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Glad he’s back and healthy.

    Dylan Lewis

    Chief-Blackhawk quality comment

Emperor Palpatine

Andrew luck will lead the colts to a division title this year. Guarantee

    Zach Gilbert

    @lavcarti Well, my just DID so I’d still not impressive……..

    Kronic Impulse

    Zach Gilbert AFC South is one if not the toughest division in the NFL so it would be pretty impressive

    Chike Mike

    If they don’t win it all it doesn’t matter

    Colts fan4 Life

    Chike Mike To you

Emperor Palpatine

Luck > Rodgers
At least this year

    Luis Avila

    Luck has beat Rodgers in the past few years
    I’m sure luck beat rodgers his rookie year as well. Good highlights too

    Michael Ajenifuja

    @KME0120 your definitely a Seattle fan 😂. This Wilson vs my qb luck debate is so annoying they are both elite QBs just keep as that


    Emperor Palpatine ever. Not this year

You can do it, Corky !

He’s is a top 10 player

    Willard Yoder


Zuhayb Abshir2001

Hopefully Luck will win MVP or a ring one day.💯 He deserves it!

    Kronic Impulse

    He’ll win a few MVP’s and he’ll win at least 3 SB’s with the Colts before he retires count on it 😎


    No way! No how!

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    Kronic Impulse I got him winning 2 in the next 5 years

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    P-miner whys that

clinton jackson

Aaron literally played a couple games and is ahead of Luck and Wilson. This list is a popularity contest

    shaq hall

    @thedarkemissary if that’s the case Brady shouldn’t even be top 10 either

    Day Be Trippin

    @Kenneth Bryant and didn’t do 💩 all year. It’s bias asf

    Day Be Trippin

    @BaronVonBielski he played like 💩 all season

    Anthony Hutchins

    Rodgers is better than them though lol

    Day Be Trippin

    @Anthony Hutchins not last year he wasn’t


Dearest Mother –

I am back where i belong. the NFL top 100 list

    Lil'Blick Wit Da Stick

    Love Captain Luck and his glorious neckbeard

Neighborhood Nip

Watch Mike Daniels be rank No. 1

    Savage Savant

    It’ll be Ma-homeboi!


    It’s gonna be Nate pederman😤

    perfect stranger

    Julio Gronk Miller AB Gurley Brees Mahomes Donald Brady Mack
    please don’t quote me on that

    perfect stranger

    lol no Tony Romo or Nathan Peterman 🙁

    David Torres

    Neighborhood Nip 💀💀

Brayden Wormer

Last colt on the list. Should’ve been 1 more. Q got snubbed.


    Marlon mack too

    Serik Jones

    Marlon Mack?

    Brooks Orlando

    I think they literally forgot about him when doing this list…maybe cuz he was a rookie. He was the best interior lineman in NFL last year

    Its Just Jeremy Yo

    Nelson is going to be the most dominant interior lineman for the next decade.

Lil DaSauce

” I love Tight Ends” – Andrew Luck, 2019

    Vagina Crusher

    Lil DaSauce this did not translate until I heard him actually speak it funny asl

    nomar manuel-munoz

    Thats also a quote of any sport madden player….tight ends are always up in madden lol


    300 like

    Ryan Johnson

    “I like tight ends”.. and there is four good ones on this 19 team, 2 of them are really good.

Pollo Gaming

Smh we’ve had 3 qbs who should be close to the top 10
1. Russell Wilson
2. Andrew luck
3. Matt Ryan

    Zachary McCall

    @Kronic Impulse 4 less tds and half the picks on 200 less attempts lol. Plus higher ypc and passer rating.

    Kronic Impulse

    Zachary McCall Still had better stats I’ll take more yards and more TD’s over passer rating

    Jamaul Anderson

    @Mark Wilson Aaron Rodgers won 6 games and is top 10…Matt Ryan was 69th on this list…69th

    Mark Wilson

    @Jamaul Anderson the players voted for a reason. They play the game and know the game.. so I can’t do anything about it bub. The players voted matty 69th who cares just a list


Remember at the beginning of the season when people said Luck would never be the same? Well here we are now seeing him at #20 on the players list

    Fabian Gallegos

    Same with JJ Watt


    I was one of them


    ikr! idiots LOL

    Colts fan4 Life

    The same? They said he would never throw again 🤔 or that he was actually dead and the colts organization was hiding it 🤣🤣


honestly if I were given the opportunity to take any young QB to start a franchise I’m takin luck. Dudes a mf warrior

    Hrant Esserian

    Over mahomes? Wilson?

    Hamdan Abdalla

    Ehh Wilson would be better he never missed a game in his life

    Colts fan4 Life

    He’s 29 almost 30 but had a year off and got sacked the least In the nfl last year. Seems to me that’s going to continue happening if the o line can stay healthy Luck can play till he’s 40 if he wants no issue

    Grant Wheeler

    Markeith Jones don’t even mention Goff lmao he only does well in the regular season because of McVay and then disappears when it matters. He’s a true system QB

Cat Man

Luck should have been higher!! Maybe in the Top 10!!


“Institutions are the strength of democracy” he says in the middle of a rain soaked pro bowl. Who even is this guy lmao

    Kevin Slappey

    He’s honestly hilarious, though im not 100% sure if he knows it

    Rott Dogg

    Statists always be statin’.

    nomar manuel-munoz

    Him and joey bosa would have the greatest micd up convo in mankind…both are so socially awkard

    Carter Rolen

    just when i think i couldn’t love andrew luck any more, he goes and becomes a maoist. thats my quarterback

Allen Ivey

“Central Institutions are the strength of democracy” just some sideline talk ya know?

kwabena donkor

Luck will be number one come seasons end I truly believe that

BRs Anime Corner

As a colts fan, I’m mostly happy just to see him back on the field as well as on this list 💯💯💯

Packers Nation

Hands down the most lovable guy alongside with Larry Fitz

    Brandon Cetta

    Hamdan Abdalla nah a lot of people think Russ is kinda phony. Especially Aaron Rodgers he cant stand Russ

    Hamdan Abdalla

    @Brandon Cetta nah he’s a good guy and they hate that they aren’t on his level of respect


    Brandon Cetta Rodgers just salty bc he’s a big fat phony with a sheep following


    In my breakdown of the Colts I said he is a guy you want your daughter to date.

Artur Zinurov

Luck and Wilson being lower than Aaron is absolute idiocy

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