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2019 Week 2: Seahawks at Steelers Recap

In the team's first regular-season game on the road, the defeat the . Go inside the locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say following the game.

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Up temp all the time, please.


Damn they should use this camera for the broadcast that footage looks amazing

    Todd Breda

    Yeah that looks like 4K 60FPS footage…Always going to be superior over the broadcast, even HD.

Emery gaming panda

lets go hawks 2-0 start that’s a good start for the season

RB Misty

Let’s go Seahawks!!! First time that their 2-0 since super bowl year this is their year! Wilson+Lockett +metceff+Carson = super bowl 🏟 (also Wagner and Clowney)


    And we are getting ziggy Ansah probably next week which is huge

    Mike Pancake

    Sheesh lets just play one game at a time. Its a long season with lots of football to be played.

    RB Misty

    Mike Pancake I know I’m just saying that this is the first time they started 2-0 since their super season so maybe history will repeat itself

    Laughing Man

    Got a great bye week for a run that’s for sure.

    RB Misty

    Laughing Man ya I agree

Optimus Prime Jr.

Will Dissly=the next great TE!!!


    Optimus Prime Jr. and metcalf is gonna be amazing

    Aadi Patel

    He might be Jimmy Graham 2.0. Also I think this year’s offensive recievers are like the offensive legion of boom.

    Optimus Prime Jr.

    @Aadi Patel Heck yeah!!!

    R E

    Aadi Patel except Graham couldn’t block to save his life!

    Aadi Patel

    @R E exactly which is why he’s 2.0 he has the same touchdown/yardage gain as Graham with better blocking skills. I think that he can easily rack up 15 touchdowns with 1000 yards this season. Also with Brees injured for a while, it allows for the Seahawks to breeze through next week without looking back.

Shahiem Cook

This is for you Mr. Allen

    DangeRUSS #3

    Go Hawks!

    A Minecraft OG since 2009




Ely Pevets

Something happening this year. Ben goes down before half. Now Brees can’t play game 3. Stars aligning.

    Samuel Anderson

    Plus: The Cardinals suck, so it’s like they’re already handicapped.

    Ely Pevets

    @Samuel Anderson Plus Clowney gift wrapped

    Samuel Anderson

    @Ely Pevets And we have some D-line coming back


    Luck retires…


    This could be a SB rematch with the pats and we stuff it down their throat… 🙏

Liquid Swords

Please fix the OLine 🙏🏼 Clean up sacks, penalties and fumbles. Love the offensive play calling second half.

    D Akers

    That last fumble I blame on the offensive line. The Steeler defender was already in the backfield by the time Wilson was able to attempt the handoff. As for the other fumbles, well, totally agree with you.

    Paris Wolf

    And not be too predictable. Mix up throwing plays with running plays better. Keep the other team guessing.

    First half play calling was way too predictable, and is part of the reason Carson kept getting low yards on his running.

    When the hawks came out the second half, they did mix things up much more including some nice Russell Wilson runs.

    We should excel at the air game. We have some great receivers. Just got to use them more at the get go. That makes the holes/space to for carson to run through.

    The offensive line needs improvement. You can’t do much when the offensive line cant get things done. Those stupid penalties, sacks, and such keep hurting our game. Ifedi hurts us too much. When will he ever develop into a better player? I don’t see the improved play and growth over his time with the Hawks. Ifedi is the weakest link. He nearly cost us our first two games. Jmo.

    Anony Moose

    Bench Ifedi. Boom. Oline fixed.

    Liquid Swords

    Anony Moose lol pretty much. Start Fant over Ifedi.

Ji Mo

We need help of our offense linemen and db man we need to cover better

    Paris Wolf

    Bench Ifedi first!

A Minecraft OG since 2009

We would easily be a 2012-2014 Seahawks team again if we get our offensive line together and stop getting penalties.

    Anony Moose

    Brown and Iupati have been amazing. Britt and Fluker have been solid. Ifedi fucking blows and is the entirety of their Oline problems. It’s really not fair that the entire Oline is getting a bad wrap because of him.


    I started calling penalties Ifedis and it kinda helps me cope a little… 👍😀

A Minecraft OG since 2009

Also happy birthday Pete. We all love you ❤

Livingthat Twelvelife

I’m so glad I was wrong about Dissly. I wasn’t sure he would come back all the way, but he has looked SO good.


Not good enough against a weak Steelers group with a backup QB

    Brock Games

    elbones1982 you’re right but a win is a win and they will clean up what they did wrong

    King Asaad

    elbones1982 Seahawks always win ugly lol. Where have you been?


    I’d say it was good enough. Who has the W?

Timothy Gathings

Will Dissly is catching the damn ball I’m loving that …Uncle Will is a beast ..Go Hawks !!! Let go 12’$

Timothy Gathings

Mfs in the media said Pete couldn’t bring his college mentality to the NFL …Happy 💯 Pete and Birthday to boot …


    I really hate the Eastcoast-centric national sports media.


Lets Go Hawks! Cant wait for Sunday! Awesome coach Pete!

Ji Mo

I think we could beat the saints without Brees playing


Wait no mention of Tyler Locketts 10 receptions and heads up flop? Come on man.


    Exactly! No Lockett no win.


    @billytheweasel thank you for concurring!


Did Will Dissley block well too?
I know #3 did !!!!!!


Carson better glue that football to his hands…fumbles could of been worse.

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