1969 Minnesota Vikings Are Honored at Halftime of the Minnesota Vikings-Oakland Raiders Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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barton cross-tierney Reply

I teared up watching this. “This is the backbone of the Vikings”. These men are Viking immortality! We wear our colors proudly purple, gold and white! SKOL VIKINGS!

rick dick Reply

`69 Vikings sparked my love of football………..and i never let it go !!!

Ryan Damon Reply

Hi Vikings 💜💜💛💛

Mary Alvestad Reply

I started watching football because of them.

Damon Brown Reply

allen paige has been in my house i got his autograph and got pictures

Andrew Smith Reply

This is so awesome! Legendary!


at least they got to the Super Bowl, since 1998 Vikings find ways to quit before the NFC Championship Game unfortunately! Bud Grant may not have long to live at his age!

Brass Boy Reply

The crowd went wild!


Love the team. I loved then after that tough lose. Though I picked them as team a few years later. As My team in very early 70’s though. Bud Grant was the General and the team fell into place. I see many new followers saying it was bad coaching that lost us those big games. I say it was coaching that got us there. And I really love those years growing up. Thank you Bud and Burns for the many great years We had. And also Denny Green. It’s lost in football today. Love you all and the teams from days gone bye. You were the best for Me. Love you All always!!!!.

Luke Allen Reply

Very powerful. Does anyone know the name of the instrumental from the in-memoriam part?

Kyle F Reply

i teared up a little bit here idk why. Love this team

Jeff Clarke Reply

the greatest i was in upstate ny saw these GUYS as a kid been following ever since coach grant forever WOW

favs a Reply

so awesome thanks for the upload. from San Diego

Falconer75 Reply

I’m so proud to be a fan of the Vikings … Skol from Berlin!💜💛

    Skoldier Soup Reply

    Skol brother

Alex Konz Reply

Yall just making me tear up this morning, very special video.

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David Mueller Reply

Jim Marshall should be in the HOF. Make it happen. No man was as durable as Jim Marshall, until Brett Favre broke his consecutive game record. You ask either one of those guys how many games they played hurt? The Ironman deserves to be in the HOF! I’ve been a Vikings fan since 1969. This was a team that was truly great and started the tradition that continues today.

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