2019 NFL Power Rankings!

Join Matt Smith, Dan Hanzus, Cynthia Frelund, and Maurice Jones-Drew as they rank every team for the 2019 season.

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A Random guy Reply

Does Cynthia even watch football

    thunderbolts 24 Reply

    Jay Wiggle maybe we should keep track just for shits and giggles 😁

    buckwildboys1 Reply

    Cynthia is so attractive perfect for sitting on my face I respect her intelligence too of course I’m not a creep haha

    buckwildboys1 Reply

    MJD is biased working for the Rams looks like a goof , good player in his day though

    Chop Chop Reply

    A Random guy no just Madden simulations! Lol

    redskinjim Reply

    she is cute

Hamsa Fofana Reply


    Henry Bond Reply

    Hamsa Fofana lmao

    Hunter X Reply


    OD KuttThroatJay Reply

    All tht animation for a ruby 🤣

    Retard Reply

    All of that to get a gold 😭

Joe Flacco the one Reply

Where is Elliot Harrison???

    Paramvir Atwal Reply

    I miss dude too.

    Oscar Aguilar Reply

    Joe Flacco the one he stopped doing them 😔. He did them for 8 years and the new guy (Dan) took over. This is actually dans second time doing it. The first was after the draft and free agency.

    america be strong Reply

    @Donald Esposito the wwe is fake and scripted it can’t be rigged unless the owner doesnt want a person to succeed which you can sue him for and take all his money

    Michael Shan Reply

    Joe Flacco the one He’s been pretty inactive on social media for a while now too. Miss the guy, imo one of the only good analysts on NFL Network.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    I miss him

eduardo castañeda Reply

F in the chat for Elliot Harrison

    Pumitri Reply

    Why what happened?

    eduardo castañeda Reply

    @Pumitri I don´t know, he´s just not the host anymore :((

    Pumitri Reply

    @eduardo castañeda 😱😭😭 he was so good 🙁

    eduardo castañeda Reply

    @Pumitri I know Aaaaaaaaah

SUPA Goose Reply

i think cynthia’s “simulations” are madden franchise sims

    xavier botello Reply

    @Donald Esposito how do you get 53 people and their coaches per team to do that?

    George Clayton Reply

    Donald Esposito 🤡

    Chop Chop Reply

    SUPA Goose THEY ARE!! Lol

    Lgf04 LGF04 Reply

    Madden is trash stop buying that garbage

    GR1M RACER Reply

    So Browns Vs Redskins superbowl.

Andre Bissonnette Reply

Jones-Drew: “The Jaguars have an offense built to score points” Are we looking at the same team?

    sneakie squid Reply

    He never said for the jags. They will score a lot for the other team.

    James Sheehan Reply

    Zack Haselius exactly. The man is a great backup low tier starter. He’s inconsistent like a fitzmagic but slightly more upside imo

    Original6Productions Reply

    @Zack Haselius I’m not a jaguars fan by any means but judging foles off his previous times he’s played on other teams should not even count. Nick Foles had Jeff Fisher for his head coach and we all saw what Jeff Fisher had Jared Goff looking like before he got fired. Now Jared Goff is 100 million dollars richer and has played in a superbowl. Nick Foles is a solid guy and that pains me to say as a cowboys fan. You don’t have the type of post season he had with philly and just go back to being trash. Not to mention he nearly had them in another NFC championship game this year. AFC south better not sleep on the jags

    Zack Haselius Reply

    Original6Productions Joe Flacco, Brad Johnson, Jim Plunkett, Mark Rypian, Jeff Hostetler, Case Keenum, Mark Sanchez, Andy Dalton, Matt Schaub, specifically 2015 Peyton Manning, etc. What do they all have in common? They are all backup caliber QBs that had okay, or sometimes even good postseasons. That doesnt make them any better than who they are. Foles is downgrading everywhere. One of the main reasons he ven had success in Philly was because he got the ball out quickly thanks to receivers who could separate. There are no such receivers in Jacksonville. And he’s certainly downgrading o-lines. Going from top tier, to bottom 10. Nick Foles, was/is/and always will be a backup caliber QB. One postseason isnt going to change that.

    Willie Hardiman Reply

    People hype up Nick Foles like he’s proven that the can lead a team for 16 games.

HentaiGod Reply

oh yes time for the cynthia memes to litter this comment section

Robbo Reply

“You’re not going to win with backups because you were cohesive & look good & work well together.” – MJD

Have we not been watching the same NFL dominated by the Patriots who are notorious for putting fit > talent?

    Jake 0429 Reply

    What he said was a meh take but patriots also have one of the best coaches of all time. Patriots still had talent on both sides of the ball dominating the league brotha. Not as much now losing Gronk.

    MajesticCowYT Reply

    @Jake 0429 Gronk isn’t as big as a deal as most people think it is, remember super bowl 51, we didn’t even have Gronk. This year we have Gordon back Edelman, Thomas, White, Michel, Harry, Dorsett, and Meyers

    Eric De Silva Reply

    Robbo but they’re the only ones who are successful at pulling it off. At least so far.

    Mediocre-Gaming Reply

    @MajesticCowYT thomas got released actually, still a good a core tho

    MajesticCowYT Reply

    @Mediocre-Gaming they signed him back bro

Paul Coughlin Reply

The sad thing is, we’ll probably all be decades before Tom Brady retires.

    Smokin Jay Cutler Reply

    How is that sad? Your witnessing the greatest qb of all time, it would honestly be weird not seeing him play

    Alexander Escatel Reply

    Andrew Luck retiring before Tom Brady is honesty depressing

    LukasH Reply

    @Smokin Jay Cutler because the pats are boring to watch and honestly take the fun out of the afc

    Bryan Stover Reply

    @LukasH Beat em then

Tone W Reply

Where is My Homie Elliot


    Tone W looking for his spoon

    Tone W Reply


    Woelfi 45 Reply

    @Tone W He is swimming in money

    Tone W Reply

    Woelfi 45 As he should


    Tone W what do you mean todd took it in that playoff game and he thinks he should be paid more

Dubious Fizzgig Reply

“…Luck the clear cut number one player of his draft.”

Russell Wilson has left the chat.

    Original6Productions Reply

    @Ramone DeCurta Better receivers? Yeah Idk about that one bud. Wilson at one point had both goldin tate and doug baldwin who are both solid receivers. Not to mention just a few seasons ago Baldwin led the league in touchdown catches. Luck only had TY and just last year he finally got someone other than TY in Eric Ebron. And the only time luck has had a line that was in the top ten was only last year so get you’re facts straight. Not to mention Luck had no running game to protect him either his entire career. Wilson has been blessed with good to elite rushing attacks his entire career.

    Buddy Scarver Reply

    @Dooky nobody wanna hear “if” wilson was the better querterback period!

    Dooky Reply

    @Buddy Scarver Nah

    Dooky Reply

    @Original6Productions Tell him!

    Dooky Reply

    @Ramone DeCurta Lol your last statement literally applies to last season. I’m done lol

Brandon Stickels Reply

MJD still hasn’t said anything credible enough for me to forgive him for putting Kyler Murray as the 5th best player in the NFC West, over Bobby Wagner and most people who have taken a snap at the professional level. The Rams favoritism is not helping his case

Anthony Riportella Reply

I love how they skip the Bears to talk about “America’s team”

    Toxy Reply

    Cmon I want to hear about all the teams, get organized ppl. How you gonna skip teams completely in a 40+min video?

    Chop Chop Reply

    Asap Blessed ok let’s talk about the bears then… Eagles got lucky that the bears had a shitty kicker miss a field goal! Got lucky they made it to the divisional round! Lol

    Chop Chop Reply

    Anthony Riportella ps…the bears were almost every analysts Super Bowl favorite…what more do you want?!

    Will Herman Reply

    @Chop Chop Really? Name them…

    Thomas Urech Reply


Prison Bill Cosby Reply

MJD really said the bears can’t be #6 because they don’t have a kicking game…

    TheOGNubz Reply

    As we saw last season, the kicking game kept quite a few teams from the playoffs, so he isn’t exactly wrong on that

    Zack Haselius Reply

    Eddie Pinéro looked pretty good last I checked.

    Antonio Brown Reply

    The Steelers would have won 3 games if it wasn’t for Boswell missing kicks.

    Robert Spaulding Reply

    Prison Bill Cosby
    That’s a logical point there. Kickers are the closers, if you don’t have a good kicker you’re doomed lol.

    Mugen Champloo Reply

    Kickers are the deciding factor in a large percentage of games. A handful of missed/made field goals can be the deciding factor in whether or not your team makes the playoffs

AFatzSwaggadactyl7 Reply

Literally only took time on big name teams. Waste of time. Don’t watch the video. It’s garbage anyway

    kalle roseworld Reply

    Who starts from top to bottom anyway

Eli Ezekiel Reply

Never trust these power rankings Seahawks were 27th week one last year and ninth now.
-Seahawks fan


    Eli Ezekiel rams

    Angry-est Reply

    9th seems pretty respectable considering the season hasn’t really started yet… the guy doing these is different too. Maybe they fired the old guy lol

    Steven Thunderz Reply

    Exactly Seahawks are underrated and there good it’s not like there bad but that’s how the media treats them. -Seahawks

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    @†RVSTY TEVSPOON† Not you again

adel Osman Reply

They really made this show worse last years one was amazing with Elliot Harrison now it just gay

warm cup of dad Reply

I think Cynthia is there just for the women aspect to this show and just to sit there and smile.

    Sammy Reply

    warm cup of dad “is JJ Watt still on the Texans?”

    BEZ LLAMA Reply

    Yup it’s 2019 so there has to be a women there

JJToasT Reply


DaddyRaka Reply

Cynthia’s model/ Madden 20 simulation.

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