2010 Seahawks All Access vs Saints Beastquake | Seahawks Video Vault – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2010 Seahawks All Access vs Saints Beastquake | Seahawks Video Vault

As part of the NFL100, we go deep into the Seahawks Video Vault each week to bring shows from the past. Seahawks All Access takes you on the field to see the sights and sounds of the team's 2010 playoff game against the Saints, AKA Beastquake.

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DangeRUSS #3 Reply

Go Hawks! Let’s get this win at home!

KingLouie 82 Reply


Sam Dogg The Infamous 253 Reply

I was at this game that run came right at my Endzone and we were literally shaking our Endzone it was so awesome to be a part of that play in person too and not watching on tv. Go Hawks.

    HopiCoyote Reply

    Pics or it didnt happen 😉

    Skeezix Reply

    Same here, we were up in section 312, the old kingdome used to get that crazy on a regular basis. I only wished I had bought one of those bootleg “I was there” T-shirt’s they were selling outside the stadium before the game.



Rowdy Jr. Reply

WOW. I remember this game. When I saw Marshawn pushed Harper like that, I was amazed! Let’s go Hawks! Beat them again!

Dave Norman Reply

I was there it was crazy and so loud. I felt like my body was shaking from how loud it was. Probably one of my favorite games ive been to

A Fucking Bird Reply

I’ve seen this over 100 times. Never gets old.

Ricardo A Reply

Back in the days when the Seahawks had an offensive line 😭.

    Ricardo A Reply

    @Nickolas Caldwell compared to what they have now is a great o line when they went to the super bowl they had the highest paid o line so it was actually pretty good not trash

    Nickolas Caldwell Reply

    @Ricardo A highest paid is great! Russell was still top 5 highest sacked qbs in the NFL! That doesn’t say great oline to me at all.

    Marc Amico Reply

    @Ricardo A That would be in 2005.

    Ricardo A Reply

    @Marc Amico they had the highest paid in 2013

    Ricardo A Reply

    @Nickolas Caldwell yes he does get sacked a lot and lately it has been 90% the o line faults but that last 2 to 3 years some sacks came cause he was trying to keep extending the play sometimes you just gotta throw it away and not lose 15 yards and everyone knows the Seahawks play tendencies 3rd and 15 half back draw down the middle

Tank Tropics Reply


Solstice Beat Reply

I can’t stop watching these Seahawks videos!

John Ogo Reply

Yeah Seahawks let’s get this one here and God bless the team and the Seahawks fans full blast the volume!

R R Reply

I was going to say good times good times but I was actually watching this while I was incarcerated. SMH

Marc Amico Reply

I get it,but Matt Hasselbeck is completely OVERLOOKED this game. His last game at Qwest stadium was phenomenal.

Andrew Nguyen Reply

Go Hawks!!!

Super Hawk71 Reply

I love it!!!! Marshawn actually gave a decent interview!!!

Super Hawk71 Reply

The guy who says now let’s make some noise for your Sea Hawks looks a lot like Russell Wilson I can’t believe it he look just like Russell Wilson not trying to be weird nothing but he looks a lot like Russell Russell Wilson check it out

Rufus Prime Reply

I highly recommend everyone go watch the Rain City Redemption videos. Absolutely amazing material put together.
“No one outside Seattle giving us a chance.” That quote goes so hard.
EVERY analyst in the world gave Seattle no chance.
We showed up.

Dalton Ballard Reply

That game and that play made me a fan for life I can’t wait see another hawkquake

Softnumnums Reply


asahel medina Reply

i was at the game with my brothers. will never forget this game.

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