reply

I was at the game to my first seahawks game ever it was awesome being with my fans and let’s go Hawks I will never get up on my team!!!!

Benjamin Farias Reply

This was one of the hardest to watch Seahawks games ever.

    nielztoy01 Reply

    You should re-watch the King Dome era lol

    HP Films Reply

    You should watch the 6-6 against the cards from a few years ago…

    Mattheyou Reply

    U should watch the rams vs Seahawks in 2017 at home or Seahawks vs packers in 2016

    Nardo Umizaki Reply

    @nielztoy01 bruh you mean the platoon of suck

Benjamin Farias Reply

I’m glad we started 2-0. We have a lot of work to do if we want to make the playoffs this year. We got two lucky breaks vs. The Bengals and the Steelers. We needed this Wake up call. Any given Sunday.

Christopher Nicastro Reply

Thanks for the vid. I love the battle in this team.

Gunny Money Reply

Time to learn from this game and win next week and the week after that! Really hoping this is the year. #SuperBowlorBust 🙏🏼

MoistBreadcrumb Reply


Flag Bearer Reply

Tough Day Love Our Tea. GO HAWK

Swagg Kidd Reply


Alex Döring Reply

I love Coach Carrolls energy 😀

mary Charway Reply

ziigy ansah is back on the field and i love that seahawks wooooooooooooooooooooooooh

Mattheyou Reply

Smh could’ve been 0-3 but also could’ve been 3-0 mofo’s need to stop makin stupid mistakes that costs games man

whoisvjm Reply

We can cut Kendricks. Then Jalen Ramsey to CB1, Shaq to CB2 and Tre to Dime/Nickel or FS2.

    RGBLK Reply

    Why would we cut a Superbowl winning LB and a good one at that. There is other ways to acquire a CB.

    whoisvjm Reply

    RGBLK Well we don’t really need 3 x Pro Bowl linebackers. We need more help in the secondary.

Ej Conley Reply

This was a good teaching tool of a game. A lot to learn from fellas, and hoping the film showed were the club can grow. Season is nowhere near over. A lot of ball left. Lets get a streak going. One game at a time. REAL HAWKS FANS….. GO HAWKS!!!!

csrswfs156 Reply

patifaria, toma um pau e vem postar videozinho de play que deu certo, essa ai não é a realidade

TerrorWest Reply

the most undisciplined team I’ve ever witnessed. Repulsive.

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