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Paula Deen

If Peterman is not number 1 we riot.

    Jesus Saldana

    If not first rigged

    Matthew Shortle

    It’s Aaron Donald. Riot.



    ll S N A R L ll


Can Eli Manning get 2000 subscribers with videos?

Super underrated. Should be at least ten places higher on this list

    John Lennon


    17th Luv

    Whatever this guy says 😂

    Jamie Craig

    10 places higher would make him 12 or -8. Depends how you look at it

    Kingof Grim

    †RVSTY TEVSPOON† you must be young asf


Everyone get prepared for the “Where’s Nathan Peterman?” jokes for Aaron Donald being #1

    Rowan Fernsler

    He’s #0 cause he better than best


    I’m doing football reaction vids on my channel, check it out. Much love

    Camden Disney

    yeah boi

    Adrian Barnes

    @James Taylor it’s trolls

    Adrian Barnes

    @Crex MM W

Le’Veon Bell #26hunnit #PayBell #GOAT

*Good to know that I’m #1 but cant believe they left Aaron Donald off the list*

    Random Internet Guy

    Le’Veon Bell #26hunnit #PayBell #GOAT
    I love Bell.
    Le’Veon is a future hall of famer no doubt

    Dats Dope

    Le’Veon Bell #26hunnit #PayBell #GOAT underrated comment😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tony Snell

Mahomes should be higher. Nothing wrong with being a saints fan and admitting that
Nothing but respect for both these guys💯

    Donnnation TV



    Matthew Vides mahomes this the did everything drew did but better the man was the league mvp was drew nope. Just because he “should’ve” been in the super bowl doesn’t mean your better than the mvp. I’m a Brady fan and mahomes did better than Brady. Brees can break records all he want but he still won’t be as good as mahomes last season

    The Second

    Breesus H. Christ, you’re smoking

    The Second

    Breesus H. Christ, one qb got out scored by the best qb of all time in the conference finals another one lost to a Qb who’s not even top 40 and didn’t have his best wr and threw an int and lost the game. Patrick Mahoney would of whooped the rams in a playoffs situation

Patrick Bruno

I guess Nathan Peterman is #1! We did it boys


    Am Mm well he beat Clemson so feel good

    Nathan Peterman

    Thanks. It took a lot to get me here

    Josh Miles

    @Patrick Bruno sorry he’s number 2 this year as in backup in Oakland

    Josh Miles

    Nathan don’t let Glennon take your number 2 spot bro

Jesse Coulter

NFL:Drew brees number 2
Madden:no,no,no no Philip rivers is better

    Don Mega

    @Cavan Cox Rivers suck dude Brady troucned the Charger’s off the playoffs

    Don Mega

    @Slim Vickins man come on Keenan Allen ain’t no scrub and they have a top corner on defense the Charger’s was good until Brady bounced them off the playoffs 🤣

    38 rollaxk

    Where tf has he done past yrs besides this playoff he didn’t make playoffs for years your bugging lmaooooo

    Captain D

    @Łeone Bruh what? You’re literally making no sense lol. Thats like saying carson wentz was a better qb than brady when he had that good season. You probably just started watching football so im not mad at your invalid opinion


    @Captain D stop liking your own comments an brady is a system qb

Sim ?

The city of New Orleans absolutely *LOVES* drew brees!!!

    VitaminDevil- G

    @Broken King makes you wonder, chargers with Brees and LT could have brought them a SB if they were paired up the entire way instead of breaking that duo apart


    Appreciate it if y’all boys check my channel out I’m doing football/madden videos

    Camden Disney

    everyone love brees. how can you not like him

    Broken King

    @VitaminDevil- G nah, the front office refused to back rivers with a supporting role and adequate Defense. The product would be the same situation that St. Brees went through in NoLa before the days of Will Smith


    Not even just the city of New Orleans

Breesus H. Christ

Y’all need to watch the actual videos instead of going straight to the comments and look dumb

    J Cella

    @Statzy Pat can’t play in Prime Time Games he sucks not clutch yet Bill and Tom exposed that


    @Statzy seems the players who made this list think otherwise

    Clarke A

    Statzy Brees threw for 7 less interceptions, had a way higher completion percentage while averaging just over a half a yard less per attempt, had a higher quarterback rating and played 1 less game (though in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter that much) and had bush leaguers to throw to outside of Kamara and Thomas. Compare that to Mahomes who had the best TE, one of the best RBs for 11 games (which they did just fine without with Ware then Williams) and imo, a top 6 or 7 WR in Hill. Mahomes was the better QB this year, but let’s not act like he didn’t have ample support. Hell I can only think of 2-3 QBs off the top of my head who had more support than he did and even they are arguable.

    Breesus H. Christ

    @Clarke A Thank you. I’ll agree to that.

Travis O'Hern

Brees is hands down the most ACCURATE QB in the NFL.

    Daniel Badeaux

    I love how people keep talking about brees plays in domes. You know who else plays in domes? The opponents they play against as well. Defenses against brees has the same opportunities and so do the team their facing qb. And rio what the crap you think aaron rodgers done the last 2 seasons since you wanna bring up brees 2 seasons ago. The same damn thing. He aint made the play offs 2 straight seasons all his statics been down down. He is now called the throw away king as well. Look up that stat. Brees aint the goat but he is the 2nd best. People wanna talk about well brees got all these records but what was their teams record. You look at all the teams in the past scoring defense. I guess if we had a top 15 defense we would have more rings possibly. Individually brees is amazing. Give that man a top 5 or 10 defense for his whole career and this convo would flip. Just saying.


    @Official Bully bruh was I talking to you? Stfu and try again pat mahomes greatest qb ever

    Chris Anders

    @Rio Mio No Tom Brady isn’t the goat and Aaron Rodgers isn’t better than Brees. Stats are the only way to fairly determine who the best QB of all time is and that’s Brees.

    Rio Mio

    Chris Anders lol no it isn’t we all know dan marino would have better stats if his team didn’t suck all does years there’s also many quarterbacks with not that good stats that are considered one of the best like Troy Aikman, Brett fravre. Look at Mathew stafford he’s always on top from passing yards and never makes the playoffs

jacob alterman

Im a Saints fan, and Im fine with brees being 3 and mahomes being 2 just bc of 50 tds

    Jesse Kunc

    Bruh them 50 tds are impressive but come on man drew set a season record all time for passing completions throwing to walk ons. Only threw 5 picks to pats 12

    Donnnation TV


    Tejas Lingamaneni

    @Brotherly Gaming Salty Saints fans in the house

    jacob alterman

    justin henkemeyer I didnt say that lol. I said bc he had 50 tds that is ok if they ranked him higher

    jacob alterman

    Sultru213 Hmm Brees is clutch lol and Im not hearing anymore about the nfc championship game bc he was hit in the face on that in


Drew Brees can go ANYWHERE in New Orleans and be 100% safe, he’s that loved

    All Jacerio

    He’s a God there fr


    That speaks volumes about how shitty New Orleans is, that one has to be a “loved” in order to go anywhere there.


    Zikk there are dangerous neighbourhoods in all the big cities in America


    @3ric_03 Sure, but they’re not the subject right now.

Sketch Comedy

The amount of respect that Brees has earned in his career is amazing. One of the best to ever play the quarterback position

    Lord Vader

    MrGooner92 wins are much more of a team stat but it does take a great leader to win but Brady has the greatest coach of all time. Drew Brees has always had terrible defenses you can even look up some of the worst defenses of all time and Drew Brees has been on those teams. I’m from Boston but I moved to New Orleans so I like both but I do think Drew Brees has more skill. Brady has a much better system. The saints even try to emulate the same scheme the patriots run bc they know they are the blueprint of success.

    Erv Aggarwal

    @Lord Vader alright I just want to say one thing. Brady is the system, it works because of him and his consistency over an unprecedented span of time and it allows everything to work well because the most important position is always there. Brees may have better stats but including post season bradys are superior. This is not to say Brees is a bad quarterback he is my 2nd favorite in the league and in my books top 5 all time. However brady with the comeback over the falcons became the inarguable GOAT and has added to that since.

Suave NO504

The most disrespected QB of all time and top 5 leader of men of all time. His peers always show the respect he deserves. Simple minded people just won’t understand how great this man is!

    _speed demon_03

    I saw that “leader of men” on the first sentence and it reminded me of UrinatingTree saying bout Big Ben lol..

    Sim ?

    @uhhh the difference between what the saints did & what every NFL team does is that the saints got caught. Want proof other teams do this???


    So stop that BS

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Suave NO504 #BLEWDAT

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Ice Dragon Peyton SUCKS in the Super Bowl lmao.


Garbage Nfl ref: Hold my beer

    J Cella

    @NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting Exposed how dumb your logic is wrote a paragraph when we all can press rewind lmao trying so hard but yet you chocked on YouTube LMAO 😁 stupid 🦆😂⚫⚜️⚫💪🏾


    If he was unstoppable why did he throw that interception?

Cedric Smith

Much respect to Brees coming from pats fan hes Great

    J Cella

    Salute a real organization Much love to the Pats ⚜️⚫⚜️

    Broken King

    Hes a Saint.
    He LITERALLY brings Miracles

    BigSean PD

    It just HAS to go down: Brady vs Brees Super Bowl LIV


This guy’s pretty good, for a Boilermaker.

A Sad Hoosier

    AJ Burri

    😂 boiler up

Andrew S.

I think Drew Brees was number 1 in the NFL….

Sorry that is non reviewable

Tac Robinson

Madden needs to respect this list and boost Brees and Kamara NOW.


6’0 tall, 74.4% completed pass, he threw touchdowns to every receiver on the roster even the undrafted players who were nobodies. Even though Brady might be the GOAT, Brees is one of the best and my favorite QB.

That’s my quarterback, who dat ❤

    Ben Wilson

    Rene’ DeBlanc Tom Brady is not physically gifted either I mean just watch his combine.

    Baron Sehorne

    Brees is the goat not Brady


    Brady Isn’t My Goat

    Ben Wilson

    Baron Sehorne you can’t be the goat with 1 Super Bowl. Tom has 5 or 6 I can’t keep track

    Ben Wilson

    Baron Sehorne does drew have an MVP?

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