2019 One Jets Drive: “Culture Changer” | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Danthemangamer Reply

Go Jets! I’m sad about Sam

Review That Reply

Can yall stop playing kissy face in the clubhouse so qb1 stays healthy

Frank Reply

being a fan of this team is a mental illness

    JB Reply

    Stockholm syndrome for sure lol

    The Darnold Era Reply

    Being a fan of this team gives me mano

Sovaks 77 Reply

It’s sad the jets season came to an end after the first game. Hope they can get past this.

    Greg Waters Reply

    Sovaks 77 if you think they giving up after one game with these leaders you’re crazy

Mike Green Reply

Nothing has changed. Look at how many viewed this.

    JB Reply

    The fan base is dwindling, bring back good football to this Franchise!

Norman Getsinger Reply

CJ Mosley will end up being worth the money for the Jets though. He is there for 5 years, the Jets defense, in general, will improve because he is a leader. And the Jets defense played best when he was on the field against Buffalo. He also had a pick-six, fumble recovery and pass defended in 3 quarters. Sometimes you have to spend some money to get a 4 time all-pro.

Alfred Johnson Reply

UGGHH!! I can’t believe we are playing the Brown’s with one arm tied behind our backs😔
Yo!! On better news Bart Scott has a great radio show on WFAN talks Jets & Mets show is hot.

    Randy Washington Reply

    Alfred Johnson I like Bart on WFAN

    Alfred Johnson Reply

    @Randy Washington
    Yooo!! I just found the pod cast a couple of days ago, FUNNY AS HELL, informative as hell, it’s a great show.

Moritmer Moriardi Reply

i believe in trevor he can beat the browns!

Andrew Eisenman Reply

We have to be better the forth quarter. We keep giving up these close games

John Corey Reply

Gotta score more from those turnovers. No excuses, the offense, and kicking were atrocious.

Declan Crean Reply

Big Cat-“I gotta get to know you better your new here.”
CJ-“I’m a captain. I am the captain now.”
At 35 seconds

Genghis Khan Reply

Losing Quincy for potentially his career is a heart breaker

The GOAT Reply

0-6 then the real season begins!

Joe Kresl Reply

We gotta start winning here soon or some of our stars like Adams will probably want out when his contract is up

Paul Miller Reply

The culture has not changed same old jets being a longtime fan has caused me heart trouble and brain 🧠 damage 😫😫😫😫😫

Savage IMJG Reply

Like the fact that they didn’t mention the terrible kicking and the fact that their qb is out with mono for a month.

Randy Washington Reply

Whole family got on jets gear 💚

kevbo1756 Reply

Great video until 16:10…..Lets get it this week tho

Pitt Reply

4th to dislike… only because im a Browns fan lol…goodluck monday

Gabriel Diplan Reply

Love this team win lose or draw . Jet life till the next next life

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