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2019 Week 3: Seahawks vs Saints Preview

The Seattle Seahawks play host to the New Orleans Saints in the Week 3 matchup at CenturyLink Field.

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Lets get this win! Go hawks!

Ka Kjj

We better not lose this game

    DrewMan PDX

    Have faith my dude. 1-0 mentality. GO HAWKS!!!!

    jmr ghr

    DrewMan PDX fact listen to Drew every week we goin 1-0 and we def not losing this game , we got this!💯💪🏾

    Cole World

    @DrewMan PDX Lol I live in PDX too.

    Jay Humphreys

    I live in Portland too! Born and raised in Seattle tho…It’s the Cascadia Hawks. Let’s go get it! 3-0

    Gundam1313 Yjshuao

    Crisis Counseling for Hawks Fans will be available after the game

    Saints 28
    Seahawks 17

Brayan De La Paz

I can see in the future
Seahawks 35-18 Saints

    King Asaad

    Brayan De La Paz we’ll see boy. Im pegging you down for this


    No, you are from the future

    Aryan Modak

    If you’re actually right, then I’m…..

    Gundam1313 Yjshuao

    You really think hawks are going to put up 35pts against the Saints Defense lol… good luck with that lol


“We all we got, We all we need!” GO HAWKS!

alex sogo

Seahawks 3-0

Andrew Nguyen

Let’s Go Seahawks!!! 35-13


    Andrew Nguyen hope so bro!!!

    Andrew Nguyen

    @Q Yea Bro!

    John Ronkar

    Seahawks 23 – Saints 19 Go Hawks!

Wild James D

The defense is going to pop off

    Mcneil Webster

    3 interceptions

DrewMan PDX

Key to the game is stop the Saints run game. Will be a good game for us if we turn them into pass heavy with Teddy as there QB. 1-0 mentality. GO HAWKS!!!!!! Get loud 12’s!!!!


    … as their* QB.


    This is what you dont want… Teddy will pass all over you. Lets hope they can run. Lol.


    Seattle is 3rd or 4th in rush yards allowed… if they don’t throw it well they aren’t doing any damage. As long as Russell and company have a great game Seattle has a huge chance to win

Jaden Mains

Come on hawks keep it up

Lisa Velasquez

Too much blah blah NO blah blah blah, without Breeze they get NO pity from me! SweetHawks Rock-it like Lockette, who hoo☆ #12’s!

    J Mulkum

    No E

Christopher Hernandez

(Week 3:)
Saints @ Seahawks 21-34 Final

John Alexander Arango Valencia

Go for the 3-0 💙💚

Brandon Santos

Let’s not underestimate TEDDY THE EX VIKING QB.


Time flies, it doesn’t seem like 8 years ago the game with the bounty they put on Hasslebeck and the beast mode run.

Rane Stone

Russ with a hat on needs Raybans & he’d have Eazy-E on lock!

Wavy Chips

Easy claps. With Drew Brees being out with that injury. 3-0 Go Hawks!!


My favorite part of the video is Thomas Morstead (saints punter/holder) screaming fk yea in slow mo

    Solstice Beat

    Gnarshan 0:45 😂😂

Fred Thomson

Don’t be to confident…when everyone says you’re favored to win sure sign of laying an egg

John Marvel

Wilson throws 3 TDs 1 Rushing TD and 5 sacks Force Fumble Let’s go Hawks….

cody webb

Do you even have an active cameraman get it active cameramen nobody can see what you’re pointing at woman

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