2019 Atlanta Rising

Listen closely. Others enjoy counting us out. We did not inherit our fate, we are here to define it. We chose to be here. This is Atlanta. We are everything in one. Flash of prime. Jesse's hammer. Vick's fire. Matty's Ice. Swagger and charm. Personality and Brotherhood. Unified by one badge of pride. Overlooked? It's not our problem. You best believe, it's about to be theirs.

#InBrotherhood #AtlantaFalcons #RiseUp #NFL

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Demarcus Newell Reply

Let’s go Falcons rise up Deion killed it

Jacob Kainalu Reply

Time to Rise tf Up! #brotherhood

Demarcus Newell Reply

I’ve been ready for the season but Dion has really got me ready and pumped for the season it’s Primetime baby Falcons let’s go rise up we always fly under the radar but this year we will rise

    dr strange Reply

    Demarcus Newell I think our guys prefer to go overlooked and fly under the radar, we don’t mind

    Averagestoner Reply

    Y’all never fly under the radar that’s all we hear about is the Falcons. Panthers fly under the radar, they are going to win the division

nckhrt Reply


Ryan Franklin Reply

The time is now!!! Us vs. EVERYBODY #RiseUp

Gaming With Cj Reply

Bro who’s so hype for Sunday’s game #RiseUp

    nckhrt Reply

    Gaming With Cj nice profile pic and MEEEEEEEE

    Kori Geez Reply


    A sad falcons Fan Reply

    Rise up

Kaye Gzz Reply

Let’s get it. Dirty birds in the building baby 🔥

Mike Honcho Reply

God I’m so tired of waiting for a championship this is painful to watch

    David Barstow Reply

    Amen brother. Is it wrong for me to be jaded when I watch this?

    Nick bagnulo Reply

    Should of won sb 51
    The Julio catch should of ended it

dirtybirds2323 Reply

WOW if I wasn’t pumped already THIS did it!!

OKyatis Reply

Video jus gave me the chills🥶🔥🔥

Jamerous 58 Gilliam Reply

Let get nasty and WIN

Tyler Duvall Reply

SB 54 in Miami, & The 100th season of the NFL Belongs to The Atlanta Falcons 🌃💰🏆

    Averagestoner Reply


    whodatnation5o4 Reply


    ZukoDaPrince Channel Reply

    whodatnation5o4 here goes the saints fan


    Checkout RISEUP RADIO Week 1 Postgame summary + RANT!!!!! MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE w OTHER LOYAL FALCONS FANS!!!!! https://youtu.be/YUd12AzHyDs

Slimdulla87 Reply

Here’s facts about Atlanta. We may not have a ring (yet) we may also lost a 28-3 lead in the superbowl, but even after all of that we still the BEST city in the USA. When you hear the South you think of Atlanta.

    Averagestoner Reply

    Nah Charlotte is where it’s at. Atlanta played itself out

    Slimdulla87 Reply

    @Averagestoner you out your mind to compare Atlanta to Charlotte. Charlotte don’t even come close to Atlanta status


    Checkout RISEUP RADIO Week 1 Postgame summary + RANT!!!!! MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE w OTHER LOYAL FALCONS FANS!!!!! https://youtu.be/YUd12AzHyDs

R Cuz Reply

This man is the reason why I became a falcon fan I’m ready let’s rise up

    MK Reply

    Me Too! Rise Up! 👊

GhOsT PePpErS Reply

If we had Arthur Blank sooner than later, Primetime would’ve retired a Falcon.

You Mad Reply

Lets give em Hell baby. RISE UP!!!

ZukoDaPrince Channel Reply

Everyone so quick to talk about Atlanta, they say this , they say that, yet y’all still moving down here to our city. I’m a real Atlanta native & I don’t plan on leaving. Atlanta is where it happens. Y’all can talk about our team all you want, count us out. This year, in the 100th season of the NFL, ATLANTA FALCONS WILL BECOME SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS! THAT LOMBARDI TROPHY COMING HOME ! 🏆🏟🔴⚫️⚪️ #RiseUp

L Capitan Reply

I’m SO READY for this #JourneytoSB54 1 Game at a time! This got me HYPE! #RISEUP 🔴🏈⚫

MackMane Reply

Like Prime said.. we at full strength! Bout to be a problem… Rise up!!!!

Greg Jackson Reply

So who ready to knock the last 4 digits off the debit card of a Viking??? 😂😂

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