2019 Week 2: Seahawks at Steelers | Seahawks All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2019 Week 2: Seahawks at Steelers | Seahawks All Access

Seahawks All Access, presented by Bose, takes you on the field with all the sights and sounds from the Seahawks Week 2 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field.

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Curvy Nyome Reply


Fusion Exodus Reply

There’s nothing better than watching all access after a win

    Seattle Seahawks Reply


    MoistFire Reply


    Osama Bin Thottin Reply


Yo Hon Reply

Been watching a bunch of Seahawks Clips no one’s talking about Malik Turner who had a great game and some key first downs

    Jonathan George Reply

    Yo Hon he’s been getting blown up on Seattle sports radio

    pattyratty1 Reply

    Not to worry Russ talked about him.

    B Rus Reply

    I was wondering why they kept him on the roster but now I see why they have been developing him the last couple years. I see him being able to get at least 450 yards and 3 or 4 TDs this year

Swagg Kidd Reply


Adam Maliski Reply

The energy in this lockerroom is so good. I’m excited to see what this team can do.

    Willfabeast2912 Reply

    Adam Maliski definitely a team people shouldn’t sleep on

    MoistFire Reply

    Yup, yup, yup! All my friends are hating on them… smh

    Adam Maliski Reply

    @MoistFire you need new friends

Shahiem Cook Reply

Been waiting for this video especially after a W

Shahiem Cook Reply

Even when you mess up Russ will have you forgetting that last play

    Willfabeast2912 Reply

    Shahiem Cook it really shows how much of a leader Wilson is

    Shahiem Cook Reply

    @Willfabeast2912 definitely!! #GOHAWKS

D Augustine Reply

Never won in Pitt until now… 2019 baby Go hawks!

    jasong96 Reply

    D Augustine The Seahawks have won in Pittsburgh before this.

    D Augustine Reply

    @jasong96 sorry I stand corrected about the hawks. I meant Russell has never won until now in Pitt. My bad brother

    sam hawkz Reply

    @D Augustine what are you talking about?? Wilsom torched steelers few years ago and had the best game of his career! 😂

    kb Reply

    @sam hawkz that was in seattle

    sam hawkz Reply

    @kb thanks for the correction! I hope Brian keep up with good play calling and spread the ball around! Malik Turner looks very good. Reminds me of Paul Richardson!

DMC Reply

Why does it show rashaad penny instead of Chris Carson on the 4th and 1 run at 8:50

    Liquid Swords Reply

    DMC haha thought we wouldn’t notice.

lew allen Reply

I’m glad to here they still keep the we all we got we all we need chant going. Sounds a lot different not coming from bam bam though lol

    Fusion Exodus Reply

    lew allen yup that’s our signature motto

Joseph Gonzales Reply

Pete looking good for 68. I could see him push 200 easy. Happy late bday Pete.

TheFunkytownGotcha Reply

love this on the sideline POV . keep them coming

Byron Dondoyano Jr. Reply

This is great, thanks. Please do more with Rable voicing over!

Chris M. Reply

Russell with that block @7:11. He’s DangeRuss for sure!!

Yoel Yanes Reply

Teams win games. Great team win. Keep it up guys, 12s belive. Go Hawks!

Magic Merlin Reply

I can smell a superbowl!! Go hawks!!

Charles Harrison Reply

I’ve been a Seahawks fan since I was a kid in Seattle. This video is such an encouraging moment- we are all family! Go Hawks!

LowerTheBoom Reply

How many more years will Peter Carroll be the Seattle Seahawks coach?

    fergdaddy _ Reply

    hopefully a LOT more

Diana Lynn Reply

The smell of victory is so sweet especially at Steelers especially for coach Petes BD!! 2-0 feels great!! Go Hawks 💚💙

Problem Child AKA The Truth Reply

This team is so fun to listen to. RW it’s such the motivator. Peter ole young self is a thing of beauty haha

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