2 Chainz gets first look at Falcons vs All Y’all collection – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2 Chainz gets first look at Falcons vs All Y’all collection

The Falcons vs. All Y’all collection will exclusively launch this Friday at the Falcons Friday Kickoff Rally presented by SunTrust. It will be available Friday, 9pm, on the team store website. Rise up!

# #AtlantaFalcons #RiseUp #

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l i l Warrior


Thomas Gray

Leggo!!! Rise UP!!! New Video Coming soon!!

DimeBag Darrell


    Cody Paul

    @DimeBag Darrell, You’re Back!!!!!

    DimeBag Darrell

    Cody Paul always

Kenneth Bowman

Ha… It looks like it says ‘F all yall’… As in ‘F all yall haters who are still hung up on Sunday’s game. We got this one against Philly. No other option. #RiseUp

    L Capitan

    Oh it does 😅 👌🏿🙌🏿


    @Chasin Paper

    Bruh I understand this….fans need to stop thinking that we just going to go to somebody else’s house and blow them out because that was the assumption that a lot of fans around town were putting out and we got humbled…. Minnesota’s had a Top 5-10 D for The last 5 years…. Give Minnesota their credit and keep it movin….

    They know they need to.if we can’t win at the line of scrimmage you can forget about a championship… regardless who’s the quarterback and regardless of what weapons we got on offense…. None of that matters if you can’t win in the line of scrimmage…


Who else cringed when you heard dude say “it’s the falcons vs all you guys” 😣😣😣


Definitely getting a shirt

Charles Robinson

Where do I cop the shirt at?

markus greaves

You know I’m Getting that.

Cleopatra SoontobBrickhouse

I’m with all this but can we win some damn football games please

Mr Spizite

Where can I cop the vintage black/white hat?!
Anyone willing to sell theirs?! 🥶💰

Nick Harris

Need one


This. They all hate us. Media, announcers, all the other fans. Fkemall man. Us vs the world, Falcons vs All Y’all RISE UP!

Byron Jones

2 Chains is trash and all u all sat in there. Rappers are a joke!

    L Capitan

    Bruh don’t have a aneurism smh

    Byron Jones

    @L Capitan Oh I won’t bruh. I am a big Falcons fan tho, just not interested in rap music.

    J 3x

    He’s really not I can’t remember you making a #1 hit ina country on multiple occasions before🤨

L Capitan

I need one of these asap!

Mike Honcho

The Falcons rap name would be “2 winz”


Get your foot off the couch…bro….this video is lame….wtf


oh I agree with this because they ain’t just talkin about everybody outside of Atlanta they’re also they talkin about people in Atlanta too if you ain’t down don’t come around when we start winning…

Keep that same energy…

O Fisher


Falcons Nation

Rise Up!

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