#19: Tyreek Hill (WR, Chiefs) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Alex Escobedo Reply

I’m here for the comments

    BowlesMovement08 Reply

    Me too lol

2ichie Reply

and people thought he wasnt going to be on the list. they did him cold with a video half the length from the rest of them.

    gianta_boi Reply

    Deserved it

    corey darko Reply

    Acepilot12345 hoes mad😂😂

    Billy Backpacks Reply

    @Ictbowler Both or them are. Simple.

Neighborhood Nip Reply

He’s so fast those charges against him couldn’t keep up

    Bear Archambault Reply

    @Jimmy Spittin’ Dore As opposed to implying that someone in the comment section is a child?
    Because THAT’S a unique, totally unexpected clap back.

    pxgq55a Reply

    What charges were those? No charges that I know of.

    Jimmy Spittin' Dore Reply

    @Bear Archambault the fact that you use clap back seriously says alot about you lil

    Bear Archambault Reply

    @Jimmy Spittin’ Dore I was wonderingbif you’d catch that. I’m bringin’ it back, baby!
    Gimme two months, and everybody’s gonna be using “clap back” again.
    It will be Lit af

Nvision Reply

Aside from all the controversy (and maybe Saquon Barkley)he is undeniably the most exciting and electric player to watch in the league

    A Moose Reply

    @Tony Williams it’s like yall didnt listen to the full recording or see them phone records. Smh

    Jordan Davis Reply

    Nvision He’s more exciting than Barkley

    Joseph Simita Reply

    AB? man can score whenever he wants, Mahomes gotta put it right for Hill to “electrify”

    Daniel Aguilera Reply

    Lamar jackson up there for me, yall watch

Bionicb Reply

Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest (maybe the fastest) WR in the NFL

    the GOAT Tom Brady Reply

    @Connor Bennett na

    J.A.L Reply

    Antonio Cromartie ur high af u know they raced right? I’m a chiefs fan and can tell u mecole is fast af but not cheetah fast

    ferbbe02 Reply

    Robbie Anderson

    big lea Reply

    @Eddylunchmeat 👎

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    @Connor Bennett John Ross is faster

Adam Jackson Reply

He’s so fast the video was faster than anybody else!

    Nick Maisel Reply

    Adam Jackson beat me to it

neyboy11ify Reply

Mf so fast his video was quick 💨💨 lol

    Nykelius Johnson Reply

    yoooo lol this comment

    Jay Stiles Reply

    He’s the cheetah

Tarantula Guy Reply

This video went by fast like Tyreek Hill.

    Wavy curly Headed bun boi Reply

    MrMhj26 evidence of him breaking his son’s arm his girlfriend said clearly that he abusing both of them get no suspension but patriots beat the colts like 55-3 in a afc championship game and it was a really cold night but no evidence but they were so quick to suspend Tom without a doubt

    Juan Chunga Reply

    Tarantula Guy yo i thought there was a spider on my screen bro… screw you 😂

    Derek Smidl Reply

    I think they tried to limit his exposure but after this year he’s going to have 1400 yards and 13 TDs and get PAID and then we won’t be able to limit anything.

    soi fon Reply

    @Trent Blanch Come on man lol why do him like that lmao

Casual Pleb Reply

He’s got get away from the cops speed

    Jonathan D. Reply

    -Gus Johnson

    Rampant Reply

    Something Baker Mayfield could use.

    Antipathyツ Reply

    Rampant ehh he’s a better fit w/Patrick Mahomes + mayfield has a Solid wide receiver core

    Rampant Reply

    @Antipathyツ It was a joke because there is a video of drunk baker trying to run from some cops and getting absolutely slammed. Look it up for a good time.

Duke Johnson IV Reply

30 seconds of Mike Evans not even talking about Tyreek plus one of the shortest clips on top 100

    BallJonesBasket Reply

    Duke Johnson IV why give this rat goof of a human being any show time to begin with, why is he even aloud in the damn League. Making the NFL look bush League

    Ian Rider Reply

    @shtewwwps he hasn’t been convicted of anything, so?

    Brad Martin Reply

    @shtewwwps why dont you do some research 1st… before you flap that piss hole mouth of yours

Josh Graham Reply

Even Tyreek’s top 100 video is fast….1:55 long

G Gutierrez Reply

No one wanted to talk about him lol.
Or they made this video on the fly after his charges were dropped.

    King Frog Reply

    “Thug” is just a deceptive way of saying the hard R lol

    Rob S Reply

    @Viking Fury he didnt hit his kid

    Viking Fury Reply

    @Rob S as a fellow brotha I’d like to admit most blacks like to beat up whatever they don’t like, like kicking a thot, KO punching their woman, whipping and smacking their kids. But we get a pass cuz it’s 20 nineteeeeeeen and people are afraid to call us out for our animal behavior.

    Michael Garrett Reply

    @pxgq55a ummm do you not understand evidence? Did you hear the recordings? You would be a fool to blatently ignore that recording and keep blabbering about innocence and doing research lol

    pxgq55a Reply

    @Michael Garrett There was only one recording. An 11 minute one I believe. Which was released months after the chopped up one was pushed. The content of that recording was quite telling, and not in the way you seem to be hoping for.

Genocidest 36 Reply

Mike Daniels was like I don’t want to talk about this guy. 😜

    Akeem James Reply

    Who the hell is Mike Daniels

    I Hate people Reply

    @Akeem James exactly

    Ty Sosina Reply


J SneakersTV Reply

The corners couldn’t even press him lol that’s how fast he is 🤦🏾‍♂️

    killab Reply

    …at all!!!

Zdot D1 Reply

This is just a video of Artie burns getting burned 😂

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    Mans last name fits him well 💀💀💀

ugoshow1 Reply

Tyreek Hill a South Georgia Cheetah. Faster than this video

Britte Cebreros Reply

As a steelers fan, this video showing Artie Burns get completely abused is torture.

My Wifi Is Cooler Than Yours Reply

top100 throwing shade at the Cheetah maan.. they know damn well we need more than that 🤦🏾‍♂️

NIC Sicko Reply

That play he made limping on 4th down against the Ravens was the most underrated play of this entire year (at least considering the Chiefs)

TheWarrior949 Reply

Dang, some of these clips…

Tyreek beats coverages like they’re his 3 year old child or pregnant girlfriend!

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